Blonde (EP)
Blonde ep The first ever EP by Blonde
Song by BLONDE
Released: April 29, 2014
Genre(s): Rock/Soft-rock/Pop
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Blonde is an extended play by the Wiki Records band, BLONDE. The EP will release on April 29, 2014.

The Blonde EP also had a special release the week before it comes out. Starting April 22, each song was released daily to listen to on the Wiki Channel website, a different song each day. It ended April 28, the day before the EP releases.

Background Edit

Blonde began working on music with Wiki Records throughout 2013 but only dabbled here and there due to Tristan filming his new series Life with Twins. Eventually, the band had to go on a short hiatus to give Tristan time to focus on the series. Once the first season wrapped in early 2014, the band came back together to work on more music and decided to release the Blonde EP to showcase the music they had proudly worked on in the past but likely would not be releasing with their new music.

Blonde is considered the band's debut in music. About the EP, Tristan Conti said, "For a while, Blonde has been working on music and we've really been itchy to release songs that we've had ready for over a year but never released. We also have tons of new songs that we want to use for our album, so, instead of scrapping the old ones, we're decided to release them on a special EP!" The female singer of BLONDE, Bella Conti, went on to say, "The EP is pretty much a prep for our first album, to get fans excited. It actually will be coming a lot sooner than fans think."

Track listingEdit

  1. Love Drunk
  2. Magic Carpet Ride
  3. My Confession
  4. Never
  5. Say You'll Stay
  6. All About the Girl

Bonus Track:

  1. Always
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