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Aaron Ross
Biographical information
Full Name
Aaron Rick Ross
Ross, Aaron
April 14, 1995
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Actor, Singer
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Aaron Ross is a famous actor that guest starred in Special Agent Oso when he was younger. He lived with his brother and father when he was 6 since his mother died when he was 5. He loves playing Basketball. He was in a few matches in his school versus another school.


Title Role Notes
Special Agent Oso Joe Guest Star
Jamie & Jackie Nixon Main Character

Career and LifeEdit

(1999 - 2002)Edit

In 1999, he always wanted to be a basketball player. His mother always supported him. He goes to basketball games with his father once a month. His father told him to wait until he's 9 years-old to play. He was 4 years-old when he wanted to play.

In 2000, His mother died of cancer. He couldn't even talk to his father or brother for 2 weeks. He didn't eat much. One Day, he told himself to play basketball for his mother. He practiced for years and years.

(2004 - 2006)Edit

In 2004, he was ready to play basketball. He joined a basketball club. He challenged a bully in a basketball match. He won the game. The couch said that next year they will devide the students into two teams and the couch will always challenge the two teams. Aaron waited for the year.

In 2005, He was in Yellow Team. The other team was Blue Team. In the first game, The Yellow Team won. The coach chose two students from the Yellow team to run for team leader. He said next class will be about who will be leader of that team. The coach chose Aaron and his enemy, Ryan. The Next Week, Aaron won so he became team leader.

In 2006, the basketball team decided to be against other school basketball teams. The first game was a easy to win school team against Aaron's team. They won but the next game was so hard that they would cry when they see the team. They lost and The coach kicked Aaron out of the team

(2007 - 2010)Edit

In 2008, he decided to become a singer but his voice was so terrible that nobody wanted to hear him. He practiced for one year. His voice got better.

In 2009, he became a singer. Some Disney Junior creators wanted Aaron to be in Special Agent Oso as Joe. So Aaron decided to Become an Actor. Some Records wanted him to sing for them but he said no.

(2011 - present)Edit

In 2012, he became a guest star in Sophia the First as a Little Boy. He was so happy to guest star in another cartoon in Disney Junior. His father died the next month. His brother was in college when that happened. He went to live with his ankle and aunt.

In the Present, He wants to be in Wiki Channel Shows. He's waiting for when to audition now.

He auditioned for Jamie & Jackie, and got the part of the series.

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