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ILY is an American R&B, pop girl group. It is comprised of sisters Nicole, Iyana, and Yvette Martin . ILY features Wiki Channel star, Nicole Martin. The group is currently signed to Wiki Records.


  • Nicole Martin - Nicole sings, plays piano, guitar, violin, and many other instruments like her sisters, and is the lead singer of the group. She is also well known for her work on the Wiki Channel (born August 25, 1998).
  • Iyana Martin - Iyana also sings in the group and plays instruments. She is second to oldest (born January 3, 1997).
  • Yvette Martin - Yvette is the oldest in the group and often sings lead as well. (born March 16, 1994).


2009: The Martin SistersEdit

The group first started doing covers on youtube and at events after the sisters' roles in the sitcom "Family Values" ended in 2007. They began singing and got quickly recognized by Tiger Beat and other pop cultural magazines.


ILY at the KCA's

2013-present: Wiki Channel, Wiki Records, "GO" and future.Edit

In 2013, Nicole landed her first role as best friend, Kelly, in the Wiki Channel series, Juliana and the Babysitting Adventures.  It was from here that she began to sing and act more for Wiki Channel, and later ended up being signed with her sisters to Wiki Records, under the new name "ILY".

The groups second single, "Sharp as a Razor" was released November 8th.


Album/Ep Title Released
Waterfalls Go June 17, 2014
Waterfalls Sharp as a Razor November 8, 2014

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