High School Story no longer airs on Wiki Channel.
High School Story
High School Story second poster
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Genre: Comedy animation
Created by: Jessie1010
Starring: Crystal Diane
Tristan Conti
Theme Music Composer Dot Dot Dot
Opening Theme: "Party Go On" by Blonde
Country of origin: United States
Original language(s): English
No. of seasons: 1
No. of episodes: 25
Executive producer(s): Jessie1010
Running time: 25 minutes, 48 minutes for specials
Production company(s): Wiki Channel Productions

Pixelberry Studios

Production Location(s): Wiki Center Studios.

Hollywood, California

Show Location(s): Southern California
Original channel: Wiki Channel
Picture format: 480i (SDTV)

1080i (HDTV)

Audio format: Stereo
Original run: May 26, 2014

High School Story is a brand new half hour Wiki Channel Original animated comedy series coming to Wiki Channel in 2014. High School Story is based the game of the same name created by Pixelberry Studios, available on iPhones, iPods,  iPads, and Androids. The series will follow the life of 15 year old Autumn Taylor navigating life at her new school, Heist High School. Making new friends, relationships, and enemies, Autumn is in for a bumpy ride! The series was ordered for 13 episodes of the first season on December 10, 2013. On February 14, 2014, the series aired a seven minute sneak peek of the episode "Heart Stealer Story" after the premiere of NOT Another Happily Ever After. The series premiered on May 26, 2014, Memorial Day. In the July 2016, after one successful season airing on Wiki Channel, creator Jessie1010 announced that High School Story would be moving to a new channel for the rest of its run, following up with a deal he got with another company. Reruns of the show are set to air for the rest of the summer of 2016 and then the show will be pulled from Wiki Channel's lineup completely.


Autumn Taylor is a smart, active, and down-to-earth 15 year old girl who has just transferred to Heist High School, a school in Southern California. Excited but nervous, Autumn is prepping herself for the best sophomore year ever. While the school brings her plenty of ups she also runs into a few obstacles. At the school she meets Julian, a very outgoing athlete, and Payton, a peppy fashionista, both of who she becomes fast friends with. But, she quickly develops a rivalry when she meets Mia, a stuck up popular cheerleader who's dad owns the school. The show follows Autumn, Julian, and Payton as they navigate the halls of Heist High and it's many cliques including jocks, nerds, slackers, and cheerleaders. Accompanying them from time to time is Wes, a slacker dude, Nishan, a nerd, and Sakura, a gamer girl.

This series was created by Jessie1010 who based it off the game by Pixelberry, who was more than happy to allow Wiki Channel the rights to make this show. Jessie1010 is very excited to be working on this show stating, "I love the game High School Story so much and the characters are so likeable and relatable and you always want to know more about them and their lives. So I thought, hey, a TV show based off these characters would be very entertaining for our viewers! Pixelberry was completely on board."

Jessie1010 went on to say, "This is going to be a show kids can relate to. They'll be traveling on this high school journey with these characters and I'm very excited for them all to see how they progress at Heist High and to see the new characters they're going to meet. In the game, High School Story, the characters are classified by cliques. There are various cliques that a character can be apart of such as preps, jocks, nerds, cheerleaders, slackers, etc. I'm definitely going to bring this into the plot. It gives me a lot of opportunities for some fun characters!"


Series Overview

Season Episodes Originally aired (U.S. dates)
Season premiere Season finale
1 25 May 26, 2014 March 22, 2015
2 15 April 25, 2015 TBA


Season 1

The first season of High School was ordered on December 10, 2013 with 13 episodes. The series will air sometime in early 2014.

On February 14, 2014, the series aired a seven minute sneak peek of the episode "Heart Stealer Story" after the premiere of NOT Another Happily Ever After. The sneak peek was used as major promotion for the show which is slated to arrive in spring 2014.

The series premiered on May 26, 2014. The series will begin airing regularly at 8:30 on Saturdays on June 7.

Series # Season # Title Original air date Directed by Written by Prod. Code U.S. Ratings (in Millions)
1 1 "First Day Story" May 26, 2014 Ryan Hugh Jessie1010 101 5.5

It's Autumn's first day at Heist High and she's very excited but nervous. On the first day she meets Julian and Payton who she becomes friends with. But she also meets Mia who takes a disliking to her after she tries to force Autumn out of her seat in class and Autumn refuses to move. Autumn also has been taking the Heist High boys' attention away from Mia with her attractive looks. Autumn soon becomes the talk of the school after she takes Mia down in every challenge she throws at her. To prove Autumn isn't as perfect as she seems, Mia challenges Autumn to a cheer-off the next day after school. Now Autumn must quickly form a cheer squad to help her at the cheer-off. Meanwhile, Autumn also learns that her old friend, Wes, also attends this school. Both are shocked to see each other and throughout the episode, the two experience awkward encounters with each other.

Note(s): This is the first episode and is an hour long.
Song(s) Featured: "First Day" by Crystal Diane (played in episode)

2 2 "Nosy Story" June 7, 2014 Jason Duff Jessie1010 102 4.2
Autumn and Wes decide to spend a few days together to catch up on time they've missed. When Julian finds out Autumn and Wes are old friends, he starts to invade their catch up times so he can try and find out how they know each other. Meanwhile, Payton is enlisted to work with the cheerleaders to help redesign the cheerleading outfits, but since she's one of Autumn's close friends, Mia makes sure to give her a hard time.
3 3 "Heart Stealer Story" June 14, 2014 Jason Duff Jessie1010 103 3.6

Autumn is making a Valentine's Day candy grams special with the Student Council where you can "send a heart" to a friend, your crush, girlfriend, or boyfriend and then they'll recieve it on Valentine's Day. But on the day before Valentines Day, the grams are stolen. Now Autumn, with the help of her friends, must find out who stole them and get them back before Valentines Day so everyone will get their hearts. Meanwhile, Julian wants to take back a gram he sent Autumn, so he helps her as much as he can, really only so he can find his gram and take it back before she sees it.

Note: A seven minute sneak peek of this episode aired during BEE My Valentine Week after the premiere of NOT Another Happily Ever After. The sneak peek was used as major promotion for the show which is slated to arrive in spring 2014.
Song(s) Featured: "Heart Beat" by Tristan Conti (played in episode)

4 4 "Art Shrew Story" June 21, 2014 Andy Fickman Jessie1010 104 3.4
Autumn joins the art club at Heist but when she gets there, she realizes the club runner, Andy, is very controlling and doesn't let others express their work. With the big Art Show coming up, Autumn doesn't think it's fair that Andy is controlling what is shown at the show. So behind Andy's back, Autumn gets together with the rest of the art club so they can share their work and secretly stop the Art Show from becoming the Andy Show. Meanwhile, Payton and Julian try to enhance Sakura's love life.
5 5 "Nerdpossible Story" June 28, 2014 Jess Reynolds Jessie1010 105 3.5

Julian and the football team have forever picked on Nishan and his friends for being "nerds." Nishan however, is getting sick of it. The football team is going to have a fun football game against another high school like they do every year in honor of the end of football season. To show the team that nerds can do much more than math equations and science experiments, Nishan volunteers to write the football play for the game, something that will be done strategically. Julian and the team think the idea is hilarious, but because Autumn is fully supporting the nerds, they allow Nishan and his friends to do it. Now it's up to Nishan to represent all nerds and write an awesome play that will show people what a nerd really can do.

Note: At the end of the episode, the play works out perfectly and Julian gains a new respect for Nishan, forging a new friendship.

Absent: Karli James as Sakura

6 6 "Double Autumn and Wes Story" July 5, 2014 Andy Fickman Jessie1010 106 3.7
Autumn discovers that she and Wes happen to look exactly like the star power couple of Heist High, Link and Riti, a jock and a cheerleader. Because they look a lot like the couple, rumors start flurrying that Autumn and Wes are dating. To stop people from thinking she is dating Wes and mistaking her for Riti, Autumn decides to change her entire look. Meanwhile, Mia enjoys watching Autumn's struggle.
7 7 "Country Throwdown Story" July 12, 2014 Jason Duff Jessie1010 107 3.6

Autumn notices that wallflower, Allison, is very quiet and seems lonely in school so she tries to befriend her. The two become fast friends but soon, Autumn slowly begins to regret it when Allison turns out to be a clingy and annoying country girl who talks nonstop. And when Allison invites Autumn to a country rodeo, Autumn decides to brings along Payton, Julian, Wes, and Mia to help her survive the night. Meanwhile, Nishan and Sakura are mistakenly put in detention with Campbell, a very peppy cheerleader who won't stop talking.

Guest Stars: Veronica Rodriquez as Allison, Karoline Matthews as Campbell
Song(s) Featured: "5, 6, 7, 8" by High School Story cast (played during country line dance)

8 8 "Following the Enemy's Story" July 26, 2014 Phil Lewis Jessie1010 109 4.0

Autumn and Mia are assigned a school project together where they must follow each other around for two days and evaluate each other's lives. But, things don't end up going as bad as they'd think. Meanwhile, Payton proctors a video gaming tournament between Wes, Julian, Nishan, and Sakura.

Guest Stars: Karoline Matthews as Campbell

9 9 "Nerd vs. Preps Story" August 2, 2014 Phil Lewis Jessie1010 108 3.8

The nerds find themselves in an on going war with the preps after the preps start their "Look Your Best Or Geek With the Rest" campaign and the nerds take it offensively. Payton and Nishan, each part of one of the feuding groups, take it upon themselves to settle the situation. Meanwhile, Autumn, Julian,and Wes prepare for a chemistry test but Julian and Wes have trouble focusing and Autumn gets agitated.

Guest Stars: Imma and Kenny (prep students), Josh and Gigi (nerd students)

Absent: Mia Veronsky (voiced by Lydia Robinson)

10 10 "Cabrero's Filmmaking Story" August 9, 2014 Aaron Ho Jessie1010 110 3.5

Cabrero, a student filmmaker, wants to make a school film about high school life so he rallies four students from the drama club to participate in the film: Kira, Matt, Aja, and Nikolos. But when the three end up bailing on him after an argument, he recasts the four with five unlikely students: Payton, Autumn, Julian, Nishan, and Mia. Autumn notices that Cabrero obviously wants actual trained actors so she tries to get the original four back. Meanwhile, Wes meets a slacker girl, Bayna, who he takes a liking to.

Notes: This episode is apart of Summer So Hot Weekend.

Guest Stars: Homer Lim as Cabrero, Celeste Banks as Bayna

11 11 "Angsty Animal Adoption Story" August 16, 2014 Aaron Ho Jessie1010 111 3.7

Payton needs help at the animal care center on the annual pet adoption day and enlists the help of Autumn and Julian to help take care of the animals but Autumn can't seem to focus with Wes growing so close to Bayna on her mind. Meanwhile, Mia gets annoyed when she's stuck with Campbell at the center who can't seem to make up her mind on what pet she should adopt.

Recurring Cast: Karoline Matthews as Campbell

12 12 "Fashion of Passion Story" September 6, 2014 Leslie Hinton Jessie1010 112 3.5

Payton is organizing a fashion show at Heist High where girls can put together and show off their favorite outfits as a way to express themselves. They will be able to strut down a runway and model their outfits. Nishan is really into fashion and he wants to take part of the fashion show, not only so he can show off his style but so he can show that he is more than just a brain. But when Payton doesn't allow him to be in the show because he's not female, he must do all he can so he can sneak into it. Meanwhile, Autumn helps Payton backstage the night of the event but she ends up having trouble dealing with Mia's, who is in the show, demanding attitude. And Sakura, who despises fashion shows, works with Cabrero to make a documentary about why fashion is not important to society.

Recurring Cast: Karoline Matthews as Campbell, Homer Lim as Cabrero

13 13 "Anger Management Story" September 13, 2014 David Freeman Jessie1010 113 3.3

Ever since football season ended, Julian has had trouble controlling his anger. Autumn and Payton soon realize that Julian has some anger management problems and football was his way of releasing any anger inside of him. Autumn and Payton want to set him up with a therapist but they don't want to offend him so instead Autumn and Payton set up a system for Mia and the cheerleaders to cheer positive cheers to him randomly throughout the day to relieve possible anger from him, all without letting Julian find out why they're doing it. Meanwhile, Nishan and Sakura compete for the higher grade in their math class and when Sakura's grade keeps getting higher than his, he tries to figure out her way of getting those grades.

Recurring Cast: Karoline Matthews as Campbell

Absent: Wes Walker (voiced by Eric Fields)

14 14 "The Skip Story" September 20, 2014 Angie Cris Jessie1010 114 3.2

Autumn decides that she should get to know Bayna more now that she's dating Wes so when Bayna invites her to an outing the next day with Wes, Autumn agrees to go. But, when the outing ends up being skipping the whole day of school, Autumn gets really paranoid that she'll get caught. Meanwhile, after Payton and Julian learn that Autumn is skipping school, they realize they've never done that and decide to skip as well. When Mia notices Payton and Julian leave, she rallies the cheerleaders with her to leave school and follow them, thinking they're up to something with Autumn. Sakura, wondering what her sister is up to, follows them and Nishan, trying to stop her, ends up tagging along with her. Soon, all of the students meet and chaos ensues. Back at Heist High, Principal Veronsky, Mia's father and Sakura's step father, notices they're gone and decides to put the school on lock down until they are found.

Recurring Cast: Celeste Banks as Bayna, Karoline Matthews as Campbell

15 15 "Hope's Story" October 9, 2014 Angie Cris Jessie1010 121 3.8

When Julian's younger sister, Hope, goes missing, Julian and his family get very worried and Julian enlists his friends', Autumn and Wes', help to find her. Eventually, the group finds her hiding out in an ally but they are surprised to find out that Hope ran away because she is being severely cyberbullied online. Julian immediately wants to take physical action against Hope's bully but Autumn instead suggests that the gang go to the school's new Cybersmile Foundation where they can found out how to deal with cyberbullying. However, the three have trouble convincing Hope that getting help is the right thing to do. Meanwhile, Payton and Nishan start a "Save the Whales" campaign but they are cast off and even made fun of by many students including the cheerleaders and even Sakura. Payton and Nishan soon realize that how they are being treated is a form of bullying and even though some people take the situation lightly, their actions could have a huge impact. After learning this, Payton and Nishan decide to put on an act to show their peers that even the simplest bullying can be bad.

Guest Star: Sandy Greene as Hope

Notes: This episode is apart of Stand Up Week and will air at a special time and day, Thursday, October 9 at 8/7c. It is based on the storyline from the actual High School Story game, "Hope's Story." This episode also promotes the Cybersmile Foundation, an anti-cyberbulling foundation that Pixelberry (HSS game creator) works with to help stop bullying.

16 16 "A High School Camp Story" October 18, 2014 Angie Cris Jessie1010 116 4.1

As part of a mini one night Friday retreat for Heist High sophomores, the gang goes on an environmental camping trip. But after the entire day turns out to be a boring educational lesson on the environment, Autumn saves the trip by getting everyone to sit around a camp fire at night and listen to scary stories told by different students.

Recurring Cast: Homer Lim as Cabrero, Karoline Matthews as Campbell, Celeste Banks as Bayna

17 17 "I'll Show You a Stereotype Story" November 8, 2014 Hannah Marie-Jones Jessie1010 115 3.8

Autumn finds herself falling head over heels when meets a super cute marching band low brass player named Alex at the Heist High pep rally. Autumn thinks Alex is super cute and sweet but because he's in the marching band, all of her friends think he's super geeky, even though they haven't met him. To teach her friends that stereotypes don't determine who you are, she tries to teach Alex how exactly how to act around her friends so they'll like him. But she soon realizes that all she's doing is following stereotypes herself by making Alex be the stereotypical cool guy rather than letting him be himself. Meanwhile, Wes gets jealous of Alex.

Guest Star: Zack Lim as Alex

18 18 "Model Student Story" November 22, 2014 Aaron Ho Jessie1010 117 3.4

Autumn learns from Alex that there is no Model UN team at Heist High and he and his student government friends are trying to start one. To try and impress Alex, Autumn takes a lead and writes a letter to the school board to get a Model UN team passed. Amazingly, the letter convinces them. But, Autumn finds herself in a bit of a problem when she is named president of Model UN and ends up not even liking Model UN itself. Meanwhile, Payton, Julian, and Nishan find themselves starting to not like Bayna because of her nasty attitude but they don't know how to tell Wes.

Recurring Cast: Zack Lim as Alex, Celeste Banks as Bayna

Absent: Karli James as Sakura

19 19 "Winter Wonder Story" December 13, 2014 Jason Duff Jessie1010 118 3.8

The gang, along with Alex, Campbell, and Bayna, decide to visit the Winter Wonderland theme park in Canada, the one theme park where it is Christmas and Winter all year long. Autumn and Alex spend sometime in Snowflake Park while Wes and Bayna go Reindeer Racing. Julian, Payton, Nishan, and Sakura ride the Sleigh-coasters and Mia and Campbell participate in a Nativity scene re-creation contest. At the end of the day, the group has a nice Christmas dinner together. But, when they can't pay their bill, they find themselves working as Santa's elves in his "workshop."

Recurring Cast: Karoline Matthews as Campbell, Zack Lim as Alex

Note(s): In this episode, there will be a music montage between the characters. The original song "Love is Everything," sung by Wiki Channel actress Percilla Gold, will be played. In this episode, Alex and Autumn make their relationship official.

Song(s) Featured: "Love is Everything" by Percilla Gold

20 20 "A Complicated Party Story" January 10, 2015 Angie Cris Jessie1010 119 3.6

Wes is going to throw a big party inviting a bunch of kids from Heist High, including Autumn. To avoid drama, Autumn decides not to bring Alex with her. But, when Alex finds out she went to the party and didn't take him with her, he begins to question her true feelings for him. Meanwhile, Payton finds herself having to tutor Julian when Nishan and Sakura are too busy working on a science project.

Recurring Cast: Zack Lim as Alex, Celeste Banks as Bayna

21 21 "The Debutante Debacle Story" January 17, 2015 Jenna Margaret Jessie1010 123 3.8

Mia wants to throw a debutante ball for her sixteenth birthday but when she gets into a fight with her father about something very personal, he cancels the ball and refuses to pay for it. After comforting Mia, Autumn and Payton learn that she feels like her father never understands her and he buys her glamorous things but never can connect with he on a personal level. Despite their rivalry, Autumn and Payton decides to help Mia and gathers her friends to help throw her a fantastic debutante ball.

Recurring Cast: Karoline Matthews as Campbell, Zack Lim as Alex

22 22 "Who's Your Class Clown Story" January 31, 2015 Calum Worthy Jessie1010 120 3.2
Barry Bough has always been the hilarious and the class clown of his sophomore class. But, he finds himself at odds when Carla Fishenbear begins to steal the title of "class clown" away from him. As result, the two compete in a back and forth war to see who can get the better laugh. But when the competition gets heated, their antics begin to get out of hand. Autumn and Payton don't even think the two are funny, in fact they get way more laughs from their close friend Julian. As a way to put the annoying antics to a stop, they devise a plan to get Julian to show his funny side to the school so everyone can see who the real class clown is and the joke war can finally stop.
23 23 "Get Up and Not Fight Story" February 21, 2015 Faris Wheelo Jessie1010 122 3.3

When Hearst High, Heist High's rival school, comes crashing a get-up-and-play event at Heist High, Autumn meets Hearst High students for the first time, a bunch of narcissistic snobs who have the idea that they are better than Heist and she is not surprised why Heist despises them so much. But when Julian is challenged to a fight with a Hearst football player named Max, Autumn, Payton, and Alex must go after him to stop him from getting hurt. Meanwhile, Cabrero helps Mia and the cheerleaders spy on the Hearst cheerleaders and Nishan develops a crush on Max's girlfriend, Kara, which Sakura finds hilarious.

Guest Stars: Kyle Collins as Max, Julianna Fox as Kara

Recurring Cast: Zack Lim as Alex, Homer Lim as Cabrero

24 24 "Don't Make-Up the Story" March 7, 2015 Phil Lewis Jessie1010 124 3.2

Payton starts a make-up kiosk at school for lunchtime but soon finds herself on the bad side of the cheerleaders when she accidentally insults Mia's make-up at lunch and the entire cafeteria hears. Meanwhile, Sakura decides to start giving Julian and Wes lessons at lunch, teaching them about "the problem with boys" and Autumn is put into a scare when a rumor starts around school that Alex is moving. With Alex not at school and not answering his phone, Autumn doesn't know what believe.

Recurring Cast: Karoline Matthews as Campbell

25 25 "PopStar Rescue Story" March 21, 2015 Steven Freeman Jessie1010 125 4.1

A new girl by the name of Shona Flitzen comes to Heist High. But, after recognizing her and web searching her, the gang finds out that Shona is really Gia Pia Fonza, an old famous popstar who fell out of the Hollywood scene after an embarassingly terrible music video from her that was shelfed was accidentally released on the internet. Autumn, however, thinks that Gia has a special talent that shouldn't go unnoticed. The gang as result decides to come together to help Gia rise back to the top and they devise a plan to have Gia perform on live television at the Roundy Music Awards. They bring in the school musicians to write a song, the dance team to choreograph, the choir to warm her up, Payton works on Gia's outfits, Autumn comes up with the set, Mia and the cheerleaders help pep Gia up, Nishan is going to do the hacking into the broadcast server, and Cabrero is going to film Gia. But will the gang succeed with Gia's performance and be able to get her back on top?

Special Guest Star: Jazlyn Mitchell as Gia Pia Fonza

Recurring Cast: Zack Lim as Alex, Karoline Matthews as Campbell

Song Featured: "Kiss it Goodbye" by Jazlyn Mitchell

Note: This is the season finale.

Season 2

Season 2 was announced by Wiki Channel in early 2015. This season, the episode title trend will be changed to "High School...." rather than last season's "...Story." The title trend will alternate as seasons go on. The season premiered on April 25, 2015.

Series # Season # Title Original air date Directed by Written by Prod. Code U.S. Ratings (in Millions)
26 1 "High School Fools" April 25, 2015 Jenna Magaret Jessie1010 201 4.0
It's April Fools Day at Heist High and everyone is playing pranks on everyone. No one knows who to trust and everyone is on their guard. Autumn tries not to get too caught up in the craziness of the day. But aside from the April Fools antics, Autumn instead finds herself annoyed with Alex when he keeps telling her that he's moving and Autumn, positive it's an April Fools joke, gets sick of the joke.

Note(s): At the end of the episode, when it's the next day and April Fools is over, Autumn learns that Alex really wasn't kidding, he will in fact be moving.

27 2 "High School Hipsters" May 9, 2015 Jenna James Jessie1010 202 TBA

Autumn, Payton, and Julian decide to join a new club at school titled the "Hat's Bird Club." But, when they arrive at the meeting, they realize it's a hipster club for hipsters only and they are kicked out for not being "hipster enough." The three initially are okay with just giving up on the club but when they learn from Wes that hipsters seem to dislike just about everything, they decide to make a bet with him that they'll get the hipsters to like them. The three decide to go to the next meeting, but this time "more hipster" so they can join the club and learn more about what hipsters are about. How they dress and act however only offends the hipsters so they are kicked out again. Not wanting to quit, they come back to the club with gifts for the hipsters but this gets them banned. Soon, after the three learn the hipsters are violating club rules by excluding people, they decide to go to the principal to get them in the club and show Wes that they've been "excepted by the hipsters."

Guest Stars: TBA as Pitch Grass, TBA as Auden

Absent: Joseph Brandon as Nishan

28 3 "High School Art of the Heart" May 16, 2015 Aaron Ho Jessie1010 203 TBA

Autumn gets asked for her photography to be displayed at a museum for a special young artists day and she is extremely excited. However, the day before the display, Autumn is on edge. Everyone suspects it's because Alex is moving soon. But on the day of the display, the gang learns it's because Autumn's father is not going to be able to make the display event and Autumn is very upset about it. To make Autumn happy again and be able to be happy about her accomplishment, the gang tries to contact Autumn's dad and get him to come to the display.

Recurring Cast: Zack Lim as Alex

Guest Stars: TBA as Autumn's Dad, Phillip

Note(s): In this episode, viewers learn that Autumn's mother died in a car crash a few years ago and Autumn's father since has been distant from Autumn because of his devastation. This episode is based on the High School Story game quest "The Art of the Heart."

29 4 "High School Overnight" May 23, 2015 Jason Duff Jessie1010 204 TBA

Heist High is having a special "stay at school overnight" night for students and the entire gang signs up for it. They all go together the night of the event. The evening kicks off with a dinner but, when the food turns out to be terrible, a bunch of kids leave. Following the dinner is a party but that is awful too so most of the kids there leave. Autumn however, being the optimist she is, convinces her friends to stay. But by the end of the night they are the only kids left in the school- even most of the faculty leaves, including Mia and Sakura's father. But turning a negative into a positive, they decide to stay up all night and have fun in the school by themselves.

Recurring Cast: Karoline Matthews as Campbell, Zack Lim as Alex

Song Featured: "Staying Up All Night" by Maxi Anne

Note(s): This episode is based off the High School Story game app, "School Overnight."

30 5 "High School Managers" May 30, 3015 Birdie Hayes Jessie1010 205 TBA

Payton is hired to be the new cheerleading manager for the following year at Heist High, much to Mia's dismay. The cheerleaders begin to hold interest practices for middle schoolers and high schoolers who might be interested in trying out for the squad the next year as well as meetings with the current squad to plan for the next year, all which Payton must attend. Much to their surprise, Mia and Payton begin to bond at these meetings and practices and not only does Mia really like Payton's ideas, but they learn they have a lot more in common than they think. Meanwhile, Alex is about ready to move so he wants to spend time with Autumn but Autumn is in denial and keeps telling herself he's not moving. Additionally, Wes sees Autumn's pain and really wants to comfort her but doesn't want Bayna to get the wrong idea.

Recurring Cast: Karoline Matthews as Campbell, Zack Lim as Alex, TBA as Bayna

Note(s): At the end of the episode, Alex moves and Bayna notices that Wes might have some feelings for Autumn.

31 6 "High School Mascot" June 13, 2015 Kay Blexa Jessie1010 206 TBA

Payton meets the school mascot at a school pep rally and after they interact for a bit, Autumn sets up a date for the two, even though neither of them know who he is since he had his costume on. Payton doesn’t mind going on a “blind date” though, she’s excited to see who the guy is on the date. But, Payton gets a surprise on the date when the guy comes in his mascot costume, head and all. He doesn’t even talk, he just does the funny hand gestures and body movements like he would as the mascot. Payton, very creeped out, tries to ditch the date but the mascot is so clingy and she finds it hard to leave. When Autumn gets a text from Payton about the date, she decides it’s up to her, Mia, and Sakura to help their girl out and get her away from the mascot. Meanwhile, Wes, Julian, and Nishan have a boys night out planned for that Friday night but when they're too lazy to really go anywhere, they start watching Japanese action movies, constantly telling themselves they'll leave after one movie is over, but they never do.

Guest Stars: TBA as Mascot

32 7 "High School Skate Bait" June 20, 2015 TBA Jessie1010 207 TBA

Wes is reminded of his old skateboarding days when he starts hanging out with Larry Pinston, a well known skaterboy at Heist High. In hopes of regaining his skills back, Wes goes down to the skate park with him and Julian and Sakura tag along for support. But when he gets there he feels very intimidated by all of the great skaters and doesn't want them to see his not as good skating so he pretends to be injured and tells them he can't physically can't skate but talks himself up on his skating skills to make them think he is good. Meanwhile, Payton and Mia try to get the athletic department to give the cheerleading squad more money and Nishan is thinking of joining art club to try something new but Autumn doesn't know how to tell him that his art work stinks.

Guest Stars: TBA as Larry Pinston

33 8 "High School Blue Jeans" July 11, 2015 TBA Jessie1010 208 TBA
For their community service requirement, the gang decides to start a new foundation called O.B. Jeans (stands for Old Blue Jeans) where they collect old jeans from students at Heist so they can then fix and style them up and donate them to charity. The jeans don't just have to be pant jeans but can be jean jackets, bags, skirts, etc. The collecting the jeans is going great and Payton can't wait to get her hands on them to style them up- that is until the gang starts to find that piece by piece jeans are going missing. At first they all suspect it's Bayna stealing the jeans because she enjoys that kind of act but after learning it's not her, the gang must go on a mission to find the culprit.

Song Featured: "Old Blue Jeans" by Crystal Diane

Guest Stars: Celeste Banks as Bayna

Note(s): At the end of the episode, Autumn finds out that it was actually Wes stealing the jeans. Wes' parents have been struggling and he only has one pair of pants to wear, he needs some for his little sister, too. Autumn agrees to let Wes keep the jeans and promises to keep his secret safe with her. Autumn tells the rest of her friends that her dad accidentally threw them out when he was cleaning up around the house over the weekend.

34 9 "High School Ex Out!" July, 25 2015 TBA Jessie1010 209 TBA

After getting caught skipping class to paint graffiti on a teacher's car, Bayna is expelled from Heist High! Wes, very surprised by the expulsion, demands for Principal Veronsky to un-expell her but when he denies, Wes camps outside his office all day after school protesting. Autumn thinks he's crazy but she remembers how he supported her when Alex moved so she protests with him. Meanwhile, when Sakura develops a pretty big crush on a character from a video game, Nishan enlists Payton and Julian's help to get her back in the right mind.

Recurring Cast: Celeste Banks as Bayna, TBA as Principal Veronsky

Note(s): At the end of the episode, Autumn and Wes unfortunatey do not succeed in getting Bayna brought back. Autumn comforts Wes and feels sorry for him but then Wes reveals to her that he's kind of glad Bayna left, she was a pretty nasty person and he only put up a front pretending to care so much about her because he liked having the reputation of being in a relationship, people saw him as more than just a tough guy.

35 10 "High School Students By the Sea Shore" August 8, 2015 TBA Jessie1010 215 TBA

With the new sunny weather settling in, Campbell organizes a big beach bash party for her and a bunch of students at Heist but when her and Mia get into a big fight, she is uninvited. As result, Mia last minute decides to have a rival party at her pool in her backyard. Julian, Autumn, Nishan, Wes, and forced by Nishan, Sakura still go to Campbell's party because they already said yes. However, Payton decides to stick by Mia's side and go to her party. Only a few people show up to Mia's party. Despite the lack of company, Payton and Mia still try to have a good time in her pool but it doesn't turn out to be very fun. Meanwhile, Julian, Autumn, Wes, Nishan, and Sakura are approached by a mysterious beach goer named Billy Janks who tells them that he lost his golden necklace on the beach and if they find it, he'll pay them as much as it's worth so they try to search the shore for the necklace.

Recurring Cast: Karoline Matthews as Campbell, TBA as Billy Janks

36 11 "High School Web Models: Part 1" August 15, 2015 Peter Dense Jessie1010 210 TBA
When Julian finds out that Nishan and Sakura have been running a gamer blog together that they even created themselves, he gets the idea that they can create a school blog for Heist High. With Principal Veronsky's permission, they get the okay and they go for it. For now, the blog will be handled by Autumn and her friends and then it'll be opened up to more students. Autumn gets the idea that they can use the blog to promote O.B. Jeans, their charity. For the O.B. Jeans promotional image, a professional photographer is hired to photograph Autumn, Payton, Julian, and Mia modeling in jeans. But, when Mia feels insecure about how she looks in the image, she forces Nishan to photoshop it to make her look better.

Recurring Cast: TBA as Principal Veronsky

Song Featured: "Old Blue Jeans" by Crystal Diane

Note(s): This is a part one of the two part episode.

37 12 "High School Web Models: Part 2" August 22, 2015 Peter Dense Jessie1010 211 TBA
Autumn is sent the final promotional image for O.B. Jeans from Nishan and she thinks it looks great- except for one thing. She notices Mia looks different and confronts Nishan about it. Autumn is able to get it out of Nishan that Mia requested for him to photoshop her. When Autumn learns this, she forces Nishan to put the image back to normal and he does but this only makes matters worse with Mia. Meanwhile, Payton and Julian fight over who will get to start the first news column on the blog, Payton's "Chic on Fleek" column or Julian's "Touchdown to Victory" column. Sakura is left in the middle and grows sick of their bickering.

Note(s): This is a part two of the two part episode.

38 13 "High School Hope" November 14, 2015 TBA Jessie1010 213 TBA
Julian, Autumn, and Payton are surprised when school ends for the day and they find Julian’s younger sister Hope waiting for them in the parking lot. Hope went to Heist High to see them and tell them something urgent. She tells them that she has some close friends who were previously victims of bullying but are still scarred by it and haven't been themselves at all. They’re losing hope on their lives getting better and she is scared that they’re going to do something drastic so she asks Julian, Autumn, and Payton for help. However, the three are stumped about what exactly to do. Do you send them help or do you talk to them? If so, what do you say to them? Is there really always hope in life? Can you ever run out? Together, Julian, Autumn, Payton, Hope, and Wes joining along, put together a "plan for hope," something they can share with others to let them know that brighter days are ahead, and along the way, the five even inspire themselves in ways they never thought they would.

Recurring Cast: Sandy Greene as Hope

Note(s): In this episode, Wes reveals to Julian, Payton, and Hope about his home struggles. He uses this to share his view on how to find hope.

39 14 "High School Blog Blows" November 21, 2015 TBA Jessie1010 214 TBA

The school blog has been up and running very smoothly. Autumn, Julian, Payton, and Mia all have news columns. Autumn's colum is titled "Being Heist," a column about the daily life of a Heist student, Payton's is "Chic on Fleek," a column about student fashion, Julian's column is "Touchdown to Victory," a column about the school sports, and Mia's column is "Our Poppin' Culture," a column about today's music, entertainment, celebrities, etc. All of the columns are huge hits in the beginning but then the four are soon accused of playing favorites about what they write about and students begin to demand more variety from them. Instead of getting mad over the issue, Autumn suggests that they rise to the occasion to make the blog better. The four then set out to open their minds and learn more about what all the students want to see on the blog. Meanwhile, when someone accidentally messes with the coding on Nishan and Sakura's gamer blog, thus messing up the site, Nishan and Sakura get into a fight and blame each other for the mishap when secretly, it was really Wes.


40 15 "High School Friend Date...?" December 5, 2015 TBA Jessie1010 212 TBA
Julian's feelings for Autumn are beginning to grow strong on him but he doesn't know whether or not he really likes her romantically or just really loves her as a friend. And he has a dream about the two happily dating but then getting into a fight and never becoming friends again, he questions whether or not a romance would work. To put his questions to rest, Julian finally decides to ask Autumn out on a date, dinner and then the Skee-Z-Ball Arcade. Autumn, despite the fact that she's surprised Julian sees her in this way, accepts the invitation and the two go on the date. Meanwhile, Payton, Mia, and Nishan make a bet about how the date will turn out, Payton betting that they'll become a couple, Mia betting that it'll end in complete disaster, and Nishan betting that they'll realize they only see each other as close friends but nothing romantic.

Absent: Eric Fields as Wes, Karli James as Sakura

Song Featured: "Not a Love Song" by Tristan Conti Note: This is the last episode to air before the series moved to another network.


In the series, original songs are featured as background music, written especially for the show. Often times, the songs will be sung by a member of the High School Story cast.

Season 1

  • "Party Go On" by Blonde (High School Story theme song)
  • "First Day" by Crystal Diane (featured in "First Day Story")
  • "Heartbeat" by Tristan Conti (featured in "Heart Stealer Story")
  • "5, 6, 7, 8" by the High School Story cast (featured in "Country Throwdown Story")
  • "Love is Everything" by Percilla Gold (featured in "Winter Wonderland Story")
  • "Kiss it Goodbye" by Jazlyn Mitchell (featured in "PopStar Rescue Story")

Season 2

  • "Staying Up All Night" by Maxi Anne (featured in "High School Overnight")
  • "Old Blue Jeans" by Crystal Diane (featured in "High School Blue Jeans" and "High School Web Models: Part 1")
  • "Not a Love Song" by Tristan Conti (featured in "High School Friend Date...?")


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Season extension amount: 15
Total episodes: 30
Specials: N/A
If the series creator goes inactive Tatertat and Silly1! will take over.
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Filming Dates: Varies for each actor.
Notes: N/A

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High School Story Season 1 Contract

Original number of episodes: 25
Season extension amount: N/A
Total episodes: 25
Specials: N/A
If the series creator goes inactive Tatertat and Silly1! will take over.
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