Five Minutes and Fired
5 Minutes and Fired Logo
Genre: Comedy
Created by: Jessie1010
Starring: Julia Harkens (Season 1)
Autumn Wilson (Season 2)
Theme Music Composer TBA
Opening Theme: TBA
Original language(s): English
No. of seasons: 2
No. of episodes: 30
Executive producer(s): Heatherblast9
Running time: 5 minutes
Production company(s): Wiki Channel
Production Location(s): Wiki Center Studios
Hollywood, California
Original channel: Wiki Channel
Picture format: 480i (SDTV)
1080i (HDTV)
Audio format: Stereo

Five Minutes and Fired is a brand new Wiki Channel original short series that will follow Grace Dorbes, a peppy, social, and not-too-smart 15 year old girl looking for an after school job, but the problem is, Grace is a terrible worker and is always getting fired. The short series will be animated and will air in between shows on Wiki Channel. It premiered on September 26, 2014, after the premiere of East Meets West. It premieres new episodes on Sundays at 8:25 P.M.


Grace Dorbes is a peppy, social, and not-too-smart 15 (S1)/16 (S2) year old girl looking for an after school job. The problem is, Grace is a terrible worker and is always getting fired. Each short follows Grace starting off at a new job and through comedic storylines, the short will show just how Grace gets fired within five minutes.

Voice CastEdit

Julia Harkens (S1) & Autumn Wilson (S2) as Grace Dorbes - Peppy, social, and not-too-smart 16 year old girl looking for an after school job. 

Grace Dorbes


  • Grace's character design resembles Stacy Hirano from "Phineas & Ferb".


Series overviewEdit

Season Episodes Originally aired (U.S. dates)
Season premiere Season finale
  1 15 September 26, 2014 January 4, 2015
2 15 September 26, 2015 January 2, 2016

Season 1: 2014-15Edit

No. Ep. Title Written by Original air date Prod.
U.S. viewers (millions)
1 1 "Episode 1" Jessie1010 September 26, 2014 101 5.5
Grace begins working at Feeny's French Fry House and after angering a customer, stealing a dog from one, and ultimately getting in a food fight with a salesman, Grace is fired.
2 2 "Episode 2" Jessie1010 October 5, 2014 102 4.2
Grace begins working at Cheap Chop and gets fired after freely giving out items to customers.
3 3 "Episode 3" Jessie1010 October 12, 2014 103 3.4
Grace begins working as an assistant on a movie set and is fired after using the craft service, spa lounge, and Taylor Lautner's luxury trailer for herself instead of actually working.
4 4 "Episode 4" Jessie1010 October 19, 2014 104 2.6
Grace begins working at her town's jail and she ends up running into her 3rd grade teacher who is an inmate. She helps him escape the jail and is ultimately fired.
5 5 "Episode 5" Jessie1010 October 26, 2014 105 3.8
Grace begins working at Smoothie Yo' Yogurt and when she sees that her ex-boyfriend is on a date, she decides to put ketchup in the smoothie and yogurt machines so their beverages will taste really gross but this ends up affecting all of the the customers' drinks. Grace then gets fired.
6 6 "Episode 6" Austin9393 November 2, 2014 106 3.4
Grace begins working at the pet shop, but when she suddenly release the dogs and they run away, Grace is fired.
7 7 "Episode 7" Heatherblast9 November 9, 2014 107 2.0
Grace begins working at the library, but after being too loud, and damaging and losing the books, she is fired.
8 8 "Episode 8" Heatherblast9 November 16, 2014 108 1.2
Grace works at the grocery store but gets fired after the manager discovers she has been eating the food.
9 9 "Episode 9" Heatherblast9 November 23, 2014 109 1.3
Grace begins working as a birthday party entertainer, but completely mixes up all of her acts.
10 10 "Episode 10" Austin9393 November 30, 2014 110 2.8
Grace begins working as a cleaning lady at a 5-star hotel, but when she makes everything dirty and look terrible, Grace gets fired.
11 11 "Episode 11" Austin9393 December 7, 2014 111 3.0
Grace begins working as santa's helper at the mall, but when she ruins the tower of presents, Grace is fired.
12 12 "Episode 12" Austin9393 December 14, 2014 112 3.1
Grace gets a job at Candyland, a store who sells sweets, but when Grace eats candy and makes everything 50% off, she is fired.
13 13 "Episode 13" Austin9393 December 21, 2014 113 2.8
Grace begins working as a hairdresser, but gets fired after she does a terrible job.
14 14 "Episode 14" Austin9393 December 28, 2014 114 3.0
Grace begins working at AT&T's customer service, but when Grace gives a customer a free iPhone, she is fired.
15 15 "Episode 15" Austin9393 & Heatherblast9 January 4, 2015 115 3.8
For the New Years, Grace makes a resolution of finding a more permanent job. Pretty soon, she tries to start her own business with her own kiosk at the mall. Somehow, she gets fired from that job and the kiosk is given to someone else.

Season 2: 2015-16Edit

No. Ep. Title Written by Original air date Prod.
U.S. viewers (millions)
16 1 "Episode 16" Heatherblast9 September 26, 2015 201 2.7
With summer break ending, Grace has to find a new job. She tries a job at a beach shack but ends up making a huge mess.
17 2 "Episode 17" Heatherblast9 October 1, 2015 202 3.0
Grace tries to get a job in a movie theater, but she eats all of the popcorn and sneaks inside to watch movies instead of doing her job.
18 3 "Episode 18" Heatherblast9 October 8, 2015 203 2.2
Grace gets a job at a clothing store but ends up trying them all on instead of actually helping the customers.
19 4 "Episode 19" Heatherblast9 October 15, 2015 204 2.8
Grace gets a job selling churros, but she eats nearly all of them and isn't very sanitary, causing the customers not wanting to buy any.
20 5 "Episode 20" Heatherblast9 October 22, 2015 205 2.4
Grace is in charge of Halloween preparation at the mall, but decides it's not cute at all. She adds a girly touch to everything and makes it look more like a tea party than a haunted mall.
21 6 "Episode 21" Heatherblast9 October 29, 2015 206 2.3
Grace starts working at an ice cream shop, but she gets fired after leaving the ice cream out and letting them melt.
22 7 "Episode 22" Heatherblast9 November 5, 2015 207 2.2
Grace starts working at Tot's Toys but she gets in trouble after giving toys away for free after seeing the cute little kids.
23 8 "Episode 23" Heatherblast9 November 12, 2015 208 3.0
Grace starts working at the nail salon and actually seems good at it. But, of course she makes a huge mess, spilling the polish and leaving the water on, causing her to get fired.
24 9 "Episode 24" Heatherblast9 November 19, 2015 209 2.1
Grace starts working at a shoe store but after accidentally talking about how gross people's feet are, she is fired.
25 10 "Episode 25" Heatherblast9 November 28, 2015 210 2.7
Grace is an assistant at a photography place, but after using the professional cameras to take selfies and pictures of herself instead of working, she is fired.
26 11 "Episode 26" Heatherblast9 December 5, 2015 211 2.6
Grace starts working at a jewelry store but is quickly fired when she proves to be too clumsy to be handling jewelry.
27 12 "Episode 27" Heatherblast9 December 12, 2015 212 2.5
Grace starts working at the pizza place but is soon fired after giving someone a pizza face.
28 13 "Episode 28" Cool kids 2014 December 19, 2015 213 2.8
Grace begins working at a makeup kiosk, but is fired after making some mean girls at her school look like clowns.
29 14 "Episode 29" Cool kids 2014 December 26, 2015 214 2.5
Grace begins working at the daycare in the mall, but is fired after she falls asleep on the job and lets the kids run wild.
30 15 "Episode 30" Cool kids 2014 January 2, 2016 215 3.1
Grace starts working at a music store. Although she's not allowed to, she tries to play the instruments, even though she doesn't know how to play. When too many customers and people nearby complain about the terrible noise, Grace is fired.

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