Bringing Glamour Back
Bringing Glamour Back 4 Way Street
Album by 4 Way Street
Released: March 19, 2015
Genre(s): Pop, hip-hop
Singles: Classic
Oh Cecelia (Breaking My Heart)
4 Way Street chronology
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"Bringing Glamour Back" is debut extended play by the new Wiki Records boy band, 4 Way Street. The EP features their smash hit "Classic" as well their collaboration with artist Lucas Jenkins and two new songs. The EP released on March 19, 2015.

Track listing Edit

  1. Classic
  2. Oh Cecelia (Breaking My Heart) ft. Lucas Jenkins
  3. Dirty Pop
  4. They Don't Know About Us
  5. Classic (Glamour Remix)

Trivia Edit

Manager of the band, Jessie1010, has described the EP as being "funky and fresh." "The EP is very different. It's funky, it's fresh, it's classy, and it has a mix of different sounds in there from pop to hip pop," said Jessie, "A lot of heart went into this short EP and I think people will like it."

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