Behind the Scenes
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Genre: Short series
Created by: DatNuttyKid
Starring: Sandy Greene
Dayana Bennett
Sequoia Marzia
Matthew Martinez
Dominic Shaw
Country of origin: USA
Original language(s): English
No. of seasons: 1
No. of episodes: TBA
Executive producer(s): DatNuttyKid
Running time: 2-5 minutes
Production company(s): Wiki Channel
Production Location(s): Various
Show Location(s): Various
Original channel: Wiki Channel
Original run: 2015-present

Behind the Scenes is a brand new Wiki Channel short series that was picked up on March 31st, 2015, and is scheduled to premiere on July 13th, 2015. It is often compared to fellow short series What's Up With...?.


The series focuses around five teenagers who go behind the scenes of shows and movies to interview the cast and crew and get the inside scoop.


The series features five "hosts" who interview cast and crew of each show and movie.

  • Sandy Greene - Sandy is the peppiest of the group. She is usually the one who interviews the cast and occasionally winds up starstruck.
  • Sequoia Marzia - Sequoia is the comedian of the group. She is more often seen trying out some of the high-tech equipment on the set than interviewing cast and crew.
  • Dayana Bennett - Dayana is the most professional of the group. She wants to get all of the information and acts like a professional interviewer most of the time.
  • Matthew Martinez - Matthew is the "cool" guy in the group- at least, that's what he likes to think. He often tries to sneak onto the set to try the equipment, which regularly gets him and the others in trouble.
  • Dominic Shaw - Dominic is the "cowboy" of the group. He is also the calmest, and usually tries to calm Sandy down or keep Matthew out of trouble.


Each episode of the season focuses around different shows and are split into three five-minute shorts. There will be 15 episodes in the first season. The series premieres episodes on Mondays between Emma & Johnny in the 21st Century and Nerd Girls at 8:30pm.

Title Written by Directed by Original air date Prod.

U.S. Ratings (in Millions)

1 1 "The Fantastic Four" Nutta Nutta July 13th, 2015 101 3.5
After winning a radio contest, Sandy, Sequoia, Dayana, Matthew, and Dominic visit the set of The Fantastic Four. Sandy and Dayana meet and interview Michael B. Jordan, who plays Johnny Storm, while Sequoia, Matthew, and Dominic show off some of the equipment.
2 2 "Max Steel" Nutta Nutta July 20th, 2015 102 1.7
Having enjoyed their set visit to The Fantastic Four, the gang decides to make it a full-time activity and manage to get onto the set of Max Steel. Matthew and Dayana meet the director, Stewart Hendler, who shows them how they make Steel, while Sandy, Sequoia, and Dominic meet and interview Ana Villafañe, who plays Sofia Martinez.
3 3 "Pan" Nutta Nutta August 3rd, 2015 103 3.5
Joined by Zachary Prescott, a friend of Sandy's, the gang visits the set of Pan. Sandy and Sequoia meet and interview Garrett Hedlund, who portrays Captain Hook in the film, Matthew and Zachary get a tour of the sets from Levi Miller, who portrays Peter Pan, and Dayana and Dominic meet John Powell, who wrote the music for the movie, and get a sneak peek of some of the songs.
4 4 "Everest" Nutta Nutta August 10th, 2015 104 2.9
The gang arrives on the set of Everest, a movie based on the 1996 Mount Everest disaster, but find that everyone is too busy filming to be interviewed. In order to get some information, Sandy and Matthew sneak into star Jake Gyllenhaal's trailer (much to Gyllenhaal's dismay) while Sequoia and Dayana try to get into the studio (against Dayana's wishes) where they are caught by and interview Baltasar Kormákur, the director. In the end, the entire gang is kicked out of the studio except Dominic, who was given a private tour because he was patient enough to wait until they finished filming.
5 5 "Hotel Transylvania 2" Nutta Nutta August 31st, 2015 105 3.9
The gang visits the studio developing Hotel Transylvania 2, making their first visit to an animation studio. Dayana, Matthew, and Sequoia meet Genndy Tartakovsky, the director, who shows them the process that results in the final animation of Frankenstein, while Sandy and Dominic meet Adam Sandler, the voice of Dracula, and ask him about the plot of the movie.
6 6 "The Peanuts Movie" Nutta Nutta September 21st, 2015 106 3.8
Julianna Fox joins the gang as they visit the studio animating The Peanuts Movie. Julianna and Sandy meet Hadley Belle Miller, who voices Lucy, who tells them about some of the classic Peanuts characters that will be appearing in the movie; Dominic and Dayana meet Craig and Bryan Schulz, the son and grandson (respectively) of original Peanuts creator Charles Schulz, who talk about the difficulty trying to keep the movie close to the original while making it creative and new; Matthew and Sequoia meet Steve Martino, the director, who shows them how to draw Snoopy in different poses.
7 7 "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2" Nutta Nutta October 26th, 2015 107 3.9
Sandy thinks it's a dream come true when the gang gets the chance to stop by the set of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2, but ends up catching a cold- even so, she struggles through it to interview stars Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson with Dayana, while Dominic, Matthew, and Sequoia meet Liam Hemsworth, who shows them some of the stunts and special effects in the movie.
8 8 "The Good Dinosaur" Nutta Nutta November 9th, 2015 108
The gang visits the studio making The Good Dinosaur, where Dayana and Sequoia meet and interview Sam Elliot, who voices Butch the Tyrannosaurus in the movie. Meanwhile, Sandy and Matthew meet Jeff and Mychael Danna and get a sneak preview of the music featured in the movie, and Dominic interviews director Peter Sohn.
9 9 "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" Nutta Nutta November 30th, 2015 109
Sandy finds herself trying to keep Dominic under control when he goes full-out fanboy during a visit to the set of Star Wars: The Force Awakens when the two of them get the chance to interview Harrison Ford and learn more about Han Solo's role in the movie. Meanwhile, Sequoia, Dayana, and Matthew meet with J.J. Abrams, the director, and ask him how the movie fits in with the rest of the Star Wars canon.
10 10 "Zootopia" Nutta Nutta February 7th, 2016 110
The gang finds it hard to focus on their interviews with Ginnifer Goodwin, star of the new Disney movie Zootopia, and Byron Howard, its director, when they find out they only have six episodes left before the show ends and Dayana leaves to focus on her acting career.
11 11 "God's Not Dead 2" Nutta Nutta March 21st, 2016 111
The gang arrives on the set of God's Not Dead 2, where Sequoia and Matthew actually get to sit behind a camera during a scene, Sandy and Dayana get an interview with star Melissa Joan Hart on what the movie has done for her, and Dominic interviews Cary Solomon, one of the writers, and asks how he came up with the plot for the movie.
12 12 "Captain America: Civil War" Nutta Nutta April 18th, 2016 112
The gang visits the set of Captain America: Civil War and end up splitting up when they each choose a side - Matthew and Dominic choose Team Iron Man and interview Robert Downey Jr., while Sandy and Sequoia choose Team Captain America and interview Chris Evans. Dayana, who doesn't care enough to pick a side, meets and interviews Anthony and Joe Russo, the directors, and asks them how the movie fits in to the rest of the MCU.
13 13 "The Angry Birds Movie" Nutta Nutta May 2nd, 2016 113
The gang visits the studio making The Angry Birds Movie, but all Sandy wants to do is meet Josh Gad and ask him about Frozen 2 - as a result, the others make it their top priority to keep her away from Josh Gad and on topic as long as possible. While doing this, Sandy, Dominic, and Dayana interview Jon Vitti, the writer of the movie, and ask him how the movie is based off of the games, and Matthew and Sequoia interview Josh Gad about the birds, pigs, and the personalities they were given for the film.
14 14 "Finding Dory" Nutta Nutta May 23rd, 2016 114
The gang visits the studio in charge of Finding Dory. Matthew and Dayana meet the animators and see how they animate the underwater world of the movie, while Sandy, Sequoia, and Dominic meet Ellen DeGeneres and watch her record lines for Dory.
15 15 "Star Trek Beyond" Nutta Nutta June 24th, 2016 115
For their final episode, the gang arrives on set for Star Trek Beyond. However, Dayana finds it difficult to focus on interviewing Chris Pine, who plays Kirk, with Sequoia when the fact that she is leaving the show that got her career started starts to truly sink in. Meanwhile, Dominic and Sandy interview J.J. Abrams, the producer, and ask him about how the idea of making a Star Trek reboot was started, and Matthew questions Justin Lin, the director, on what he thinks of the supposed Star Trek film curse - that all even number movies are better than the odd number ones.
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