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Dramatically Average
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Genre: Comedy
Created by: Tatertat
Starring: Stephen Johnson
Jesse Raynes
Nicole Martin
Opening Theme: Popular Song by Nicole Martin & Jesse Raynes
Country of origin: USA
Original language(s): English
No. of seasons: TBA
No. of episodes: TBA
Executive producer(s): Tatertat
Camera setup: Multi-camera
Running time: 30 minutes
Production company(s): Wiki Company
Show Location(s): New York City, New York
Original channel: Wiki Channel
Original run: November 14, 2014

Dramatically Average is a Wiki Channel comedy series telling the tale of a ex-broadway star who is trying to make in the real world. Ther series stars Stephen Johnson along with Nicole Martin & Jessie Raynes. 

The series pilot was ordered on June 14,2014. Casting quickly started after that and the shooting started. Ther pilot was picked up for a 20 episode first season on July 24,2014. It made it Wiki Channel debut on November 12, 2014 after the premiere of Pretty Geeky. On April 25, 2015, it was renewed for a season season with 28 episodes.


DA Main Cast

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Brian S. Fosterman was the number one Broadway kid. Play after play, he had continous sucess and great reviews. Until a post by a very popular blogger, claiming he had delibratly hurt another castmate flooded the media. Now he's back somewhere he never thought he would have to go again: Public School. His theatric personality nor his famous background could get him even through the first day. But luck rises when two best friends, Jessica and Michael, save him from.the dangers of their schools pop squad, and take him under their wing. Now Brian, along with his new friends, tackle the struggles of high school all while trying to save Brian's image.

Season 2 follows Brian after revealing that he's given up theatre as a career at the end of Season 1. He is exploring other options and beginning to experience more relationships. Jessica and Michael are there to help while discovering their own paths along the way. Including Michael watching his sister, Melissa leave for college and Jessica debating on contacting her mother.


Minor Recurring CastEdit

Season 1Edit
  • Trey Cameron as Jordan: Captain of the the school's chess team, also Melissa's love interest in the series
  • Kimberly Parkson as Sofie: Besties w/ Melissa, She is very entergetic and talks very fast when nervous. She tends to make boys and dance her two most talked about subjects.
  • Julia Harkens as Anya: Waitress at the restaurant, Cookin' City where Michael and Jess love to eat at. She is also on the dance team w/ Melissa and Sophie. She is very nice and clumsy.
  • Alexis Thomson as Cathy: Julia's minon so to say. She is mostly with Julia at school. She appears dumb but is secretly super smart. 
Season 2Edit
  • Julia Harkens as Anya: She is a waitress at Cookin' City and on dance team with Melissa and now Jessica, She is lovable but also clumsy.
  • Mallory Jays as Delia: A fellow sophomore as well, Delia is a theatre geek which causes her and Brian to connect. She is also good friends with Jessica.

Series OverviewEdit

Season Episodes Originally aired (U.S. dates)
Season premiere Season finale
1 20 November 14, 2014

August 28, 2015



Episode GuideEdit

Season 1Edit

Title Written by Directed by Original air date Prod.

U.S. Ratings (in Millions)

1 1 "Starting Average" Tatertat, NYCGleek, Silly1!, & Jessie1010 TBA November 14, 2014 101 4.4

Broadway child star Brian S. Fosterman had it all, in till he was assumed of hurting one of his castmates and basically became blacklisted. When he forced to go back to public school, he realizes that his fame nor his personality is going to help him surrive this new enviroment. Help comes when he meets longtime best friends, Michael & Jessica save him from the school's pop squad. But can they get him to change a little to fit in or will they go too far & try to change who he is?

Recurring: Jasmine Byran as Melissa, Mirabelle Styx as Julia, Alexis Thomson as Cathy.

Song(s) Featured: Popular Song (Broadway Version) sung by Brian Fosterman (Stephen Johnson)

Note:This is the pilot episode.

2 2 "Eating Average" Tatertat TBA November 21, 2014 102 3.7

When Michael introduce Brian to their favorite restaurant, Brian gets addicted and fast.  Michael must teach him how to eat it in moderation. Meanwhile Melissa and Jess team up when Melissa is assigned to teach a new routine to a lower Dance class member.

Recurring: Jasmine Byran as Melissa, Julia Harkens as Anya

Note: This is the first apperance of Julia Harkens as Anya.

3 3 "Popularly Average" Tatertat, Silly1, NYCGleek& ,Jessie1010 TBA December 4, 2014 103 3.1

When Jessica decides to post a video of her singing a song she wrote online for fun, she gets a lot good publicity. But when she starts to get a lot of hate comments, she starts to reconsider herself. But with the school’s annual Mid-Year Karoake Event coming by, can Michael and Brian convince her to believe in herself and perform once again?

Recurring: Mirabelle Styx as Julia, Alexis Thomson as Cathy

Song(s) Featured: Jessica (Nicole Martin) & Brian (Stephen Johnson) sing an acoustic verison of the show's theme song, Popular Song.

4 4 "Investigating Average"  Tatertat TBA December 12, 2014 104 3.0

When Melissa starts coming home later than usual, Michael thinks nothing of it. In till, her best friend, Sofie encounters the trio in the hallway saying how she lied to her and has been acting really weird. The four go and investigate to find out what she is up to?

Recurring: Jasmine Byran as Melissa, Kimberly Parkson as Sofie, Trey Cameron as Jordan, Will Evans as Jacob

Note: This is the first appearance of Jordan,Sofie, and Jacob.

5 5

"Cheering Average"

Tatertat TBA December 19, 2014 105 3.2

When Brian is asked to fill in for an injured cheerleader during the annual spring pep rally, he goes to Jess for help hearing about her past experience. The problem is Jess's past experience didn’t end up so well when she rejected from the middle school team by the current head cheerleader herself. Jess tries to train Brian and get revenge with the cheer squad at the same time.  Meanwhile Melissa tries to impress her crush by taking on a new advanced dance routine that she has to learn in three days and enlist Michael’s help.

Recurring: Jasmine Byran as Melissa, Julia Harkens as Anya,Trey Cameron as Jordan,

Guest starring:  Lucy Summer as Sabrina, Melody Charme as Sarah, Harmony Charme as Sayna.

6 6 "Homely Average" Tatertat TBA January 16, 2015 106 TBA

Michael and Jess get lost when visiting Brian's home for the first time and Brian cant seem to find them either! The duo discovers some new information on Brian while trying to find their way out.

Song(s) Featured: TBA

7 7 "Dining Averagely?" Tatertat January 23, 2015

When Melissa tells the family, she is bringing a new friend over for dinner, Michael doesn’t get the memo that it is a boy given the name, Jordan. When Michael discovers who he really is…, both Michael and his dad work together to try to scare him away. Meanwhile Brian & Jess are assigned to bake a cake for Foods Class, but can’t seem to agree what to make.

Recurring: Jasmine Byran as Melissa & Trey Cameron as Jordan

8 8 "Career Average" Tatertat & Jessie1010 TBA January 30,2015 110 TBA

Career Day comes along and Brian decides to bring an ex co-worker of his to help show people that Broadway could be cool. To save Brian, Jess spills that he is bring an up and coming movie star. Jess and Brian must cover for themselves while making sure neither his co-star nor Brian find out. Meanwhile, Melissa & Sofie is competing w/ Julia & Cathy for attention from a renowned dance teacher. So she enlists help from Jordan and his friend Jacob.

Recurring: Mirabelle Styx as Julia, Alexis Thompson as Cathy, Trey Cameron as Jordan, and Will Evans as Jacob, Kimberly Parkson as Sofie

9 9 "Living Average" Tatertat TBA February 20,2015 111 TBA

Brian has to really adjust to normal NYC life when he stays at Michael's house for the week while his parents are on a business trip.  He learns that not all families are exactly the same when he spots Jess with only one parent.

Recurring: Jasmine Byran as Melissa

18 18 "Cultural Average" Tatertat TBA February 27,2015 118 TBA

When the gang gets assigned a Black History project, everyone but Brian is excited to start. And the last thing he wants to do is ask Jess for help, so when Michael gives him a source that can help him he is estatic. Intill, he finds out who is he.

Note:This is an special Black History Month episode.

10 10 "Smartly Average" Tatertat TBA March 6,2015 112 TBA

When Jess gets paired up w/ Cathy, Julia’s minion for a big project, she gets worried that she will have to do all the work. But she finds out more than meets the eye. Michael and Brian go searching when they lose their science class pet rabbit.

Recurring: Alexis Thompson as Cathy, Mirabelle Styx as Julia

11 11 "Prefectly Average" NYCGleek TBA March 13,2015 112 TBA

A manhattan big brother & big sister program wants Brian to be one of the celebrity volunteers for the program. Brianhappily says yes and has to bring a friend to help volunteer.with him, so he brings Mike along. Here he meets a kid named Rowan, who is a fan of Brian and wishes to be more confident. Mike tries to help with the building of the electrical stage being used for the benefit concert next week, simply because one of the other volunteers doesnt think he can do it. Rowan is kind of excluded by some of the other kids simply because he likes to sing and act and can be a bit quite. During the episode they are helping to plant a garden and witness Rowan be excluded and try to build up his confidence. At the end of the week there is a benefit concert where Brian is asked to sing. Brian realizes that you shouldn't have to change who you are for others to accept you and the bullies apologize to Rowan. Everyone claps for Brian after the song. When he gets off the stage one of the towers falls down and crashes into the stage because Mike didn't know what he was doing and everyone backs up and runs away screaming, accept for the mayor, Brian, Rowan and Mike who are watching the destroyed stage and small fire as the laugh track is laughing, soon after Rowan breaks the silence and says "Wooooow, Brian . . .you brought the house down" and the audience laughs. Meanwhile Jess and Melissa are trying to be the first one in a brand new clothing store that is opening in the mall, they find trouble when they see people have camped out over night and try to find their way to beginning of the line.


Song(s) Featured: "I Don't Wanna Be" performed by Stephan Johnson

Guest star(s): TBA as Rowan.

12 12 "Testing Average" Tatertat TBA March  20, 2015 112 TBA

When Brian gym grade depends on the final fitness test, Michael must help him train for it. Meanwhile Melissa & Sofie is taking their SATs and enlist Jess for study help.

Recurring: Jasmine Byran as Melissa, Kimberly Parkson as Sofie

13 13 "Double Trouble Average" Tatertat TBA April 17, 2015 113 TBA

When Michael breaks his arm during gym class and cant perform, Melissa insists Brian's help for her big final dance project which is due in 3 days. Meanwhile, Jessica is stuck taking care of injured Michael.

Recurring: Jasmine Byran as Melissa & Julia Harkens as Anya

14 14 "Motherly Average" Tatertat TBA May 8,2015 114 TBA

When Brian enlist Jess & Michael when he is put in charge of the big mother appreciation dance at school. Jess gets sort of left in the dust when everyone at school starts talking about it. To make things worse, Julia is set out to embarrass her at the dance.

Song Featured: Dancing By Myself performed by Jessica (Nicole)

Note:This is set to premiere near Mother's Day.

15 15 "Crushing Average" Tatertat TBA May  29, 2015 115 TBA

Brian gains his first crush on a normal teenage girl, who is a theatre geek but gets tongue twisted when he speaks to her. Michael, originally as a joke states that if Brian ask her out, he'll make a double date with him and Jess, now he has trick Jess into thinking it's a hangout while convincing Brian that it is a date. Meanwhile, Melissa also gets pulled into the similar situation, when Sofie sets up a double date w/ her boyfriend & has Jordan as Melissa’s date.

Recurring: Jasmine Byran as Melissa, Kimberly Parkson as Sofie, Trey Cameron as Jordan, Juila Harkens as Anya

Song(s) Featured: Your Name peformed by Brian (Stephen Johnson)

Note: This episode introduces Mallory Jays as Delia.

16 16 "Conely Average" Tatertat TBA June 19, 2015 116 TBA

Brian is set to perform at Coney Island's annual Teen Concert special, but is in need of a song that teens can relate to. Two problems, he's not a normal teen and he's never been to Coney Island. So Michael and Jess are there to help. But will their adventure go south or give Brian the song he needs?

Song(s) Featured: Fireflies performed by Brian (Stephen Johnson)

Guest star(s): Maya Daniels as Coney Island Worker

17 17 "Outdoorsly Average" Tatertat TBA May 15, 2015 117 TBA

When Brian insist on going with Michael to his annual spring break camping getaway, Brian gets surprised when it is not what he thought it would be. Meanwhile, Jess is feeling sadder than usually when the boys leave and Melissa tries to cheer her up.

Recurring: Jasmine Byran as Melissa

Song(s) Featured: First Flight Home performed by Michael (Jesse Raynes) & Brian (Stephen Johnson) featuring fellow campers (4 Way Street)

Note: This episode was part of Guess Star Weekend.

Guest star(s): 4 Way Street and Jake Daugherty

18 18 "Flashing Average" Tatertat TBA 2015 118 TBA

Out of jealously, Julia spills to Broadway magazines about Brian’s school life. When paparazzi start following  not only Brian..but Michael and Jessica around too. They must figure out a way to get them of their backs and get Juila to stop gossping to them.

Recurring: Mirabelle Styx as Juila

19 19 "Flashback Average" Tatertat TBA 2015 119 TBA

The three amigos get stuck babysitting the kids in their apartment building, they find three that remind them of their young selves which makes them, remember their past. Jess & Michael remember how they first met an Brian remembers how he got into the business.

Guest stars: Josh Andrews Jr. and Dani Wilkins from What's Up With..? as Young Jess/Amanda & Young Michael/Andrew

20 20 "Staying Average" Tatertat TBA 2015 120 TBA

Brian gets the chance to redeem his Broadway career in a new musical and everyone is happy for him. But when he finds that in order to get it, he had to lose everything he gain the last three months, he is stuck with a choice.

Song(s) Featured: Look At Me Now performed by Brian (Stephen Johnson)

Note: This is the season finale. :)

Season 2Edit

It was announced on April 25, 2015, that the series was renewed for a season two consisting of 28 episodes.

Title Written by Directed by Original air date Prod.

U.S. Ratings (in Millions)

21 1 "Regretting Average" Tatertat Phil Lewis September 25, 2015 201

School is back in session and Brian is trying to decide if he regrets his decision to stay average as he was put in the Theatre 1 class along with Michael and Jess. Meanwhile, Jess is deciding on calling back her mother.

Note(s): This is the season 2 premiere episode

Recurring Cast: Jasmine Byran as Melissa, Julia Harkens as Anya, & Mallory Jays as Delia

Song(s) Featured: 

22 2  "Working Average" Tatertat October 9, 2015 202

The gang helps Anya complete a shift at work. They realize how hard working really is.


Recurring Cast: Jasmine Byran as Melissa, Julia Harkens as Anya

Song(s) Featured: 

23 3

"Dreaming Average"

Tatertat 203

Falling asleep during an theatre assignment, the trio dream about their futures. Brian wonders about the art of teaching, Michael sees himself as a musician & Jessica wonders why Michael has entered her dream wedding as the groom.


Guest Star(s): 

Song(s) Featured: 

24 4 "Mentoring Average" Tatertat & Jessie1010 November 6, 2015 204

Melissa announces Jessica and newcomer Amanda as the two potential leaders for next year's’ dance team. Jessica become nervous when she finds out how good she is. Meanwhile, Brian & Michael are visited by their previous "little brother".


Guest Star(s): Carly Shu as Amanda

Song(s) Featured: TBA

25 5 "Aca-Average" Tatertat November 13, 2015 205

Splitting the class into three, they must perform a song acapella to prepare them for onstage incidents with technology. The thing...Brian, Jess, & Michael all split up!


Guest Star(s): 

Song(s) Featured: Shut Up & Dance and Shake It Off/Pompeii performed by cast of Dramatically Average

26 6 "Battle Average" November 21, 2015 206

Continution of "Mentoring Average" as the battle begins and it's not just dancing.


Guest Star(s): Carly Shu as Amanda

Song(s) Featured: Never Say Never performed by Nicole Martin, Carly Shu, & Jasmine Bryan

27 7 "Celebrating Average" Tatertat & NYCGleek December  25,2015 207

It's the gang's first Chrirstmas Break together but when Brian proclaims to have never really celebrated the holiday due to working. Michael and Jessica go out there to make it the best Christmas ever!

Note: This was part of Wiki Channel's Winter Wonderland event

Song(s) Featured: Beautiful Christmas by Michael and Brian

28 8 "Pre-Average" Tatertat January 2015 208

The gang takes their PSATs and stressing out is an understatement. But when their scores get back, they become really surprised.


Dramatically Average Season 1 Contract

Original number of episodes: N/A
Season extension amount: N/A
Total episodes: N/A
Specials: N/A
If the series creator goes inactive N/A will take over.
If the back up users go inactive, the show undecided.
Filming Dates: N/A
Notes: N/A


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