Alonzo Guzman
Alonzo Guzman
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Alonzo Guzman
February 21, 1998
Córbada, Argentina
Argentine, Hispanic
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Face Claim: Agustin Bernasconi

   Alonzo Guzman (born January 21, 1998) is an Argentine singer-songwriter and musician.

Life and CareerEdit

Alonzo started playing guitar at the age of 5 years old. He always had a love for singing, playing instruments and writing. He took dancing and acting classes a few years after, but later decided it wasn't his thing. He also grew a passion for roller skating, which he is very often seen doing with his friends. Alonzo grew up as an only child, although kept company by his very close cousins.

At the age of 14, he started a YouTube channel and posted many covers and original songs without his parents knowing. His cousins would sometimes barge in or he would have to leave due to homework or being quite busy that day. After becoming quite popular, he decided to do a Q&A series. He was once asked by a fan if he was to ever make a music video or dance to a song. He replied "I would like to, and I did take a few lessons. However, that was eight years ago. I have neither improved nor accelerated in either of those." He also said that it would take a miracle worker with all the time in the world to teach him to dance and act.

As of April 30, 2016, he has been signed to Wiki Records.


Alonzo seems like your everyday conceited, bad boy type behind the camera and seems to have no interest in meeting his fans. However, he is in fact really sweet and loves taking selfies and singing to fans on the street.


  • His nickname Zozo is from his neighbor in Argentina who used to tease him at school.
  • He says that his most prized possession is his guitar.
  • He was once asked about Wiki Records and who he would like to work with in a Q&A and he replied: "I would most definitely work with Blonde, Lisha Jane or Zander Sun & the Stars".
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