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Crystal Diane
Crystal 3
Biographical information
Full Name
Christina Samantha Diane
July 18, 1997
Canada,Dawson City
Professional Information
Singer, Actress, Oreo Lover, Voice Actress
Years Active
Fan Group Name
The Wiki Channel Wiki Records
Wiki Channel Credentials
Framed,NOT Another Happily Ever After
Autumn Taylor,Katherine Jennings,Charlotte Martin,TBA
The real one
Face Claim: Laura Marano

   Christina Samantha Diane (Born July 18, 1997) publicly known as Crystal Diane, is an canadian actress,singer & voice actress. She is best known for her voice role Autumn Taylor in High School Story & as Charottle Martin in NOT Another Happily Ever After, she is also known as Jamie in Jamie and Jackie.


Early LifeEdit

Crystal was born to Randell & Norma Diane. She was born in Canada and moved to the U.S. at a young age. due to her mother's job in the U.S. military, 



Crystal as Chloe Brown in Green Zone

Crystal fell in love with performing so her dad decided to take her and her older sister to acting lessons. She soon quickly wanted to start an acting career.  She auditioned for Zoe Kelly in Green Zone but instead she got the role for Chloe Brown in 2005. She auditioned for so many roles but she never got any. 

Her sister Fiona got called in for alot of roles. But Sam didn't honestly care. She was just happy she got a role. Samantha was almost scammed by Peter Popoff for a 5 year contract but she was lucky to say no. After Green Zone finshed their series, she decided to take a break from acting. 

In 2008, she booked her first movie, Elementary Girls where she played the main chararacter Quinn, 

In 2013, She auditioned for the role Charlotte Martin in WCOM NOT Another Happily Ever After. She was overjoyed when she got the part. After the movie, She became the voice actress for Autumn Taylor For High School StoryLisha Jane asked Diane if she wanted to be in 3 episodes of Kitty Couture. She accepted the offer. In 2014, she got the part of Melanie Music in the Wiki Channel Orginal Movie, Whatever You Want & guest starring role in Ackerman Agent. She was also signed to Wiki Records and released two singles, Me & You and Party in the USA. Along with them came a mashup single between her single and Ashley Kettle's Hurricane. 

She is planning on releasing new music and audition for more stuff in the upcoming year.

Personal LifeEdit


Crystal & Fiona

Diane has a older sister named Fiona Diane. Diane is orginally named Samantha but her family decided to call her Crystal. She & Fiona are the only children.  Crystal doesn't see her parents a lot due to the fact that her mother is in the military and her father is always away on business. She is currently living with her older sister who just turned 21 years old. Diane is currently single.


Show/Movie Role Notes Year
Jamie & Jackie Jamie Cunningham Lead Role 2015-present
NOT Another Happily Ever After Charlotte Martin Lead Role 2014
High School Story Autumn Taylor Lead Voice Role 2014
Juliana and the Babysitting Adventures Future Juliana Guest Star/Series Finale Episode 2014
Kitty Couture TBA Guest Star TBA
Framed Katherine Jennings


Discography Edit

Year Title Album
2014 NOT Another Happily Ever After Soundtrack
Me & You TBA
Party in the U.S.A TBA
Hurricane/Party in the U.S.A MashUp TBA

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