Celeste Dorothy Banks (born June 1, 1998) is an American actress. She is most known for her role as Alice Governs in the television show Superior. 

Celeste Banks
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Celeste Dorothy Banks
June 1, 1998
Tupelo, Mississippi
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Summer Brandon
Judy Douglas
Cassie "Rocky" Delatorre



Celeste Banks was born to Martha and Robert Banks in Tupelo, Mississippi June 1, 1998. She had one sister and two brothers. Growing up, making friends came easily to her because of her charismatic and friendly nature. At the age of 12, Celeste felt drawn to her school's drama club. She kept getting lead roles and pretty soon she felt that professional acting was what she wanted to do. Her brother, Asher, got accepted in a college in L.A. and her dad got a promotion that wanted him to transfer there, so along with Celeste's aspirations, the family had no choice but to move to L.A. when she was fourteen. From then on, she got her family's approval to go into professional acting.


Celeste's first role in the industry was as Martha in the mystery-thriller drama Full of Clues in 2012. She portrayed Jamee in the show Sweet December, a guest role where she was the most popular girl in school who needed help because she actually had self confidence issues. 

In 2013, she portrayed Rose, in the romantic drama My Darling. Rose was an obstacle between the protagonists' relationship, because she trying to get between them. She appeared in the movie Down Under as Dream, goddess of sleep. In 2013, she landed the recurring role of Alice Governs in the show Superior, where she was one of the classroom lawyers who would always help solve a case. The show ended in 2014. She got her first voice acting gig as Bayna in the Wiki Channel animated series High School Story, based off of the game of the same name. It was announced that she got the role of Summer Brandon, a sweet girl on the WCOM Everlasting. Later, she got the role of Judy Douglas in The Homework Machine, a movie based off of the book of the same name. Shortly after the premiere of Everlasting, Banks' management team announced that she will be in the hit Wiki Channel drama, In Due Time, as Cassie "Rocky" Delatorre, a pretty tough girl from the street.

Title Role Notes Year
Full of Clues Martha Guest 2012
Sweet December Jamee Guest 2012
My Darling Rose 3 Episodes 2013
Down Under Dream Minor; TV Movie 2013
Superior Alice Governs Recurring 2013-14
High School Story Bayna Voice Role 2014-present
Everlasting Summer Brandon Supporting; TV Movie 2015
In Due Time Cassie "Rocky" Delatorre Recurring 2015-present
The Homework Machine Judy Douglas Main Role 2016

Personal LifeEdit

Celeste attends a private school in L.A. and spends a lot of time with her family. She is a part of the Be Green Foundation, a charity to promote recycling. Her siblings are: Rachel, Asher, and Demarco Banks. She dated actor Justin Walsh from November 2014-February 2015. It was never confirmed what the cause of the break up was, but it is rumored that Justin was cheating on her with Deirdre Cannons. Neither of them have decided yet to speak out about the rumors.

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