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Daniel Reed
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Daniel Lee Reed
Danny, Dan
July 22, 1996
Oakland, California
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   Daniel Reed (born June 22, 1996) is an american actor. He is known for his role as Connor on In Due Time.

Early LifeEdit

Reed was born on June 22, 1996 to David Augustus Reed and Dariana Reed. He lived in Oakland where his mom worked in a nearby theatre. When he was little, he would always watch the shows and be fasinatedby everything that was going on there. On his 8th birthday, Daniel told his parents that he wanted to be an actor. They responded with a simple "Okay" and he and his dad moved down to Los Angeles.


2006: The BeginningsEdit

Reed was casted in very few roles throught his first year of acting, considering his young age. He managed to land a role in a couple of Band-Aid commercials, and he got a role as a young version of a lead character in one episode of a t.v. show.

2007-2009: Everyone Needs GraceEdit

Reed managed to land a role as Emanuel Dean, younger brother of Grace Dean, in the Nick @ Nite comedy television show Everyone Needs Grace. This role really got his career jump staryed, and really was dissapointed when the show ended in a run of 3 seasons. He said he was thankful for the role and was grateful of the oppurtunitoes Nick @ Nite gave him.

2010-2013: Fighting Fires 1, 2, & 3Edit

When Reed turned fourteen, he starred as Freddy Salamone in the Blockbuster hit Fighting Fires. The movie was such a hit that it even got a second and third one, both re-starring Reed in the same role. The movie(s) were what basically got his name out there, and that's how Wiki Channel noticed him.

2014: Wiki ChannelEdit

Sometime in 2014, Wiki Channel asked Reed to be a part of his channel, which he gladly excepted. He has hopes to go far with the Wiki Channel. He later landed the main role as Connor, a street kid, on the Wiki Channel Original series, In Due Time.

Personal LifeEdit

Reed lives in Los Angeles with his dad, and sometimes goes back up to Oakland to see his mom. He is very active and fit, and even is a volunteer trainer near his local gym.


Year Film Role
2006 Your The Man Young Herman
2007-2009 Everyone Needs Grace Emanuel Dean
2010-2013 Fighting Fires 1, 2 & 3 Freddy Salamone
2015 In Due Time Connor
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