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Break Free
Break Free (Logo).png
"Break Free" Logo.
Genre: Teen sitcom

Sports Comedy
Dance-Musical Comedy

Created by: NYCgleek
Starring: Chesney Ramirez
Percilla Gold
Zander Sun
Lala Parks
Heather Sands
Carly Shu
Theme Music Composer Wiki Channel Music Group

Sony Records

Opening Theme: "Break Free" performed by Chesney Ramirez and Percilla Gold
Country of origin: United States
Original language(s): English
No. of seasons: 1
Executive producer(s): NYCgleek
Camera setup: Videotape (filmized); Single-camera
Running time: 48 minutes
Production company(s): Wiki Channel Productions

City Girl Entertainment

Production Location(s): Wiki Center Studios.

Hollywood, California

Show Location(s): Beverly Hills, California
Original channel: Wiki Channel
Picture format: 480i (SDTV)

1080i (HDTV)

Audio format: Stereo
Original run: February 19, 2014 - present

Break Free is an one hour Wiki Channel Original Dance-Musical Comedy series, which stars Wiki Channel Alumni, Chesney Ramirez (East Meets West) and Percilla Gold (The Aca-Girls). On August 5th, 2014 the series was officially ordered for a pilot. It was announced August 3rd, that both girls hand landed co-lead roles respectivily. Each episode will have an hour long time slot, which consist of 48 minutes with commercial and each epsiode will include atleast one song and/or one dance performance to the least. The series first premiered Thursday February 19th on the Wiki Channel. The official theme song, "Break Free" was released two weeks before the premiere through Wiki Channel Music Group.

On Thursday October 29th, the series was officially renewed for a second season by the Wiki Channel.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Break Free (Logo) Blue Background.jpg

"Break Free" follows two unlikely rivals who end up becoming co-captains of one of the most popular competitive cheer and dance teams in the country. 

Former Olympic silver medalist, Kyla Castillo enrolls to Justice Valley High for a chance to be on the popular Jaguars team, and head cheerleader, Rion Hall, who happens to be one of the most popular girls in school is excited to have her at first, that is until she she's her ex-boyfriend, bad biker up and coming rock star, Richie talking to her. 

The two girls may have differences, but must try their best to work together in order to win the state championship. Drama quickly follows when Rion tries to secretly get Kyla kicked off the team. Joining them is Aisha who is a cheerleader who befriends Kyla and is best friends with Rion. Stevie, who is a bit of a tomboy and is in a band with Richie, and Jeff, he plays on the basketball and football team that the girls cheer for and can be a bit slow at times but is best friends with Kyla and secretly develops a crush on her.

Main Cast[edit | edit source]

Chesney Ramirez as Kyla Castillo - One of the lead roles. She is fun, can be quirky at times, very caring and not afraid to stand up for what she believes in. She is cute and deep all at the same time.  She is a former Olympic champion with a silver medal and can back up hr talk when it comes to dance and gymnatics. Kyla is sweet, loving and befreinds everyone who has a good heart.

Percilla Gold as Rion Hall - The other lead role. Rion is sassy, very witty and knows how to get what she wants simply by flipping her hair and batting her eye lashes. She's not an olympic champion like Kyla, but has been doing cheerleading and beauty pageants since age 7. She's a mean girl in school, and only associates with people she consideres to be cool; such as jocks, cheerleaders, well dress people etc. She may put on a mean girl act, but she is actually is very vunerable after her and Richie break up. Her Dad is a rich owner of a company that makes cars and her mom has passed a couple of years ago, her dad often is very busy with his new gf and school and she sometimes feels negletced. Money can't buy everything. But Rion has a nice way of hiding it. Rion secretly finds out that Jeff likes Kyla and tries to use this to her advantage at times.

Zander Sun as Richie Zenn - Known as the school's bad boy, motorcycle rider and leader of totally cool band. Richie has got his life down pretty sweet. Though he gets a lot of attention, he doesn't really care about that. He actually is very deep. He cares for nature and peotry. He reads and often hates that everyone calls him a bad boy just because he stands up for what he believes in. He broke up with Rion over a year ago because she became to mean of a person. He likes Kyla when she comes to the school because she is the only person who gets to know him for him, instead of his dangerous past.

Lala Parks as Aisha Parks - Second in a command (before Kyla comes), Aisha is just as popular as Rion, a little nicer however. She's known Rion since 5th grade, and often gets why she is the way she is. Aisha becomes good friends with Kyla, much to Rion's dismay. And informs Kyla that Rion is mean from good reason. Aisha is a fashionable girl, who loves to look her best and is very tech savvy. She isn't afraid to tell it as it is and defend her friends. She becomes better friends with Jeff through Kyla's coming to the school and joining the team.

Heather Sands as Jeff Summers - Jeff is the loveable, blonde hair, goofy, all American jock. Though most of the jocks can be mean and shallow. Jeff is nice and caring, similar to Kyla, which is probably which attracts him to her. He is popular in school similar the cheerleaders and becomes friends with Richie through Kyla, but is a bit jealous of their friendship at times. At the end of the day, Jeff is a good boy with a kind heart.

Carly Shu as Stevie White - Stevie, is the tomboy of the group. She is in a band with Richie and has known him for a while, however they are considered to be best friends and nothing more and consider their relationship to be more brother-sister like than anything else. Stevie doesn't really like cheerleaders because she thinks they are all mean, but after hanging with Richie and Kyla she learns that they are not all bad and even becomes closer with Kyla. Stevie loves music and playing instruments similar to Richie. She also loves art. from street art, to painting on her canvas in art class. She likes to do things right for the planet also. Stevie does keep her emotions inside but deep down is a good friend.

Servies Overview[edit | edit source]

Season Episodes Originally aired (U.S. dates)
Season premiere Season finale
1 16 February 19, 2015


Episodes[edit | edit source]

Season 1

The first season of "Break Free", was officially picked up October, 2014.

Title Written by Directed by Original air date Prod.

U.S. Ratings (in Millions)

1 1 "Pilot" NYCgleek Phil Lewis February 19, 2015 101 5.7

Teen Olympic silver medalist, Kyla Castillo dreams of joining the Justice Valley high Jaguars. A popular cheer team who competes in cheer and dance competitions across the nation. When she first enrolls she meets Rion Hall, popular team captian and her best friend Aisha. Kyla being a Olympic competitor is granted the honor of co-captain. Rion tells Kyla cheer is very competitive and girls rule, during warm up practice to see what she's made of. Aisha, Rion, and Kyla perform "BO$$" and are practicing to perform during the big game later. But when Rion catches her ex-boyfriend bad boy biker Richie, she overlooks it and tells her that her and Richie use to be a thing and hopes Kyla will stop talking to him and she agrees to. Jeff who plays on the basket ball team takes an interest in Kyla, but notices Richie is talking to her. He moves Richie aside and says "Hey, I'm Jeff. Captain of the basketball team" there appears to be something there, but Jeff ends up getting nervous when he realizes Kyla is confident and gets a little snappy with him for pushing aside Richie. Richie takes Kyla and ask for her help singing with him at a cafe downtown due to his band member (Stevie) being away with family and thinks she can help after seeing the showdown in the gym. Kyla is kind of against it and tells him Rion is her friend and doesn't want to hurt her. Richie tells her Rion is a little over the top. He starts to perform and tells the guy to put the spotlight on Kyla sitting down so now she has to come on stage after the crowd cheers her on. Downtown the two perform a "Maroon 5 Medley!" that starts trending online and and when Rion see's this she is upset and now tries to get Kyla off the team, she purposly changes the practice time so she'll miss practice, Kyla gets upset and starts crying. Aisha goes to her and tells her Rion is just made and shows her the moves and the two become quick friends. Aisha tells Kyla she is to talented to quit the team. During the end of the episode the base of the show is set. The game goes on half time. Before going in the locker room, he looks at the stage when the announcer at the game announces the Jaguars are going to perform. During the dance/cheer number the song "Break Free" is played. Richie doesn't usually go to the games, but comes and sits and watches Kyla, who makes eye contact with him and Rion looks at her before they star. Jeff looks at Kyla who then looks at Aisha. During the performance, Rion gets close to Kyla and says "you don't want to play this game with me new girl" and Kyla says back to her "what game?" a couple of more dances are done and Rion says "The new girl game. The I'm so innocent and everyone like me more game" the two quickly spin and Kyla says "Look i don't know what you're talking about, but if this is how it's going to be..." then suddenly when Rion is suppose to be lifted they lift Rion instead and Rion is shocked.  "game on" Kyla says. The chorus picks up and Jeff looks at Richie in the stands with kind of a pissed look and then Richie smirks back at him and then looks at Kyla. 

Note(s): This is the pilot episode.

Absent(s): Carly Shu as Stevie (but is mentioned).

Song(s) Featured: "BO$$" performed by Break Free Cast (feat. Chesney Ramirez, Percilla Gold, and Lala Parks). "Maroon 5 Medley!" by Break Free Cast (feat. Chesney Ramirez and Zander Sun). "Break Free" by Break Free Cast (feat. Chesney Ramirez and Percilla Gold).

2 2 "The Girl in the Leather Jacket" NYCgleek David Deluise February 26, 2014 102 4.3

During a pep rally the Jaguars try to work on a routine to "BO$$". Rion and Kyla disagree over ideas at lunch. Kyla angered gets up and bumps into Stevie who is upset and calls her a ditzy princess, and Richie rushes over and tells Stevie Kyla is cool. Stevie is still upset due to the cheerleaders performing some poppy dance number instead of fighting for the real cause, which is to save an endangered animal. The owner of the construction company that is building a parking lot over the endangered animal tells the girls they can't save it and tries to use the girls and pretends he wants the date them so they won't want to save the animal, but Kyla sees through this. Kyla thinks of a way for the cheerleaders to perform and still get the message out which end up making her and Stevie become friends. Her and Stevie perform "Take A Hint"

Note(s): This is the first appearance of Carly Shu's character Stevie. "BO$$" is performed for the second time.

Song(s) Featured: "Take a Hint" performed by Break Free Cast (feat. Chesney Ramirez and Carly Shu). "BO$$" performed by Break Free Cast (feat. Chesney RamirezPercilla Gold, and Lala Parks).

3 3 "Missed Calls" NYCgleek Shelley Jensen March 5, 2015 103 3.7

Rion pretends to lose her phone and places it inside of Kyla's bag in attempt to get her off the team. The coach of the team comes and tells Kyla she is suspended. Confused Kyla enlist the help of Jeff to help find out who set her up, meanwhile Rion is coaching the team, when Aisha finds out that Rion set Kyla up, she call Kyla just as and Jeff just as he is about to ask Kyla out on a date after they've been spending time together, but he is interrupted by Kyla's phone. Aisha tells Kyla not to reveal it was her who told her. Jeff's friend Gavin (Kyle Collins) tells him he needs to focus on the game due to him being so distracted. Jeff is a bit upset and goes to the gym to preform "Get'cha Head in the Game" Meanwhile Kyla finds away to convince the coach it was Rion who "misplaced her phone" and realize it was a false call on suspended Kyla and she gets to choreograph the next rehearsal. Rion notices Richie in the stands watching and aske shim why he is there and he says Kyla invited him. She then asks him if he's really going to end what they had, he hesitates to answer and looks at Kyla in the audience, Rion gets mad and storms off and performs "Problem" with the cheer leaders. Richie then questions if he still may have feelings for Rion.

Absent: Carly Shu as Stevie.

Guest Star(s): Kyle Collins as Gavin.

Song(s) Featured: "Get'chya Head in the Game" performed by Break Free Cast (feat. Heather Sands). "Problem" performed by Break Free Cast (feat. Percilla Gold).

4 4 "Sectionals" NYCgleek Amira Mirlan March 12, 2015 104 3.9

After the big basketball game, the girls get ready for their sectionals performance. Tension quickly rises, when Rion realizes she still has feelings for Richie, and he may too, but after helping Kyla with her dance practice (the song "I Can't Sleep At Night" begins to play) and performing songs with her, he realizes he has feelings for her too. Rion tries to tells Richie how she feels but over sees them dancing in the show hall and sees them kiss, she begins to cry and walk away without them seeing (this is the first time we see Rion in a vulnerable state, and the song fades out). Meanwhile, Kyla tells herself she can't do this, because even though she may not like Rion, it'll cause to much drama and complicate things with the squad. Richie is all confused and Kyla tells him not to come to the sectional performance. Jeff is trying to support Kyla, but is a little surprised when she tells him Richie kisses her and tries to hide his feelings, which Rion sees when she approaches them and Kyla changes the subject thinking Rion doesn't know. It's then Rion tries to create a plan revenge using Jeff. Stevie tells Richie he should go the sectionals anyway to prove he's loyal to Kyla, but when he shows up during the groups big performance of "Halo/Walking On Sunshine" Kyla loses focus due to the kiss and makes a mistake and doesn't catch Rion correctly after her double, flip spin in front of the judges. Rikertown High ends up winning the sectionals competition.

Note(s): This is the sectionals episode. Kyla and Richie kiss. Kyla drops Rion during the big performance which could cost the team the win.

Song(s) Featured: "I Can't Sleep At Night" performed by Break Free Cast (feat. Lala Parks). "Halo/Walking On Sunshine" performed by Break Free Cast.

5 5 "Falling For You" NYCgleek David Deluise March 26, 2015 105 2.9

With Rion and Kyla rushing to the hospital after Rion's fall, Aisha stays to realize they've got second place, which means they cannot move ahead to regionals. Both, Richie and Jeff go to comfort Kyla and Rion, but things go wrong when they are forgetting Rion is hurt. Meanwhile, Aisha convinces Stevie to help her find a loop whole in the Jaguars, win-lose situations so they can compete at the next sectionals. When Kyla is away with Richie, Rion tries to make a move on Jeff just as Kyla and Richie returned. Rion tries to make Richie feel the same way he did when he kissed Kyla. Jeff now feels conflicted and tries to convince Kyla he doesn't like Rion and he begins to sing the song "Falling For You" while he walks around the hospital in a dance number with nurses and doctors, towards the end he sits alone in the waiting room looking at Kyla. When Kyla, Richie, and Jeff return they realize that they can compete in another sectionals performance and Kyla agrees not to let boys get in her way again. At the end, Kyla, Aisha, along with the rest of the cheer squad (excluding Rion who is in the hospital) perform "Faster Than Boyz" in the Gym. Richie watches from the stands and feels terrible.

Note(s): Rion tricks Jeff into kissing her and Kyla and Rion both agree that they cannot trust Richie relationship wise.

Song(s) Featured: "Falling For You" performed by Break Free Cast (feat. Heather Sands). "Faster Than Boyz" performed by Break Free Cast (feat. Chesney Ramirez).

6 6 "Dancing with the Enemy" NYCgleek Cathleen Lumbard April 30, 2015 106 2.9

While Kyla and Aisha plan on a dance routine for there newly upcoming sectionals. Kyla has a hard time keeping focus with her being to blame for Rion's injury. Aisha performs "Bottoms Up" in the cafeteria with the students and other cheer leaders to help cheer up Kyla. Aisha then decides to take her a late night house party being thrown by the kids from Rikertown high. They there meet the captain of the girl's cheer team for Rikertown named CJ Morgan (guest star Annabelle Marcus), who is also pretty popular. At the party Kyla and CJ end up having a dance off to a song being played by the DJ (Up, Up, and Away by Large Cluster). After the dance off the Rikertown kids all cheer for both girls letting them know it's a tie. Kyla then gets the attention from a boy who goes to Rikerstown named Mitchell (guest star Dane Wilkins). Meanwhile, Stevie is at the hospital where she is speaking about wildlife awareness when she runs into Rion crying. While she can't stand Rion she tries to make sure she is okay. Rion tells her that all guys are jerks (referring to Richie), she is upset about everything: her leg, Richie, the team losing and Kyla now being in charge. Stevie then pushes Rion around the hosptial in her wheel cheer as she performs "Man Like That" with all of the hospital people in the number as well. Back at the party, a fire is started and Jeff comes to pick up Kyla and Aisha where he sees Kyla giving her number to Mitchell, when she gets in the car, Kyla tells Jeff he is a "good friend" which doesn't sit to well with Jeff due to his crush on her. Jeff thinks something is up that a kid from a rival school. Richie questions his place at the school.

Note(s): This is the first appearance of anyone from Rikertown High.

Guest Star(s): Annabelle Marcus as CJ Morgan. Dane Wilkins as Mitchell.

Song(s) Featured: "Bottoms Up" performed by Break Free Cast (feat. Lala Parks). "Up, Up, and Away" by Large Cluster. "Man Like That" performed by Break Free Cast (feat. Carly Shu)

7 7 "Don't Look Back" NYCgleek Worlin Maxwell June 25, 2015 107 3.3

When Mitchell surprises Kyla with flowers and comes to watch her, Aisha and the Jaguars practice their routine (a dance number to "Won't Look Back" by Stephen Johnson) before sectionals, Jeff gets a little worried that he isn't who he appears to be after hearing him on the phone talking about "he's in." Meanwhile Rion is getting recovering from her injury and leaving the hospital, and getting physical therapy so she'll be able to perform for sectionals in a week. Though she is told to not push herself, which worries her. Stevie tells Richie that if he really wants to win back Kyla's friendship he needs to do something nice and surprise her, which he stops when he see's her hanging out with Mitchell. Richie remember's his face from somewhere, but can't recall. Jeff and Richie try to find out what he's hiding. Kyla does a big dance numberr when she goes out with Mitchell, realizing that even though he attends the rival school, that doesn't mean he's a bad guy.

Note(s): Rion is out of the hospital, but has not returned to school yet.

Guest Star(s): Dane Wilkins as Mitchell.

Song(s) Featured: "Won't Look Back" performed by Stephen Johnson

8 8 "Another Problem" NYCgleek Cathleen Lumbard July 2, 2015 108 2.7

Rion returns to school and let's Kyla know that she doesn't have time for distraction with a new boy, but when she see's the guy she remembers why both Jeff and Richie can somewhat remember him. Mitchell is revealed to be a cheerleader on the Rikertown High's cheer team. While Kyla doesn't believe that Mitchell would be capable of doing something sneaky (like stealing their routine), Rion surely lets her know that he will do anything to break her heart and for Rikertown to win, she then performs "Break Your Heart Right Back"  with help from Gavin. Kyla upset and confused has a new idea of a song to perform at sectionals and agrees to meet with Mitchell where she confronts him, he admits to betraying her, and tells her he began to have feelings for her, Kyla, being head strong, tells him it's to late and performs "Beggin' On Your Knees." Meanwhile, Richie meets Rion to tell her that the kiss they made a couple of weeks ago was a mistake and that it could never happen again because he has moved on and he was wrong to lead her on. He then performs his version of "Problem." Richie then says he will be transferring schools.

Note(s): Rion rejoins the Jaguars. The version of Problem that Richie performs is different than the original version sung by Percilla Gold.

Guest Star(s): Kyle Collins as Gavin, Dane Wilkins as Mitchell.

Song(s) Featured: "Break Your Heart Right Back" performed by Break Free Cast (feat. Percilla Gold). "Beggin' On Your Knees" performed by Break Free Cast (feat. Chesney Ramirez). "Problem" performed by Break Free Cast (feat. Zander Sun)

9 9 "Make it or Break it (again)" NYCgleek David Deluise July 9, 2015 109 3.4

CJ, Mitchell and Rion meet again at sectionals where Kyla has nothing to say to Mitchell. Jeff helps him back off of her. During the first performance, Rikertown High performs to "Sharp as a Razor" using the song, and some moves and techniques Mitchell stole from the Jaguars. CJ then takes the lead and performs "Toxic" while the Jaguars prep for their routine. Rion is still upset with Richie, but when she sees him in the audience she gets a bit overwhelmed. She gets into an argument with Kyla telling her to take the lead. Rion then assures her it's only because of her leg, but secretly also because she knows Richie is in the stands and that will be the last game he attends. After the Jaguars perform "Break Free", they do a new routine with ballet pieces involved. Kyla performs "Caught in the Storm" and makes eye contact with Richie in the audience as Jeff makes eye contact with her looking at Richie and immediately after her risky performance of doing a ballad, the episode ends.

Note(s): The Jaguars go to sectionals for the second time.

Guest Star(s): Annabelle Marcus as CJ Morgan. Dane Wilkins as Mitchell.

Song(s) Featured: "Sharp as a Razor" performed by ILY. "Clarity" performed by Break Free Cast (feat. Annebella Marcus)."Break Free" performed by Break Free Cast (feat. Chesney Ramirez and Percilla Gold). "Caught in the Storm" performed by Break Free Cast (feat. Chesney Ramirez).

10 10 "Breaking Free" NYCgleek Mark Tawain October 15, 2015 110 3.1

After the performance Richie is no where to be found, Kyla however manages to win over the crowd. Meanwhile, Stevie goes to look for Richie in the hallway only to get into an argument with him. It is revealed that the Jaguars have won sectionals. Jeff runs down to hug Kyla and the team. Meanwhile, Aisha tells Kyla and Rion they has to get her head in the game and stop worrying about Richie. Stevie informs Richie that he shouldn't make it all about him and deal with both of his issues and pick someone.

Note(s): This is the first episode to not include new music and just has repeat songs played during scenes in the episode. The Jaguars win sectionals and mark their way to regionals.

11 11 "Shame On Me, Body Shame NOT On You" NYCgleek Liver Ryan October 22, 2015 111 4.0

When Rion is rude to one of the girls that is trying out for the cheerleading team named Penny (guest star Autumn Wilson), Kyla feels that she was a little to harsh, when her and Aisha try to find her they notice she is not eating her food due to being made fun of by one of the guys on the basketball team with Jeff named Lyonal Jones (guest star Asher Hayward) who Jeff assures the girls isn't mean, but once they spot it happening, Jeff gets angry and phsyical fast, the girls manage to break up the fight and perform a song to Penny (Shake it Out) encouraging her to love her self and her body, meanwhile Stevie gets the whole school to force Lyonal to apologize by showing him how Penny feels when made fun of and some of the dangers that words can do, she does this and performs the song "Powerless"

Note(s): This is a special body shaming episode.

Guest Star(s): Autumn Wilson as Penny Fitzpatrick. Asher Hayward as Lyonal Jones.

Song(s) Featured: "Shake It Out" by Break Free Cast (feat. Chesney Ramirez, Percilla Gold, and Lala Parks), "Powerless" by Break Free Cast (feat. Carly Shu), and "Try" by Break Free (feat. Zander Sun).

12 12 "Skip Day, Sick Day" NYCgleek Shelley Jensen November 5, 2015 112

In order to get some new fresh ideas for regionals. The girls plan to skip class for 3 periods and adventure into the city. Meanwhile, Jeff gets some news that his mother is feeling very ill and isn't able to make her yearly visit to California to New York to visit him due to being ill, though Jeff thinks it's just her flaking out again. Kyla and Rion do a flash mob in the city and end up getting on the news, but realize they can get in trouble for skipping school if the footage actually airs and must find a way to delete it.

Note(s): It's revealed that Jeff's parents are divorced and his mother isn't very into his life, but because of her past success when divorced him and his dad are very rich. 

Song(s) Featured: "BO$$" performed by Break Free Cast (feat. Chesney RamirezPercilla Gold, and Lala Parks).

13 13
14 14
15 15 "Off Your Game" NYCgleek


Guest Star(s): 

Song(s) Featured: Mikayla Totten as Nalia Vasi.

16 16 "Surprise" NYCgleek

Note(s): This is the season finale.

Guest Star(s): 

Song(s) Featured: Mikayla Totten as Nalia Vasi. TBA as Princeton Woods.

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