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Edgewater Falls
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Genre: Mystery/Thriller.
Created by: Samantha O'Malley
Starring: Melissa Morris
Issac James
Iris Dunne
Sophie Beckett
Thomas Byrne
Theme Music Composer Samantha O'Malley
Opening Theme: Mama Do
Country of origin: U.S
Original language(s): English
No. of seasons: 1
No. of episodes: 20
Executive producer(s): Samantha O'Malley
Camera setup: Videotape (filmized)

Single Camera

Running time: 45 min.
Production company(s): 20th Century Fox Television
Production Location(s): L.A, California
Show Location(s): Edgewater Falls, California
Original channel: Wiki Channel
Picture format: 480i (SDTV)
1080i (HDTV)
Original run: September 12th, 2015 - May 4th 2016

Edgewater Falls is an American television series created by Samantha O'Malley, and produced by 20th Century Fox Television. The series aired (September 12th, 2015 - May 4th, 2016) for one season on Wiki Channel before it was picked up by After Dark Network.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Edgewater Falls Season 2.jpeg

Edgewater Falls takes a look into the lives of Andi Grayson, Ashton Healy, Marilyn Kennedy, Madison Conrad, and Joe Monroe three years after the death of their best friend Ella Howard, the former queen bee of the town and the daughter of Chief of Police William Howard. When Andi convinces the group to break into the Howard residence in order to "pay their respects for the girl who gave them popularity", Ashton uncovers a shocking secret while snooping on Ella's emails, which begs the question: is Ella Howard dead . . . or alive?

As season 1A came to a close, the group began to believe that Ella WAS dead and the killer was still out there. The majority of season 1B was spent looking for clues that may lead to Ella's killer, but was also labeled as one of the first Wiki Channel original series to have ever stretched its boundaries. Not only did it deal with murder, bt it also dealt with topics such as addiction. As described by creator Samantha O'Malley, "Season 1B was a complete torture chamber, or, as Sera and I like to call it, a hellhole. For all of my characters, and I honestly do feel bad."

Series Overview[edit | edit source]

Season Episodes Originally aired
Season premiere Season finale
1 20 10 September 12, 2015 November 11, 2015
10 March 2, 2016 May 4, 2016

Cast[edit | edit source]

Supporting Cast[edit | edit source]

Episode Guide[edit | edit source]

Season 1A[edit | edit source]

No. Ep. Title Written by Original air date Prod.
U.S. viewers (millions)
1 1 "Welcome to Edgewater Falls" Samantha O'Malley September 12, 2015 101

When the anniversary of Ella Howard's death reunites the group, Andi Grayson convinces her newly befriended former friends to visit the Howard residence, not just to pay their much-needed respects for their dead best friend, but also to look for clues that may answer the question everybody's been asking: was Ella's death really an accident? However, when Ashton finds something while looking for clues, it begs the question: Did Ella Howard even die?

Recurring cast: Reese Jensen as Lorenzo Grayson.

2 2 "Can You Keep A Secret?" Samantha O'Malley September 16, 2015 102

When Chief of Police William Howard stumbles upon footprints in his home with his daughter's laptop nowhere to be found, he makes a point to arrest the robber of theft. Meanwhile, Ashton contemplates whether or not to tell his friends about the emails he found on the laptop and if he should bring up the fact that he has the laptop at all.

Recurring Cast: Linden Ashby as William Howard.

3 3 "Don't Let My Pretty Face Fool You" Samantha O'Malley September 23, 2015 103

Ashton decides to tell the group about his findings in Ella’s room. Alaska overhears the entire conversation, and she doesn’t hesitate to blog about it on her website . . . under Madison’s name. She manages to make the group believe that it was Madison who blabbed. Madison must figure out a way to win back their trust.

Recurring Cast: TJ Martin as Alaska Cunningham.

4 4 "Decoding" Samantha O'Malley September 30, 2015 104

Joe agrees to repair some things for William to earn some extra cash, but instead finds a note written in binary (computer language). After decoding it, he consults the group about it, and find out that the note was addressed to an old family friend of the Graysons. The group pretend to be journalists for their school newspaper in hopes of figuring out if she knows anything about what was said in the note.

Guest cast: Samantha O’Malley as Yasamin Zych-Walker.

5 5 "If At First You Don't Succeed, Lie, Lie Again" Samantha O'Malley October 7, 2015 105

Panic stricken, Ashton plants the laptop in Andi’s bag hoping that he won’t get arrested. However, when William finds his daughter’s laptop in Andi’s bag, he is quick to arrest her and charge her for robbery. Rumour quickly spreads that she was arrested for carrying around drugs, and because he doesn’t want his little sister to end up like him, Lorenzo does his very best to lie Andi out of jail.

Recurring Cast: Reese Jensen as Lorenzo Grayson and TJ Martin as Alaska Cunningham.

6 6 "The New Normal" Samantha O'Malley October 14, 2015 106

The group come to the realization that being problematic is the “new normal” for them, and so, Marilyn decides that the best thing to do is prove to the public that despite their previous “problematic-ness”, they have the power to solve the murder of Ella Howard. Meanwhile, someone starts threatening the Graysons and Lorenzo turns to Joe for some help.

Recurring Cast: Reese Jensen as Lorenzo Grayson.

7 7 "Keep Your Friends Close" Samantha O'Malley October 21, 2015 107

When Marilyn’s involvement in the plan to figure out who Ella’s killer is gets her hurt, Madison tries her best to make it up to her by throwing a party in her honor. However, her plans are ruined when the group is called in for an interrogation at the police station about the night Ella died.

Recurring cast: Linden Ashby as William Howard.

8 8 "Little Town Of Horrors" Samantha O'Malley October 28, 2015 108

It is the Halloween before Ella’s death and the group’s minds are completely focused on finding the perfect costume for Alaska’s annual Halloween party. Meanwhile, when Alaska decides it’d be a good idea to challenge Ella for Queen Bee dominance, Ella doesn’t allow them to attend the Halloween party and instead are forced to “prank” Alaska by throwing rocks through her window. But, the prank goes wrong when the rocks accidentally hit Alaska in the head, causing her to pass out. The group has to figure out a way to set the party up without having anybody know that they almost killed Alaska and was unable to throw the party herself.

Recurring Cast: TJ Martin as Alaska Cunningham.

9 9 "Reality Really Bites Me" Samantha O'Malley November 4, 2015 109

The group attempt to have a sense of normality in their lives, but even the simplest tasks of after school activities and dating meet with strife. Andi must deal with a dysfunctional band, as Ashton attends speed dating with Joe at The Grill. Madison is forced to hang out with Alaska to see if she knows anything about the night Ella died, and Marilyn is stuck turning to William for the same reason, only to come face-to-face with her unpleasant past with Ella.

Recurring Cast: Linden Ashby as William Howard and TJ Martin as Alaska Cunningham.

10 10 "Illuminated" Samantha O'Malley November 11, 2015 110

When the discovery of a new piece of evidence about Ella's death brings the police department to school, the last thing the group wants to do is throw a Christmas party for Edgewater Falls' annual Christmas bash. But when they get a text that insinuates that Ella's killer may be at the party, Marilyn gets the idea that it will be their chance to finally put an end to their problems. Once at the party, not even the special concert performed by IIT can lift the group's spirits when the evening takes a dangerous turn.

Notes: This episode was apart of Wiki Channel's November's Got The Beat event and it guest starred IIT.

Recurring Cast: Linden Ashby as William Howard and TJ Martin as Alaska Cunningham.

Guest Cast: IIT as themselves.

Season 1B[edit | edit source]

No. Ep. Title Written by Original air date Prod.
U.S. viewers (millions)
11 11 "Tread Lightly" Samantha O'Malley March 2, 2016 111

Moments after Madison was hit by a car, her friends's worlds are turned upside down. It seems like -- who they THINK was Ella's killer -- is no longer taking their investigation lightly and sends someone to attack the group. Meanwhile, Alaska attempts to seduce Joe, which backfires instantly.

Recurring Cast: TJ Martin as Alaska Cunningham, Samantha O'Malley as Yasamin-Zych Walker.

12 12 "Seduced" Samantha O'Malley March 9, 2016 112

The group begins to drift apart after realizing that no harm will be done to them if they're friends with each other. Andi begins to care more about her family (which really just consists of her and Lorenzo), and Alaska has succeeded in seducing Joe to the point where he even refuses to visit Madison in the hospital. Meanwhile, Marilyn is told a secret by Madison while she's drugged up on anesthetic.

Recurring Cast: TJ Martin as Alaska Cunningham, Reese Jensen as Lorenzo Grayson.

13 13 "Threats" Samantha O'Malley March 16, 2016 113

Madison is out of the hospital, and instead of having to worry about how to take a shower with her cast, she is forced to go after Marilyn after Ella's killer learns that she's been trying to figure out their identity. Meanwhile, Alaska bribes Joe with drugs so she could manipulate him easier.

Recurring Cast: TJ Martin as Alaska Cunningham, Reese Jensen as Lorenzo Grayson.

14 14 "YZW" Samantha O'Malley March 23, 2016 114

Knowing that Joe is completely hooked on the drugs she gave him, Alaska gives him more, leading to him being completely addicted to them to the point that he'd let Alaska manipulate him if it meant getting more. Joe ends up attempting to kill Lorenzo. Also, Madison teams up with Yasamin to take down the person that's been threatening the group, only resulting in Yasamin being thrown in a jail cell.

Recurring Cast: TJ Martin as Alaska Cunningham, Reese Jensen as Lorenzo Grayson, Samantha O'Malley as Yasamin Zych-Walker.

15 15 "Elevator" Samantha O'Malley March 30, 2016 115

Andi and Madison get stuck in the school elevator.

Notes: This was a bottle episode, meaning it took less time to write and less time to put together than a normal episode. Every non-cast member featured in the episode was either a friend of a main cast member or a friend of Samantha O'Malley. Skylar Parker made a cameo as the mechanic over the elevator's speaker.

16 16 "Suppressants" Samantha O'Malley April 6, 2016 116

Joe destroys Ella's laptop due to his drug-induced state, and when trying to figure out why he did it, Marilyn finds drugs in his backpack. After many failed attempts, Joe agrees to be sent to a rehabilitation center, for the good of himself and his loved ones.

Notes: Samantha O'Malley dedicated this episode to her N.A. counselor.

17 17 "Crawl Space" Samantha O'Malley April 13, 2016 117

Andi and Marilyn quit their extracurricular activities so they can put more time into finding out who killed Ella. But, Madison gets kidnapped, presumably the person who's been forcing her to backstab her friends and ran her over that night. The group (excluding Joe, who is still at the rehabilitation center) focus on finding her.

8 8 "Margolis" Samantha O'Malley April 20, 2016 118

Marilyn faces yet another loss when her parents break the news that her childhood friend was murdered. Blinded by the sadness of the death of her friend, she fails to help her friends, leading to them turning to Alaska for help.

Recurring Cast: TJ Martin as Alaska Cunningham.

Guest Starring: Alison Avalon as Heather Margolis.

19 19 "Investigating" Samantha O'Malley April 27, 2016 119

Alaska, Andi, Madison, and Marilyn are in Los Angeles to conduct an investigation, but when that leads to a fatal loss and Ashton getting severely injured, the news spreads like wildfire, leading to Joe finding out back at the rehabilitation center. Thinking it was his fault everything happened, he and Lorenzo come up with a plan to escape the center, so he'd have a chance to fix everything he's done wrong.

Recurring Cast: Linden Ashby as William Howard, Reese Jensen as Lorenzo Grayson, TJ Martin as Alaska Cunningham, Samantha O'Malley as Yasamin Zych-Walker.

20 20 "Murder" Samantha O'Malley May 4, 2016 120

The killer is finally revealed after nineteen episodes of waiting.

Recurring Cast: Reese Jensen as Lorenzo Grayson, TJ Martin as Alaska Cunningham.

Series Contract[edit | edit source]

Edgewater Falls Season 1 Contract

Original number of episodes: 20
Season extension amount: N/A
Total episodes: 20
Specials: N/A
If the series creator goes inactive Austin9393 will take over.
If the back up users go inactive, the show will be ended where it left off.
Filming Dates: May 12 to June 10 filming first 10 episodes. June 15 to July 13 filming last 10 episodes.
Notes: N/A

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