Dakota Roberts
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Dakota Roberts
July 1, 1998
Los Angeles, California
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Rayford Davenport in Life with Twins
Jeff Sun in Too Little Too Late

   Dakota Roberts (born July 1, 1998) is an American actor and quitarist. He has been acting ever since he was young and has been playing guitar since he was 7.

Early LifeEdit

Dakota Roberts was born on July 1, 1998 to Olivia and Damion Roberts in Los Angeles, California. His mother was a casting director and his father a director. Roberts grew up around sets and around the business. It definitely wasn't long until he decided he wanted to go into acting.


2002-2006: Dakota starts actingEdit

When Dakota was 4 years old, his parents allowed him to begin auditioning for different roles. He did not recieve any until 2003 where he guest starred as a little boy in "7th Heaven." Dakota continued to recieve guest starring roles or background roles. Although Roberts did not recieve big roles, he was completely fine with it because he just loved acting!

2007-2012: Salamander's Creek and guitarEdit

At 8 years old, Dakota recieved a main role on the Discovery Kids series, "Salamander's Creek," a show about teens who run a habbitat for endangered amphibians and reptiles. Roberts played the role of Micah, the little brother of the lead female. The show did pretty well for Discovery Kids and ran from 2007 to 2010, lasting 3 seasons.

While shooting the show, Roberts took an interest in the guitar and started taking lessons. Roberts became a fantastic player and playing the guitar became his passion next to acting. After Salamander's Creek ended in 2010, Roberts focused more on his guitar playing, even studio recording ten pieces with him playing guitar, two of the pieces written by him. A few of the ten songs he recorded ended up on Michael Anthony's "Young Composers" album.

2013-present: Life with Twins, James Colon, Too Little Too LateEdit

In 2013, Dakota landed the role of Ray in Wiki Channel's series, Life with Twins. He was very excited to land this role and looked forward to working on it.

In 2014, Roberts landed the role of James Colon in the upcoming feature film, James Colon, a story about a young boy who's life turns upside after he opens a mysterious fortune cookie. Later in the same year, Roberts landed the role of Jeff Sun in the Wiki Channel Original Movie, Too Little Too Late, which he began filming a few weeks after filming for James Colon wrapped.

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