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March 29, 2015
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Algebra Sucks is an upcoming Wiki Channel Original Movie. The movie was first picked up by the network in August 2014 and casting for the movie went on for one and a half months. Production for the movie is underway and the cast is to be announced soon. On October 31, 2014, it was announced that "Super Cool Cori" star, Casey Fox, will star as Sonya Vale.[1] The movie premiere on March 29, 2015 to 4.9 million viewers. [2]

Plot[edit | edit source]

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Sonya Vale is a 16 year old girl in high school. For the most part, Sonya likes school, all except for that one terrible class: algebra. And no, she doesn’t dislike it because of the linear equations, or quadratics, or systems. She hates it because of one thing and that is, x. Sonya is always being dumped and she has tons of ex-boyfriends, all who she’s had messy break ups with. Algebra only reminds Sonya of all of her terrible relationships and exes. And when Sonya is recently dumped by her long term boyfriend, at least long term for her, Bale Henderson, she decides that she’s had enough and as a way to release her anger, she creates an anti-algebra cause and starts a petition to get rid of all algebra in high school curriculum. As students learn about the cause, it grows to be a huge success. But, Sonya will soon learn that blaming algebra on all her problems isn’t the best option and maybe, just maybe, algebra isn't to blame for her break ups.

Main Characters[edit | edit source]

  • Casey Fox as Sonya Vale – Sonya is a very outgoing and ambitious girl. She is slightly boy crazy and when it comes to boyfriends, she can be a little obsessive and over thinky. She always doesn’t handle her problems too well and she tends to worry a lot. Sonya has always been boy crazy ever since she started going to school with boys. And when Bale Henderson breaks up with her after the two months they dated, Sonya goes crazy and decides to take her anger out on algebra.
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  • Conner Weston as Bale Henderson – Bale is Sonya’s ex-boyfriend. Bale is generally a nice guy and is pretty cool. He broke up with Sonya not because of her but because he needed some space to figure out his own problems. But, when he learns about Sonya’s cause against algebra, he grows more of an attraction to her and wants her back.
  • Nicole Martin as Gina – Gina is Sonya’s smart best friend. She is
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    always the one there to calm Sonya down when she gets too worked up. Gina is highly offended when Sonya attempts to get rid of algebra since she loves math so much but she decides to go with it instead of arguing with her.
  • Ryder Ramone as Arjun McGlassen – Argent is Sonya’s next door neighbor who has always found Sonya very interesting. They talk every now and then when they walk home from the bus stop but Sonya has never thought much of their conversations, she just thinks he's a nice guy. Argent on the other hand really likes Sonya and when she starts her no algebra cause, he takes an interest in it so he can get close to her. Argent is a really sweet guy but Sonya just can’t see that he’s one guy who won’t break her heart.
  • Ben Savage as Mr. Vitlano – Mr.  Vitlano is Sonya’s math teacher and also a mentor to her throughout the movie. He helps Sonya when she stays after school to work on algebra and is constantly there to listen to Sonya complain about how much she hates it. Mr. Vitlano can tell that Sonya only hates it because of her x’s (based on how often she mentions them) but he doesn’t say anything. Even when she starts her no algebra cause, Mr. Vitlano is there to talk to Sonya and subconsciously helps her learn how to deal with her problems better.
  • Harmony Charme as Nellie – Nellie is Bale’s new girlfriend. She is a huge social butterfly and has always been a simple classmate friend to Sonya. But when Sonya starts her no algebra cause and Bale turns his attention to Sonya, Nellie gets very jealous of Sonya and begins to despise her. She tries to sabotage her cause and is always talking trash about it.

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