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Bailey Wes
Biographical information
Full Name
Bailey Leona Wes
February 14,1999
Dallas, Texas
Professional Information
Actress, Writer, Retired Model
Years Active
Wiki Channel Credentials
Selena Swenson

   Bailey Wes (born on February 14,1999) is an American actress who is known for her role as Selena Swenson on Leslie Wireless.

​Early lifeEdit

Bailey Wes was born in Dallas, Texas to Chad and Georgia Bay. At age three, her parents divorced. Her dad won custody, and the two of them moved to Los Angeles, California, so he can pursue his dream and maybe get her a job here and there.


2005-2007: Rough BeginningsEdit

Early in her career, Bailey wasn't very successful. The market wasn't looking for roles with actors as young as her, so she didn't really land roles in many tv shows or movies, but definitely had a commercial from here and there. Getting a job was so hard that her and her father almost quit.

2008-2012: @YeaCelesteEdit

In 2008 around the time twitter and facebook were getting popular, Bailey landed a role in a television series called @YeaCeleste. @YeaCeleste focused on a girl who was completely obsessed with social media and it was completely controlling her life. Bailey played Ariel, Celeste's younger sister who wanted to know what it was like to use social media. The series was very popular, and lasted four seasons. The series had its proper ending and everyone went their own separate ways. This got her career very far.

2013: Lets B Blonde, Wiki ChannelEdit


In 2013, Bailey landed a role on the adult comedy movie, Lets B Blonde. The movie focused on two blondes who flunked every year of school but used their charm to move up a grade. But when the authorities find out, they must re-complete every year of school or they will be arrested. Bailey plays DeeDee, a girl who makes fun of the other two when they repeat High School.

Later that year she was noticed by Wiki Channel. She was asked b them to be a part of her channel, and she said yes. She will be working with them in the future.

She recently landed the role of Selena Swenson on Leslie Wireless. Not much is known about the role.

She was cast in Finding Prince Charming in early 2015.

Personal LifeEdit

Bailey lives in Los Angeles, California, with her dad and his girlfriend. In her free time she helps out as a volunteer acting coach at the local theatre.


Year Film Role Notes
2008-2012 @YeaCeleste Ariel Greenman
2013 Lets B Blonde Serena
2015 Leslie Wireless Selena Swenson Main Role, WCOS
2015 Finding Prince Charming Chloe WCOM
2015 One of the Boys Melissa WCOM
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