Want to create an actor? Head over here!

This is the board where users can make actors and get them approved by admins. On this board, you can also ask to adopt an actor and you can request for your actor to sign to Wiki Records.

To make an actor for approval, please make a new thread titled "Actor: (Name)" and fill out this set up:

  • Name: (the actor's name)
  • Gender: (their gender)
  • Birthday and Age: (their birthday and age)
  • Description: (description of them)
  • Look-A-Like: (celebrity look-a-like)

From there, wait until an admin checks it over and approves the actor. Please remember that there are rules and restrictions for users w/ actors. For starters, you can only have 14 actors in all, 7 boys an 7 girls. To see the full list of rules for actors, go here.

To learn all you need to know about actors on Wiki Channel, go here.


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