Hearts & Harmonies
Lilly and Abby Hearts and Harmonies Possible Cover
Album Cover
Album by Lilly & Abby
Released: August 22nd
Genre(s): Pop
Singles: Had Me @ Hello

Call It Whatever

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Lilly & Abby's Debut Album - Hearts & Hamornies - Available Now

Lilly & Abby's Debut Album - Hearts & Hamornies - Available Now

Heart & Harmonies is the first album of pop duo, Lilly & Abby. The album was released on August 22nd, 2014. 

The girls described the album as pop with some rock to it. The record includes the duo's hit singles, Had Me @ Hello & Call It Whatever. Along with new favorites such as Princess Charming & Bad for Me. The track also includes the ballad, The Only Exception which Lilly leads in vocals. While also including some pop-rock with their songs, Chemical React & Potiential Breakup Song.

Track ListEdit

No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Audio Length
1. "Bad For Me"   Lilly Marsh, Abby Williams Wiki Records
Bad for Me (L&A)
2. "Chemical React"   Tim James Wiki Records, Rock M.
Chemical React (L&A)
3. "Here I Go"   Matthew G. Wiki Records, TBA 3:34
4. "Do You Believe In Magic"   Aly M.,Josh Sebastian Matthew G.
Do You Believe You in Magic (L&A)
5. "Princess Charming"     Wiki Records
Princess Charming (L&A)
6. "Had Me @ Hello"   Lilly Marsh & Abby Williams Wiki Channel Music Group   3:05
7. "Call It Whatever"   Emanuel Kiriakou Wiki Records   3:24
8. "Gold"   Britt Nicole, Wiki Records   3:30
9. "The Only Exception"   Lilly Marsh, Wiki Records, SweetCupcake   3:30
10. "One & The Same"   Abby Williams & Lilly Marsh Wiki Records   3:54
11. "I Like It Like That"     Wiki Records   3:36
12. "Potential Breakup Song"   Abby Williams Wiki Records    
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