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Genre: Comedy, Fantasy
Created by: Jessie1010
Starring: Rebecca Anderson
Valéria Madison
Harley King
Kimberly Parkson
Maria Canals-Barrera
David Deluise
Theme Music Composer Valéria Madison & Rebecca Anderson
Opening Theme: Some Call It Magic
Country of origin: United States
Original language(s): English
No. of seasons: 1
No. of episodes: 26
Executive producer(s): Heatherblast9
Running time: 30 min
Production company(s): Wiki Channel Company
Production Location(s): Los Angeles, California
Show Location(s): San Diego, California
Original channel: Wiki Channel
Original run: April 10, 2015 (series preview) April 18, 2015-present

Genie, stylized Genie! is an original series on the Wiki Channel. It was picked up for a series January 3, 2015. The series preview aired on April 10, 2015 during the premiere of Leslie Wireless. The actual premiere of the episode first aired on April 18, 2015.


Belle Ridley is a loner teenage girl who has a funny personality inside of her but is always too shy to show it. Jenny Kate is a popular, social, and ruthless girl who runs the school gossip blog. Jenny constantly targets Belle with her friends and they enjoy tormenting her. But one day, Belle's world is turned upside down when she rubs a golden genie lamp and a genie surprisingly pops out! To her surprise, the genie happens to be Jenny Kate! Jenny is revealed to actually be a magical genie who has been free for over ten years, up until that moment. And when Belle accidentally wishes she can have infinite wishes, Jenny becomes permanent since she cannot undo wishes. Now, to both of the girls' distain, they are stuck together. Throughout the series, the two search for ways to free Jenny. But as time goes on, Belle and Jenny become very close friends. Whether they are bickering, trying to get out of a sticky situation, or laughing together, the two always seem to have a good time with one another. And Belle soon even learns Jenny's wish she's always longed for but was always illegal for genies to grant: to become human.


Series OverviewEdit

Season Episodes Originally aired (U.S. dates)
Season premiere Season finale
1 26 April 18, 2015

November 14, 2015

2 20 TBA TBA


Season OneEdit

Wiki Channel ordered 15 episodes at first for the first season of Genie! The first episode was previewed on April 10th alongside the premier of Leslie Wireless. Near the end of the season, Wiki Channel ordered an extension that called for 11 more episodes, extending the season to 26 episodes.

No. Ep. Title Written by Original air date Prod.
U.S. viewers (millions)
1 1 "The Genie!" Heatherblast9, Silly1!, Tatertat, Jessie1010, NYCgleek April 18, 2015 101 5.0
Belle Ridley, loner, and target of popular and trendy it-girl Jenny Kate's teasing, had a completely terrible day. While walking home from school, she spotted a pretty lamp. She takes it up to the comfort of her room, and accidentally rubs it. Out pops Jenny Kate herself! Belle has 3 wishes, then Jenny can leave and go back to freedom until the next person rubs it. But Belle mistakenly asks for an infinite amount of wishes, causing Jenny to have to be permanently with her. Now her sort of nemesis must stay with her, and they must not let anyone know. Belle and Jenny have to agree to at least not be enemies anymore and treat each other a little bit better.

Guest Stars: First appearance of everyone in the main cast, as well as Liza McDonald as Izzie Sanderson.

Notes: A glimpse of this episode was previewed on April 10th during Leslie Wireless. It was the scene where Belle finds out Jenny is a genie.

2 2 "The Genie Jeans!" ChynaGrande101 April 25, 2015 102 2.9

Belle is going through Jenny's stuff and finds a magical pair of super cute, stylish jeans that Jenny refers to as 'The Genie Jeans' - Jenny tells Belle not to wear them because she isn't stylish enough to pull them off and upset Belle tries them on anyway, when in reality Jenny was protecting her for the jeans give anyone who is wearing them the power stretch their body to unthinkable limits. Belle realizes this when she drops her pencil and her arm extends longer to get it, now she can't get the jeans off and needs help from Jenny without blowing the secret of magic, which leads to some very funny and magical high jinks.

Recurring: Liza McDonald as Izzie Sanderson.

Notes: Belle nearly reveals Jenny to everyone, but she does not. Anthony gets suspicious though. 

Solution: The jeans' magic eventually just wore off, and Belle and Jenny managed to make it through the day without giving their secret away.

3 3 "Wish Against Sis!" Heatherblast9 May 2, 2015 103 3.5

Belle wishes that her sister, Mackenzie, wouldn't be so smart, uptight, and perfect. Jenny makes Mackenzie the opposite of the way she is and leaves her dumb, slobby, and childish. Mackenzie has an award ceremony coming up for one of her accomplishments, but her behavior would make her completely unacceptable to the public and completely tarnish Mackenzie's reputation. Belle at first feels that being embarrassed was what Mackenzie deserves, so Jenny tries to convince her that Belle is wrong. Belle finally realizes that she shouldn't wish bad things for her sister just because she is jealous.

Notes: During Mackenzie's speech, Mackenzie thanks Belle for being an awesome sister and always supporting her. Belle feels really bad that she almost ruined Mackenzie's life for something Mackenzie cannot help. 

Solution: Belle wishes for Mackenzie to be the opposite of how she currently is and it ends up making her go back to normal.

4 4 "Erase Against Time!" Heatherblast9 May 9, 2015 104 2.5

When Belle hears Andre Forrestor, a popular guy in school, say that he and her have an 'interesting history', she seeks Jenny's help to go back in time to find out what she did wrong. When Jenny keeps messing up the time, they nearly mess up good moments in Andre's life. They then must fix it all before they completely change present day Andre. Belle finally thinks she found it out when she spots that she accidentally took his juice box in third grade, but that was not the case, and she never figured out what it was.

Notes: At the end of the episode, Andre does a flashback to first grade when Belle stood up for him against bullies and that he meant it in a goos way.

Recurring: First appearance of Jake Daugherty as Andre Forrestor. Liza McDonald as Izzie Sanderson.

Solution: Belle and Jenny eventually figure out a way to watch without changing anything, but after thinking she saw what Andre was talking about, they left and went back to present-day.

5 5 "Captain Sparklez!" Heatherblast9 May 23, 2015 105 2.8

When Jenny and Mackenzie discover Belle's embarrassing obsession of Gloria Glitter, a superhero in a comic book targeted for girls ages 7-14, Jenny makes fun of her for it. Belle becomes upset about them making fun of her. Jenny then feels bad about teasing Belle about it, starts to read it, and becomes obsessed. Jenny and Belle teleport into Gloria Glitter's universe but find them stuck in one of the latest chapters, where Belle doesn't know what happens next. They can't escape the comic book unless they finish the chapter they are in. Meanwhile, Anthony is stuck with his parents when they decide to bring him along on their date nights, but they call it bonding time with their youngest son. At the end of the episode, it is revealed that Mackenzie is secretly the author of Gloria Glitter, under the pseudonym Lola Ollypops. Jenny and Belle don't find out, though.

Guest Star(s): Abby Williams  as Gloria Glitter, Mallory Jays  as Captain Sparklez.

Solution: They decide to wing it and they end up completing the chapter, but they have to hide the book since their adventure changed it.

6 6 "Jenny's Lamp!" Heatherblast9 May 30, 2015 106 2.3

When Mrs. Ridley sells Jenny's lamp, the girls must do everything they can to get it back. The lamp is basically Jenny's charger, and without it, she becomes tired and cannot do her magic. Since she can't use the help of magic to find it, she enlists Anthony's help to track down the woman who bought the lamp. (They tell Anthony that the lamp is just very important belonging of Jenny's.) They ask Mackenzie, too, but she declines. 

Meanwhile, Mackenzie is doing everything she can to study hard for a math competition, but Mr. and Mrs. Ridley keep interrupting her.

Solution: They end up tracking the woman down, and after doing lots of chores for her, she finally gives it to them.

7 7 "Mathematical Egghead!" Heatherblast9 June 6, 2015 107 2.0

When Mackenzie is about to compete in a math competition, Belle accidentally wishes for Mackenzie to know nearly everything in mathematics. Mackenzie's head gets too filled with information that she can't do anything but spurt out random math facts. Jenny and Belle must get Jenny to study so hard that she can answer three of Mackenzie's questions correctly in a row, so they can turn Mackenzie back to normal in time.

Absent: Harley King as Anthony Ridley

Solution: Jenny somehow answers the three questions correctly, so Mackenzie turns back to normal and thinks it was all a dream because of her stress.

8 8 "Revealed!" Heatherblast9 June 13, 2015 108 3.9

When Anthony sees Jenny doing magic, Belle and Jenny try to convince him that she's just a really good magician. Jenny and Belle do everythign they can to make them be seen as unsuspicious, but end up looking very foolish. They somehow agree to perform a magic act in front of the whole school. Jenny almost doesn't want to do it because it is embarrassing, but Belle gets her to do it to save her secret. They almost convince him but right after the show, Jenny is spotted doing magic AGAIN. The girls then have to explain their whole situation to Anthony from the beginning, and Anthony promises not to tell.

Mackenzie's math team is under attack when a guy named Thomas (Jackson Garland) from the rival team insists on saying that girls don't belong in the competition, math girls are unattractive, and that they can't do math. The girls on Mackenzie's team are very discouraged, but Mackenzie makes a speech saying that ever since she was little, people have been telling her that what she does is unattractive. Now she knows that if she feels beautiful doing math and everything she does, then she is beautiful. The girls, Reina and Jamie, listen to her advice, and the guys, Shawn and Fred, tell the girls about how people say it's unmanly for guys to be interested in this kind of stuff. The team works together and defeats them.

Guest Stars: Jackson Garland  as Thomas, Laura Bailey as Reina (on Mackenzie's math team), Liam Dylan as Shawn (on Mackenzie's math team), Dominic Shaw as Fred (on Mackenzie's math team), Julianna Fox as Jamie (on Mackenzie's math team)

Recurring: Liza McDonald as Izzie Sanderson, Jake Daugherty as Andre Forrestor

Solution: Even though they fool him, he witnesses the actual magic again so the girls decide to come clean to Anthony.

9 9 "Picture Nightmares!" Heatherblast9 June 20, 2015 109 2.6

Belle has a zit she's worried about for picture day, and she asks Jenny to help her out, but Jenny makes it even worse. Belle and Jenny try doing everything they can to make Belle look good for pictures, but it just causes chaos and frustration.

Solution: Jenny performs a complete do-over spell, and just lets Belle rock her zit for the picture.

10 10

"Reina, the Actress!"

Heatherblast9 June 27, 2015 110 2.4

Mackenzie is working on a play and her best friend wants to be the lead role, but so does Jenny. (Belle secretly wants it too, but is too shy to audition and is recruited as Mackenzie's helper.) Even though Reina is a better actress than Jenny, she has a major case of stage fright. Against Jenny's will, Belle wishes for Reina to get over her stage fright and gain more confidence, but Reina becomes bossy and acts like a spoiled star.

Recurring: Laura Bailey as Reina.

Solution: Reina's stage fright doesn't come back, but the girls tell her that no one will work with her if she isn't humble, which snaps her back to normal.

11 11 "Independence Day!" Heatherblast9 July 4, 2015 111 2.7
While celebrating the Fourth of July, Jenny accidentally lets her secret wish slip that she wants to become human. At first Belle thinks it's no big deal, and tries to wish for Jenny to become human, but she soon realizes it's not as simple as it seems.
12 12 "Busy Izzie!" Heatherblast9 July 11, 2015 112 2.6

When Izzie seems to not want to leave Jenny alone, Belle wishes for her to fall in love to stop bothering her. Things take a turn for the worst when her new object of affection is Anthony, who has no feelings for Izzie whatsoever.

Recurring: Liza McDonald as Izzie Sanderson

Solution: Jenny finds out that she only did a temporary love spell, so all of their efforts was for nothing. Izzie ends up avoiding the girls for a while since she's embarrassed about ever liking Anthony.

13 13 "Boyfriend or Boyfoe?!" Heatherblast9 July 18, 2015 113 2.4

Mackenzie discovers that Reina is dating Thomas, the obnoxious boy from the rival school's math team. Belle and Jenny go on a class trip, and Jenny accidentally makes Andre vanish while there, so they have to look for him. Anthony spends the whole day trying to find his overdue library book, not knowing that Jenny made that disappear, too.

Recurring: Jake Daugherty as Andre Forrester, Laura Bailey as Reina, and Jackson Garland as Thomas

Solution: Jenny and Belle transport to the Room of Vanishments, where everything that has ever vanished lies. They eventually find Andre unconscious and tell him that he slipped and fell.

14 14 "Competition!" Heatherblast9 July 25, 2015 114 2.7

Belle and Jenny like the same guy, so Jenny tries to use her magic to impress him while Belle tries to gain his attention the old-fashioned way.

Solution: The boy falls for neither of them since he's so smitten with his girlfriend, and Belle and Jenny realize how ridiculous they were acting.

15 15 "Normal Parents!" Heatherblast9 August 1, 2015 115 3.0

Belle wishes for normal parents, but she and her entire family change as well, due to not having their parents quirky and wacky influences. Jenny tries to change it all back and try to get Belle to comprehend that she is magical so she can wish everything back to how it was.

Solution: Normal!Belle finally realizes that Jenny is actually magical, and wishes that she and her family could be themselves.

16 16 "Goolie!" Heatherblast9 August 8, 2015 116 3.3

Jenny accidentally summons a little creature that follows Jenny and Belle around. It is trying to help them, but it makes trouble instead.

Solution: Goolie's mother shows up, scolds him for causing too much trouble, and takes him back home.

17 17 "Trixie the Pixie!" Heatherblast9 August 15, 2015 117 2.9

A sly pixie named Trixie visits the town, and she transforms herself into people that that they know and causes problems for everyone.

Solution: When Belle and Jenny finally figure out what she's doing, they tell her to leave, and pixies must leave whenever a human tells them to.

18 18 "An-tiny!" Heatherblast9 August 22, 2015 118 3.8

Jenny accidentally shrinks Anthony to the size of an ant, a few days before their big family dinner that Mr. and Mrs. Ridley have been planning for months.

Solution: The girls cover for him, but the day of the dinner, Anthony turns normal size due to having a growth spurt. Anthony's bummed he didn't get to grow taller, but he is happy being back to normal.

19 19 "Genie-alogy!" Heatherblast9 August 29, 2015 119 3.5

The people at school start to ask questions about Jenny, so Belle and Jenny try to create fake parents for Jenny.

Solution: Even though the parents act like robots, people fall for it and don't bother Jenny about her parents anymore, not wanting to meet them again.

20 20 "Thomkenzie?!" Heatherblast9 September 5, 2015 120 3.8
Thomas and Mackenzie start to get closer, and end up having more in common than they think. Reina starts to suspect that there is more going on beneath the surface, causing a strain in their relationship.
21 21 "Genie-us!" Heatherblast9 September 12, 2015 121 2.6
After taking an I.Q. test, Anthony gets a genius score. Fearing that he might let his parents down, he asks Jenny to help him out, but things don't go well. After taking the test without cheating, it is revealed that he is above average, but not a genius.
22 22 "Girl Party!" Heatherblast9 September 18, 2015 122 4.2

It's Belle's birthday and she plans to have her traditional mother-daughter bonding night with just her mom, but when Jenny finds out, she convinces Belle to have a big party and invites the other girls in their class. Once Mackenzie finds out that Belle is having a bigger party than usual, she invites her friends, too. Jenny tries to make it a spectacular bash, and how she wants it, instead of considering what Belle wants for her party, and uses her magic to make it grand. Belle must keep Jenny in check and make sure she doesn't go overboard with her magic before someone notices that something is off.

23 23 "Rumor Has It!" Heatherblast9 September 26, 2015 123 4.0
Some vicious rumors about Izzie spread around. Even though they don't like her, Belle and Jenny try to find out who started the rumors, and why.
24 24 "Completely Haunted House!" Heatherblast9 October 23, 2015 124 TBA
Belle's family is hosting a haunted house. Jenny sees that their haunted house is lame and not scary at all, so she tries to make it better. Accidentally, he releases real ghosts into the house. She realizes how bad it is when Mackenzie reveals that she had invited over sweet little kids that she tutors. Meanwhile, Anthony's really smart and nerdy friends realize that the haunted house is a little too realistic and want to get to the bottom of it. Jenny and Belle have to find a way to gather up the ghosts before it's too late.

Guest Stars: Sienna Forbes as Mysterious Ghost. Belle and Jenny don't remember releasing her, and they can't get her back into the spirit world. She says some awry things and vanishes.

Note: This episode aired on a special night after a month-long break between episode releases, and was part of the "Shocktober: Abracadabra!" event, before the premiere of Sleight of Hand.

25 25 "It's a Shame!" Heatherblast9 November 7, 2015 125 TBA
A little genie-in-training named Angelica (Li'l Kylie) comes to visit, seeking Jenny's aid in tutoring her. This little girl has a big heart, but is very naive, so when she sees others not being extremely happy, she tries to fix it her own way, causing mayhem. When Belle and Jenny get upset with her and she's sitting on the side of the road, Mackenzie (who doesn't know who she is) asks her what's wrong. When Angelica said that she just wanted to help people out but only made things worse, Mackenzie tells her that people are going to have problems, and sometimes the best thing you can do is just support them. She thanks Jenny, Belle, and Mackenzie and leaves. Once Angelica goes back to her own world, she sings a song about how harsh humans can be to each other.

Guest Stars: Li'l Kylie as Angelica

Note: This episode aired as part of November's Got the Beat.

Songs Featured: It's A Shame performed by Li'l Kylie

26 26 "Contagious Love!" NYCgleek November 14, 2015 126 TBA
When Belle is crushing on a cute transfer student big time Hudson North (guest star Stephen Johnson), who happens to be a dancer. She enrolls in the dance class with him, knowing she can't dance. Tired of seeing Belle fail and listening to her complain, Jenny places a love spell on the boy, which Belle dislikes at first, but after the boy starts to take an interest in her and they go out she seems to be okay with it. Things take a nasty turn when the love spell's side effect kicks in; making the person's love contagious and causing his feelings for Belle to spread to every guy in the school who doesn't have a crush on her as well as making all the other girls jealous. Once this happens, Andre gets a bit jealous, which Belle thinks is because he is effected by the spell's side effect, but since he already might have feelings for her he is not. Now, Bella and Jenny must find a way to reverse the spell's side effect before 3 days or all the guys will be in love with Belle forever, which might be a problem during the big dance off when her and Hudson have a solo moment and every other girl in school starts to scold her for having all the boys attention. Belle must find a way to reverse the spell in time, to get the guys to go back to treating her normally and have her female friends back (including Izzie as well). "Contagious Love" is the song danced to at the dance off as well as in a montage during dance practice, where all the guys are fighting over Belle and getting her gifts randomly; in her locker, at her house, etc.

Note(s): This is an hour long episode. Dramatically Average star Stephan Johnson guest stars as Hudson well as dances in this episode. Belle learns to stick to her instict, and if a guy doesn't like her for who she is, than he is not a guy worth fighting for. Hudson can be a little arrogant, which Belle realizes in the end, after getting help from Jenny. It is also the season finale of Season 1.

Guest Star(s): Stephen Johnson as Hudson Cole.  Liza McDonald as Izzie Sanderson. Jake Daugherty as Andre Forrestor. 

Song(s) Featured: "Contagious Love" performed by Valéria Madison and Rebecca Anderson.

Solution: They manage to break the spell by making a serum that turns the guys back to normal.

Season TwoEdit

Wiki Channel ordered 20 episodes for the second season of Genie! 

No. Ep. Title Written by Original air date Prod.
U.S. viewers (millions)
27 1 Mr. G! Heatherblast9 tba 201 tba

Jenny and Belle are requested to the magic world and are scolded by Mr. G, one of the officials of magic, who warns them not to get into too much trouble and to stop acting foolish before something bad happens. Belle finds Mr. G scary and creepy.

Absent: David Deluise as Ryan Ridley

Recurring: Tba as Mr. G

28 2 Abigail! Heatherblast9 tba 202 tba

A clueless fairy named Abigail thinks she is Belle's fairy, so the girls have to convince their family that she is a long lost cousin so they can let her stay while Jenny looks for her keeper.

Guest Star: Amaya Vélez as Abigail

29 3 Abigail, Part 2! Heatherblast9 tba 203 tba

The family is convinced, but Abigail's keeper is nowhere to be found. Jenny and Belle finally take her to the magic world to see what has happened to her.

Solution: It turns out that Abigail had amnesia and is from Florida, and was taken away by the seas. They find her keeper and she thanks them for looking out for her.

Guest Star: Amaya Vélez as Abigail

Note: Valeria Madison portrays Abigail's keeper as well.

30 4 Moolah, Mazza, Money! Heatherblast9 tba 204 tba

Jenny's rent for her lamp is overdue and she is out of mazza, magic money. She has to do some community service in the magic world and Belle and Anthony help her, even when giving a foot massage to Bigfoot.

31 5 Study Buddies! Heatherblast9 tba 205 tba

Andre and Belle are working together on a project, while Jenny is stuck with Izzie. With all four working at Belle's house, questions are asked.

Recurring: Jake Daugherty as Andre Forrester, Liza McDonald as Izzie Sanderson.

32 6 Deal With It! Heatherblast9 tba 206 tba

Mr. G assigns Jenny to be a mentor of a rebellious genie-in-training, since they remind him of how Jenny used to be. Immediately, Jenny and Belle dislike them. Reina has been spending more and more time with Thomas, which makes Mackenzie a tad jealous. Also, Sherri, a new kid in school, has decided to be Anthony's new best friend. Recurring: First appearance of TBA as TBA, and TBA as Sherri. TBA as Mr. G.

33 7 Froggy Fiasco! Heatherblast9 tba 207 tba

As a task for Jenny's genie-in-training, the girls must help them master a simple transformation spell. Things go wrong when they turn Karmit, one of the head people of the magic council, into a frog.

Guest Star: TBA as Karmit

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