Aria Washington
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Aria Washington
December 2, 2002
Phoenix, Alabama
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   Aria Washington (born December 2, 2002) is a young American actress. She has been acting ever since she has 2 years old. She is a main cast member in the Wiki Channel sketch comedy pilot, Studio Funny.

Early LifeEdit

Aria was born on December 2, 2002 to Hanna Kates and Phillip Washington in Phoenix, Alabama. Her parents divorced when she was 1 year old and she began to live with only her mother. When Aria turneed 2 years old, her mother auditioned her for a small role on Gilmore Girls. Aria got the role and from there, her mother continued to exploit her child.


2004-2009: Small roles and growing up in the acting industryEdit

Since she was 2 years old, Aria has been acting on television. She recieved small roles here and there on shows such as Gilmore Girls, All That, and Back to You.

2010-2013: Going into film, getting bigger rolesEdit

When Washington was 7 years old, she landed two very small roles in the comedy films Death at a Funeral and The Other Guys. This gave Washington a whole new experience and she learned so much more about acting and film production. Washington continued to take on roles as an extra and one liner roles in movies.

At age 9, Washington was so close to landing the role of Judy Moody in Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer but she was beat out by Jordana Beatty (no pun intended but feel free to laugh) because the producers said she was too young. They liked her so much that they planned to write in a new role for her but the role did not work out and Washington ended up having no part in the film.

2014-present: Future with Wiki Channel, Studio FunnyEdit

In the beginning of 2014, in January, Washington was cast as the host of a new game show for Nickelodeon called App It, a show where young kids showed just how awesome they were with technology and they competed to figure out how a device works before time runs out. The game show was put on hold for a long time as it needed to go through some creative changes.

Washington later auditioned for a sketch comedy show pilot on Wiki Channel titled, Studio Funny. She was cast as a main cast member and Washington was very excited. App It was eventually revised but Aria decided to leave the project for Studio Funny. In July 2014, App It was altogether cancelled.

In early 2015 she appeared on an episode of "Luke & Lauren" as Dolly.

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