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Erin Thompson
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Erin Grace Thompson
October 21,1996
Los Angeles,California
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Actress,song writer
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The Dark Side
Merliah Quinn

    Erin Thompson is an American actress/songwriter New to the wiki channel.

​Early lifeEdit

​Erin was born in Los Angeles,California and is the daughter of Dave and Cherry Thompson. At age 6,she wrote songs and decided to become a songwriter. She was homeschooled at age 7 and her talent was noticed by a friend. She entered her song into a writing contest and won. Her talent was noticed and she was writing songs for upcoming artist. She also decided to pursue an acting career with siblings Kerry (14) and Mark (19).


2006-2011,Early starts Edit

​Erin started songwriting for artists in 2006 and decided to do more with her life "I also want to be an actress,because I always liked to play pretend with my siblings. That was when I knew I wanted to be an actress,too" ​​Erin said in an interview. She auditioned for a show called Not your average girl,a nick show. She got the part of Katlyn,one of the main cast. In 2010,the show ended and she continued to write. In 2011,she made an appearance in a webshow on YouTube and discussed her upcoming show and her songwriting. "I never thought that I would be a famous songwriter. I like to write songs just for the fun of it." ​​​Erin said in the webshow. 

2012-present,New things and Future for the Wiki ChannelEdit

In 2012,Erin was in a show called Little things as the Lead role' s Best friend. By 2013,the show was cancelled due to low viewings. She wasn't upset though,durring the show,she was filming a movie called Peachy Girls. Her movie grossed out 18 million dollars at the box office in a week. She met famous people at the premier of the movie like Val Mitchell,Karli James,Lydia Robinson,and others. She continued with songwriting by working with artists signed with Wiki Records. In 2014,she will work with The Wiki Channel soon and is excited.

Erin in "Little things"


Year show Role
2007 not your average girl Perry
2012 Little things Mary

Year movie role
2013 Peachy Girls Madison
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