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Amy Kettle
Biographical information
Full Name
Amelia Jane Kettle
Amy, Amy-Jane, Amelia-Jane
Los Angeles, California
Professional Information
Years Active
2013 - Present
Fan Group Name
Ashley Kettle
Wiki Channel Credentials
The Aca-Girls (recurring role)
Abbey Academy (recurring role, cancelled)
Gary and Gerry
Stacie Green (The Aca-Girls)
Makalya Jennings (Abbey Academy, cancelled)
Sally(Gary and Gerry)
Amy sig


Amy Kettle is an American Wiki Channel actress. She is best known for her role on The Aca-Girls as Stacie Green and also does the voice role of Sally on Gary & Gerry. She is the younger sister of Ashley Kettle, star of Life With Twins.


Following Her Sister's Footsteps (2011-2013)Edit

Starting in 2011, Amy's older sister Ashley started acting in commercials and community theater. While Ashley was very enthusiastic about starting an acting career, 12 year-old Amy showed no interest whatsoever, and was forced to audition for a community theater show by her mother- though she didn't get in.

Throughout 2012, Amy's mom continued to force her to audition, though she never got a role (which only continued to convince her not to start a career). In early 2013, Ashley got a call to audition for Life With Twins on Wiki Channel. When Ashley got in, Amy decided to audition for the Wiki Channel show The Aca-Girls as the lead. While she didn't get the lead, she did get a recurring role, and her interest in acting continued to grow from there. She also got a major voice role on Gary & Gerry, though it was only recently that her name started being put out there.

Heartbreaks and Movies (2013-present)Edit

In late 2013, Amy auditioned for the new show Abbey Academy, in hopes of getting a main role this time. Much to her dismay, however, she got yet another recurring role- but no matter how heartbreaking, she accepted. But the heartbreak grew when just a little while later she discovered that Abbey Academy was postponed, and then just a little after that, completely cancelled. But the straw that broke the camel's back was that The Aca-Girls would end in June 2014.

While most of the actors from The Aca-Girls moved on and got new shows, Amy quit acting. But when the new movie came out and was looking for a 14 year-old female lead, Ashley convinced Amy to audition, and finally Amy got a main role. With her movie coming out, Gary & Gerry started advertising her in order to get more views for both. She was recently cast in another main role for a movie, Only 104 Days of Summer, alongside her sister and her sister's boyfriend. However, Only 104 Days of Summer was cancelled, and Amy has not revealed any acting plans beyond continuing Gary & Gerry.

Following the end of Gary & Gerry and Emma & Johnny in the 21st Century, another show she was cast on, Amy decided to leave Wiki Channel in hopes of receiving larger roles elsewhere.


Show/Movie Role Year Notes
The Aca-Girls Stacie Green 2013-2014 Recurring role
Abbey Academy Makayla Jennings 2014 Cancelled show, recurring role
Only 104 Days of Summer Julie Morgan 2014 Lead role
Banner in the Sky Alexandra 2014 or 2015 Lead role
Gary and Gerry Sally 2013-2016 Recurring Role
Emma & Johnny in the 21st Century Kimberly Mae 2015-2016 Recurring role

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