Finding Prince Charming
Romantic drama
Percilla Gold

Oliver West

Dane Wilkins

Tyler Abbott

Kevin Douglas
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Finding Prince Charming is a new and upcoming Wiki Channel Original Movie. It aired on May 10th, a special Royal Fling Weekend along with Everlasting.


When 15 year old Lynda "Lynn" White wishes on a star to meet her Prince Charming she gets more than she bargained for. She ends up being transported to a magical land but when she falls in love with Prince Felix it doesn't stop there. Lynn also falls in love with Prince Tedros, Prince Brendan and Prince Carlos. Will Lynn ever decide who to choose and will she find her Prince Charming?

Main CharactersEdit

  • Percilla Gold as Lynda 'Lynn' White - Lynn has always had her heart set on finding her prince charming. She is kind, sweet, a hopeless romantic and always does the right thing even if her prince is at stake.

  • Kevin Douglas as Felix - Felix is one of the four princes that Lynn falls for. He is very air headed, sometimes silly and dimwitted but he is not right for Lynn
    FPC Felix

  • Oliver West as Brendan - Brendan is one of the four that Lynn falls for. He is a dreamboat is most girls eyes but he is super flirty and too into himself for Lynn
    FPC brendan

  • Dane Wilkins as Carlos - Carlos is the 3rd prince that Lynn falls for. At first the two don't see eye to but but by then end they are quite close. He is quiet and shy, mysterious and isn't your typical prince charming but is isn't until Lynn need help stopping Tedros that she finds out he is perfect for each other
    FPC carlos


  • Tyler Abbott as Tedros - Tedros is the 4th prince that Lynn falls for. He is very charming, good at sweet talking and seems to totally understand Lynn. Later on he reveals to be evil and only dated Lynn to take over the kingdom
    FPC tedros

Supporting CharactersEdit

  • Lucy Summer as Emily - Emily is one of the girls Lynn meets and quickly becomes friends with. She is kind and helps Lynn with the boys by giving her advice although she doesn't always give her the best advice.
  • Bailey Wes as Chloe - Chloe is another one of the girls Lynn becomes friends with. She is not as understanding as Emily but always helps her with her clothes and hair. She is a little jealous of Lynn because of the attention she is getting from the princes but tries not to let is show.
  • Jackson Spruce as Maxon - Maxon is Tedros's little brother and is jealous of Lynn because he is taking his older brother away from him. In the end when Tedros is revealed to be evil he helps Lynn had he knows most about Tedros. He is normally called Max for short.
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