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James in Hollywood
James In Hollywood Logo (2)
"James in Hollywood" Logo.
Genre: Teen sitcom

Family sitcom
Musical sitcom

Created by: NYCgleek
Starring: Joseph Brandon
Lilly Marsh(Season 1-2; Season 3 recurring)
Drew Clarkson(Season 1-2; Season 3 recurring)
Alexis Thomson(Season 1-2; Season 3 recurring)
Kevin Douglas(Season 2)
Ray Moore(Season 3)
Ryder Ramone(Season 3)
Lucy Summer(Season 3)
Theme Music Composer Jeannie Lurie, Aris Archontis & Chen Neeman
Opening Theme: "So Far So Great" performed by Joseph Brandon
Country of origin: United States
Original language(s): English
No. of seasons: 2
No. of episodes: TBA
Executive producer(s): Nutter Butter

NYCgleek Pamela Eells O'Connell

Camera setup: Videotape (filmized); Multi-camera
Running time: 24 minutes, 46 minutes for specials
Production company(s): Wiki Channel Productions

Hollywood Hills Productions

Production Location(s): Wiki Center Studios.

Hollywood, California

Show Location(s): Hollywood, California
Original channel: Wiki Channel
Picture format: 480i (SDTV)

1080i (HDTV)

Audio format: Stereo
Original run: August 24, 2013 - present

James in Hollywood is a half hour Wiki Channel Original comedy series. The series was first made under the working title "Rein in Hollywood" and the main character was named Rein Mitchell. The producers then decided to change it to "Hollywood to Hollywood" since the main character was moving from Hollywood, FL to Hollywood, CA. Finally the series was changed to "James in Hollywood" after Joseph Brandon landed the lead role and the main character's name was changed from Rein to James respectivly. It was announced on March 23, 2014, that co-show runner Nutter Butter would not be show running the series for the second season and that co-producer NYCgleek would step in. On August 14th 2014, Wiki Channel officially renewed the series for a 3rd season. NYCgleek confirmed that the show's third season would be it's last and that season 3 would feature a new cast for the first 13 episodes and have the original cast reprise their roles during the final 8. 


"James in Hollywood" focuses around 13 year old James Birchwood (Joseph Brandon) as he moves from Hollywood, Florida to Hollywood, California to pursue his dream of becoming an actor. Along with James are Marianne Birchwood (Lilly Marsh), his sister; Thomas Walters (Drew Clarkson), his best friend; Rebecca Martin (Alexis Thomson), his neighbor; Jessica Birchwood (Veronica Moon), his mom; and Mark Birchwood (Noah Gillis), his dad.

Season 2 of the series, focuses a lot more on James. The show will show him being a part of more things besides just tv shows and movies. James auditions for musicals, school plays, and other things as well. There might even be a bit of musical performances. NYCgleek told Press Weekly, "It's not a musical, but we try to throw a bit more music in the series. After all, he is in Hollywood." New character Carter (Jack Martin), who is Marianne's friend, also joins the cast. Season 2 is expected to premiere late 2014.
JIH Season 3 Promo

Kevin and James with official season three logo for the series in a recent promotional shoot.

James In Hollywood Logo (Season 3)

The new logo used in the first half of season 3.

During season 3 James gets a part in a big movie and goes to film it for the first 13 eoisodes in New York, the final 8 episodes shows the aftermath of the movie and his new found fame. NYCgleek said, "Season 3 will not just show them shooting the movie and all the glam. They will also show James handling press, doing promotion in interviews (Jimmy Kimmel will guest star), meeting fans at meet and greets and possibly auditioning for future projects. Also meeting directors, learning long lines and of course funny and hilarious situations."

Main Cast

See also: James in Hollywood/Character Relationships

Recurring Characters

  • Brettfish as Bailey - Bailey is one of Marianne's crushes throughout Season 1.
  • AustinAllyR5&More as Jaylin - Jaylin is one of James' co-actors in his first movie and also one of his friends.
  • CoolCoreyCat13 as Jane - Jane is Rebecca's rival in the science fair and Jake's twin sister.
  • TBA as Jake - Jake is Thomas' rival in the science fair and Jane's twin brother.
  • Mrs.NiallHoran13 as Rosa - Rosa is Marianne's rival and later best friend. As shown in the episode Hey Mickey!  she also has a minor rivalry with Rebecca.
  • TBA as Brock - Brock is Marianne's second crush, replacing Bailey.
  • KentMeetsWorld as Freddy - Freddy is Marianne's third crush. He dates Rosa.
  • HelloKittyR5 as Cousin Marley - Cousin Marley is James' cousin. She is very friendly- perhaps overly so.
  • Jasmine Byran as Cousin Trudy - Trudy is James's cousin. She is a very quiet person, but also very caring.
  • Marcus McCloud as Uncle Charlie - Charlie is Mark's (much) younger brother. He is just a couple of years older than James.
  • TBA as Mickey - Mickey is Marianne's fourth crush. He is a singer and songwriter and is actually friends with Marianne, but is unaware of her feelings for him.
  • Nicole Martin as Laura London - A really nice and famous actress that James gets to work with. They go on a date and hit it off, which secretly makes Rebecca jealous.

Series Overview

Season Episodes Originally aired (U.S. dates)
Season premiere Season finale
1 25 August 24, 2013

May 17, 2014

2 19 July 12, 2014

March 7, 2015

3 21 September 26, 2015



Season 1

Wiki Channel ordered 20 episodes for the first season "James in Hollywood", including a two-part episode premiere. Filming started on 6/12/13, which was revealed by star Nutter when chitting "Just finished the first day of filming! Can't wait for tomorrow!". The network will have a summer preview which will be airing August 24, before the series starts airing again for a fall premiere November 2nd. The series was orginally ordered for 20 episodes, but then 6 more episodes were added later on during the season.

Title Written by Directed by Original air date Prod.

U.S. Ratings (in Millions)

1 1 "Hollywood to Hollywood Pt. 1"

NYCgleek        Nutter Butter

David Deluise August 24, 2013 101 4.4

When the Birchwood family moves from sunny Hollywood, Florida to sunny Hollywood, California because of a Mark's new computer job, James quickly sees an oppurtunity to work on his acting career. But when Mark quickly gets low in work he tries to move the family back to Florida. James however has already made a new friend and both him and Marianne really love California. James now tries to convice his dad that staying in California is the best thing to do so that he can work on his acting career. This becomes a difficult task due to James' father thinking that show business is not a "pratical" career. Meanwhile, Marianne discovers her first crush while being in California.

Guest Star: Brettfish as Bailey

Note: This is the first part of the the pilot premiere of the series, and is also classified as the "preview" episode, since it airs so long before the second part. This episode will also air again before the second part premiere on November 9th.

2 2 "Hollywood to Hollywood Pt. 2" Nutter Butter Joel Zwick November 2, 2013 102 3.2

With plans to move back home to Florida almost complete, James and his new friends are trying harder than ever to convince their parents that staying in California is what's best for them, even to the point of trying to find Mark a new job. Meanwhile, having given up on convincing Mark and Jessica that they should stay, Marianne tries to get her relationship with her crush as far as possible before she has to leave.

Guest Star: Brettfish as Bailey

Note: This is the second part of the the pilot premiere of the series. 

3 3 "All Tied Up" Nutter Butter Jake Farrow November 9, 2013 103 4.5

After Thomas attempts to show off his magic skills, Rebecca and Marianne end up tied together just before Marianne's big date with a guy named Bailey. Thomas now attempts to find a way how to untie them. Meanwhile, James auditions for a movie and gets cast, but is concerned when he is forced to act exactly like his character, who's a total jerk.

Notes: This is the last appearance of Bailey. It was also aired with A Juicy Story on a special two-episode premiere.

Guest Stars: Brettfish as Bailey, AustinAllyR5&More as Jaylin

4 4 "A Juicy Story" NYCgleek Mal Wiroski November 9, 2013 104 4.2

When James and his mother land a mother and son juice commercial, they quickly realize that the juice they must drink has a horrible taste. Now James and Jessica must find a way to get out of the commercial without getting  James "black balled" in Hollywood. Meanwhile, Rebecca and Thomas enter the science fair at their school and get help from Mark in order to build the best science project ever in order to win a special prize. Plus, Marianne and Rosa go head-to-head in a dog show- despite the fact Marianne doesn't have a dog.

Notes: Jessica Birchwood makes a reference to her being on a Broadway musical when she was younger called "Dogs", this is a parody of the real Broadway musical "Cats". It was also aired with All Tied Up on a special two-episode premiere.

Guest Stars: Mrs.NiallHoran13 as Rosa, CoolCoreyCat13 as Jane, Uncredited as Jake

5 5 "James' Big Movie" Nutter Butter Nutter Butter November 18, 2013 105 2.4

James finally gets a starring role in a movie, but Thomas finds out that it's just a scam- unfortunately James doesn't believe him. Meanwhile, Marianne and Rosa go head-to-head to get the last cheerleading spot after a guy they're both crushing on gets on the football team.

Notes: Marianne's second crush is introduced. Also, this episode is a special one-hour premiere on a special night, written and directed by Nutter Butter, because it airs on his birthday.

Guest Stars: Uncredited as Brock, Mrs.NiallHoran13 as Rosa

6 6 "Suspended" Nutter Butter Phill Lewis December 7, 2013 106 3.5

After James misses a third school day for an audition, the principal threatens to suspend him if he doesn't show up tomorrow. Unfortunately, his third audition got him a role, and he has to film during the school day, so Thomas and Rebecca attempt to help him be in both places at one time.

Guest Stars: Uncredited as Principal Robert Wakinwok, Uncredited as Mr. James Wakinwok

7 7 "Christmas in Hollywood" Nutter Butter Joel Zwick December 14, 2013 107 2.9

It's Christmas time in Hollywood, but James' movie is running behind, so he isn't able to make it to the annual Christmas party Jessica throws every year- unless Thomas, Rebecca, and Jaylin can figure something out.

Notes: This episode was originally known as "Rome-ance" and had a completely different plot, where the movie James is in had him go to Rome, where Marianne falls in love with a boy known as Luca, despite dating Brock. At the end, both Luca and Brock dump a heartbroken Marianne. Due to this being removed, there is a plothole in the next episode, where Marianne says she broke up with Brock in Rome, but they never visited Rome.

Guest Stars: AustinAllyR5&More as Jaylin

8 8 "Ready Steady Freddy" Nutter Butter Kevin Kopelow December 21, 2013 108 4.1

James is dropped from his TV show, so he tries to keep Jessica from getting him black-balled by going hate on the directors. Meanwhile, Marianne develops a crush on a boy that Rosa is dating and tries to get them to break up without making it too obvious. Also, Thomas and Rebecca compete with Jake and Jane again to mow the most lawns- however this time they have Jaylin's help.

Notes: This introduces Marianne's third crush.

Guest Stars: KentMeetsWorld as Freddy, AustinAllyR5&More as Jaylin, CoolCoreyCat13 as Jane, TBA as Jake

9 9 "Gotta Bee You" Nutter Butter Phill Lewis January 11, 2014 109 5.0

Jessica sets James up a record deal, and, with help from Rebecca, James writes a new song for his first album. However, after Thomas' prank goes wrong, James gets stung by a bee (which he's allergic to) and may be unable to perform

Notes: This episode introduces the song "Gotta Be You", written and sung by Nutter Butter. It is the first episode to have music. It was also the first episode of James in Hollywood to reach 5 million viewers.

Songs Featured: Gotta Be You by Nutter Butter

10 10 "Thomas in Hollywood (Part 1)" Nutter Butter Phill Lewis January 18, 2014 110 5.2

When Thomas goes to James' audition with him, he accidentally steals James' role, which might end the two's friendship, so Rebecca and Jaylin try to fix things. Meanwhile, when Marianne learns that Rosa and Freddy broke up, so she tries to get Freddy to go out with her.

Notes: This is a two-part episode.

Guest Stars: Mrs.NiallHoran13 as Rosa, KentMeetsWorld as Freddy, AustinAllyR5&More as Jaylin

11 11 "Thomas in Hollywood (Part 2)" Nutter Butter Joel Zwick January 25, 2014 115 3.0

When Rebecca and Jaylin's plan backfires, James and Thomas end up locked in a closet one hour before Thomas' first day of filming, so Rebecca and Jaylin go to Marianne for help, which might just ruin her chances with Freddy.

Notes: This is a two-part episode.

Guest Stars: KentMeetsWorld as Freddy, AustinAllyR5&More as Jaylin

Absent: Veronica Moon as Jessica

12 12 "Say What?" Nutter Butter Danny Zuko  February 15, 2014 112 2.9

James is unsure when he learns that Thomas and Rebecca are now dating, and Marianne tries to prove he's jealous, but accidentally causes Thomas and Rebecca to break up, and James tries to get them back together. Meanwhile, Marianne enters a singing competition, and has to team up with a real snob when she realizes it's a duet competition.

Notes: This is a Valentine's Day Episode. It airs on a special Friday night to celebrate the release of NOT Another Happily Ever After. It also features the Wiki Channel band Lilly and Abby's new singleHad Me @ Hello, sung by Lilly Marsh (Marianne's actress) and Abby Williams from Life with Twins.

Guest Stars: Abby Williams  as Megan Sycamore

Songs Featured: Had Me @ Hello by Lilly Marsh as Marianne Birchwood and Abby Williams as Megan Sycamore

13 13 "Hey Mickey!" Nutter Butter NYCgleek February 22, 2014 119 3.2

Marianne's new friend and crush Mickey writes a love song, and Marianne is positive it's about her. Meanwhile, Rebecca and Rosa go head-to-head for the last cheerleading spot, and James and Thomas enter a robot-building competition and turn down advice from Mark, who also enters and tries to beat them with his robot.

Notes: This episode is named after the song by Hey Mickey by Toni Basil, which is actually sung by BloodyRose11 as Marianne, with Peacelove100 and Mrs.NiallHoran13 as Rebecca and Rosa backing her up. It also features an original song sung by TBA as Mickey.

Guest Stars: TBA as Mickey, Mrs.NiallHoran13 as Rosa

14 14 "Reunion in Hollywood" Nutter Butter Veronicalovesauslly4life March 1, 2014 113 3.3

The Birchwood family reunion has finally arrived, and James can't wait to see his family- until he finds out that Jessica lied to her sister (and arch-rival) that James is a famous actor, so James has to try to keep up the lie to protect Jessica's reputation.

Guest Stars: HelloKittyR5 as Cousin Marley, Tatertat as Cousin Trudy

15 15 "Oh No He Didn't" Nutter Butter Nutter Butter March 8, 2014 114 4.5

When James sees Mickey hanging out with Rosa, he and Marianne assume that Mickey is cheating on her and try to get to the bottom of it. Meanwhile, Thomas and Rebecca start to rethink their relationship.

Notes: In this episode, Marianne and Freddy break up. Thomas and Rebecca do not break up.

Guest Stars: TBA as Mickey, Marley Michele as Rosa

16 16 "Whodunnit?" Nutter Butter NYCgleek March 15, 2014 115 2.2

Jessica and Mark's wedding china is broken, and Marianne has proof that seems the show that James and Thomas did it, so James and Thomas try to prove otherwise, with help from Jaylin.

Notes: Title and plot confirmed on Chatter by Nutter Butter.

Guest Stars: AustinAllyR5&More as Jaylin

17 17 "Newbies" Nutter Butter Danny Zuko March 22, 2014 122 3.2

Carter, the new kid in Marianne's class, has a crush on Marianne, so James and Thomas try to help him talk to her. Meanwhile, Rebecca joins a band, and immediately becomes the outcast, so she enlists Jessica and Jaylin's help to prove otherwise.

Notes: A new character, Carter, is introduced. In Season 2, Carter is added to the main cast. A song will be featured, however it is unknown what it will be.

Guest Stars: Jack Martin as Carter, AustinAllyR5&More as Jaylin

Songs Featured: TBA

18 18 "Gamer Juice" Nutter Butter Nutter Butter March 29, 2014 123 2.2

Thomas and Marianne accidentally end up creating an addicting juice together, and make a lot of money on it. But when they find out it has an ingredient that's causing an allergic reaction in everyone who drinks it, they need to find a way to get the money back before they end up in jail. Meanwhile, Rebecca and Jaylin compete for school president, and James can't choose who to vote for.

Notes: Title and plot confirmed on Chatter by Nutter Butter.

Guest Stars: 

19 19 "Anyone Up For Take-Out?" Nutter Butter Leigh-Allyn Baker April 5, 2014 124 1.3

For the first time since they moved to Hollywood, California, all of the Birchwood family is finally going to be home in time for dinner, so Jessica wants to make a home-cooked meal- unfortunately, Jessica isn't the best cook in the family, so James, Mark, and Marianne try to trick her into thinking she made the dinner, when she really didn't.


Guest Stars: 

20 20 "Beauty and the Yeast" Nutter Butter Danny Zuko April 12, 2014 111 2.0

Jessica trains Marianne for a beauty pageant and Thomas and James compete against each other in a baking competition.


Guest Stars:

21 21 "The Aca-Girls in Hollywood (Part 2)" Nutter Butter and Mrs.NiallHoran13 Nutter Butter and Mrs.NiallHoran13 April 19, 2014 117 2.1

Lucy gets sick just before the Aca-Girls' big performance, so James suggests that Rebecca fills in for her- unfortunately, Rebecca has stagefright. So, James, Marley, and the rest of the gang try to help her overcome it.

Notes: This is the second part of the crossover event "The Aca-Girls in Hollywood". Which airs on Saturday night, with part one airing the night before. Unlike the previous part, it is counted as a James in Hollywood episode. An alternate name for the episode is "Rebecca's Big Chance". Also, previous recurring actor Brettfish returns- however this is because he's a main in Aca-Girls. Same applies to Mrs.NiallHoran13, who previously played Rosa, and continues to do so a few episodes later.

Special Guest Stars: The Aca-Girls Cast.

22 22 "He Said She Said He Said She Said" Nutter Butter Nutter Butter April 26, 2014 116 3.3

Principal Wakinwok's office is booby-trapped with smelly glop, so he tries to figure out who set it up. Unfortunately, James, Marianne, Thomas, and Rosa are the top suspects, and they each tell their own stories on where they were when the glop was placed. Meanwhile, Rebecca asks Mark to go to the annual father-daughter picnic with her and reveals a few secrets.

Absent: Veronica Moon as Jessica Birchwood - James states that she's visiting her sick sister.

Notes: In this episode it is revealed that Rebecca's dad was killed in a car accident three years ago. This gives a lot of character development to Rebecca, and also sets up a bond between her and Mark Birchwood, James's dad.

Guest Stars:  TBA as Principal Wakinwok, Mrs.NiallHoran13 as Rosa

23 23 "Not For You" Nutter Butter Eric Kramer May 3, 2014 120 2.3

Marianne and Rosa are forced to work together. Meanwhile, James and Mark befriend a rich family, despite the family being snobs.


Guest Stars: Mrs.NiallHoran13 as Rosa

24 24 "I Didn't Start It" May 10, 2014 121 4.0

A big fight.

Notes: Plot confirmed on Chatter by Nutter Butter.

Guest Stars: 

25 25 "Back to Hollywood" Nutter Butter and NYCgleek Nutter Butter May 17, 2014 125 3.4

Mark moves the family back to Florida, but James and Marianne want to go back.

Notes: This is the season finale.

Guest Stars: 

Season 2

Wiki Channel ordered 25 episodes for Season 2 of James in Hollywood. The season continues where the previous one left off- the Birchwood family has just arrived back in Hollywood, California, after moving back home to Hollywood, Florida. It also introduces Marianne's new friend, Carter, to the main cast, portrayed by Jack Martin. Season 2 will premiere November 2014, near the date where James in Hollywood originally premiered. According to Nutter Butter's Chatter, Season 2 will be a lot more music-based. This is proven by the fact that one of the episodes is titled "The Duet" and has three songs.

Title Written by Directed by Original air date Prod.

U.S. Ratings (in Millions)

27 1 "On the Road Again"

Nutter Butter

David Deluise July 12, 2014 201 3.3

The Birchwood family returns to Hollywood, CA.

Note: Carter is added to the main cast.

28 2 "Missing You" Nutter Butter Joel Zwick July 19, 2014 202 4.0

The gang all imagine what life would be like without James when he goes to an audition and can't hang out with them.

Guest Star: AustinAllyR5&More! as Jaylin


29 3 "The Duet" Nutter Butter Jake Farrow Jul 26, 2014 203 2.0

NotesJames and Rebecca start to reveal feelings for each other in this episode. Also, the theme song, So Far So Great is heard in the actual episode, but only the last part, and it's sung by Nutter Butter as James Birchwood instead of Demi Lovato. Also, this episode has three songs in it.

Guest Stars:

30 4 "James with a Chance of Rain" NYCgleek Mal Wiroski August 9, 2014 204 2.7

James gets to guest host the local weather station, but gets trapped in a public bus in attemps to be green in the middle of an awkward rain storm.

Note(s): This episode premiered as part of Summer So Hot Weekend.

Guest Stars:

31 5 "Rebecca in Hollywood" NYCgleek Nutter Butter August 30, 2014 205 2.2

Rebecca films a documentary on her personal life for her film class, but this get awkward between her and James while filiming.


Guest Stars:

32 6 "James of the Jungle" NYCgleek Phill Lewis September 6, 2014 206 3.0

James gets a part in a big jungle themed action movie, but things get complicated with the robotic gorilla in the movie gets broken and James must try to stop it.


Guest Stars:

33 7 "Liking, Disliking, and Like-Liking" Nutter Butter and NYCgleek Joel Zwick September 13, 2014 207 2.0

When James meets Laura London, a famous actress, the two become friends and James develips a crush on her. He decides to ask her out, but Laura says no because she thinks James and Rebecca like each other, which they both deny, even though they kind of do. Thomas and Carter try to start a babysitting service to make money, but quickly realize it's not as easy as it seems.


Guest Stars: Nicole Martin as Laura London

34 8 "What's Your Name?" Nutter Butter and NYCgleek Joel Zwick September 20, 2014 208 2.1

When Laura gets James a part in her next movie, the two have a scene where James must tell Laura's character that he likes her a lot, only problem is he calls her Rebecca by mistake, which makes Laura quesiton whether she should still go on a date with him or not. Meanwhile, Marianne and her parents go on a family fishing trip, but take Thomas in James' place since he is working on a movie, but Marianne doesn't make him feel welcome. Also, Rebecca becomes jealous of Laura.


Guest Stars: Nicole Martin as Laura London

35 9 "Uh Oh" Nutter Butter and NYCgleek Joel Zwick Setpember 27, 2014 209 3.0

Both James & Laura and Thomas & Rebecca break up, so James asks Rebecca out. However, their date goes poorly when James admits that he was dared to ask Rebecca out by Thomas, ending not only their relationship, but their friendship too, so Thomas and Laura try to mend their friendship. Carter and Marianne to get into a new teen club

Notes: James and Laura, as well as Thomas and Rebecca, break up in this episode. Also, James and Rebecca go out on their first date, but decide to just stay friends.

Guest StarsNicole Martin as Laura London

36 10 "Stand Up in Hollywood" NYCgleek Joel Zwick October 5, 2014 210 2.5

James gets casted in a commercial about bullying, but doesn't agree with the message the commercial is giving (to just ignore bullying and it will go away). James has to decide between going with what his acting agency and the commercial wants or stating the truth of what he believes in. As a reseult him, Rebecca, and his mom crash the commercial telling people it's okay to find an adult and speak up. Marianne and Thomas try to raise money at a fund raiser, but use rigged games, which they later realize isn't fair to the children.

NotesThis episode airs at a special night and time as a part of Wiki Channel's stand up Week.

Absent: Kevin Douglas as Carter

37 11 "Nightmares in Hollywood" NYCgleek Carter Zwick October 18, 2014 211 2.0

James gets invited to a Young Hollywood Halloween party for young, and upcoming celebs who have appeared in tv shows, movies, online series, etc. He ends up bringing Thomas, Marianne and Carter and the party ends up being more scarier than they thought. Rebecca tries to help scared little kids go trick-or-treating, but soon realizes that they are only pretending to be scared so they could play a trick on her, now she tries to play a trick on them first.

Notes: This is the special Halloween episode for season 2.

38 12 "MC Talent" NYCgleek Joel Zwick November 8, 2014 212 1.7

Marianne, Carter and some of their classmates decide to host a talent show. James decides to enter a sing a new a song he wrote hisself. Meanwhile, Rebecca struggles to find a talent she would like to show.

Song Featured(s): Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men peformed by Joseph Brandon.

39 13 "TV Magic" NYCgleek Lance Millerson November 22, 2014  213 2.2

James ges a big role of a popular television show called "Average by Alexa" during it's second season in which he plays a new guy to town. The show main character Alexa Rose who is played by childstar Alexa Hart (Casey Fox) who ends up being really nice and friendly.


Guest Stars: Casey Fox as Alexa Hart.

40 14 "The Hollywood Scrooge" NYCgleek Joel Zwick December 13, 2014 214 2.0

James and Marianne find out that Mark has to work on Christmas Day and try to convince his boss to let him have the day off. Mom tries to find the perfect gifts for everyone. Meanwhile, Thomas and Rebecca compete in a Boys VS. Girls competition seeing who can collect the most gifts to donate to children in need but get a little carried away and forget about the cause.

Notes: This is the second Christmas special in the series, the first being Christmas in Hollywood in Season 1.

41 15 "cARTer" NYCgleek Shelly Jensen January 10, 2014 215 1.3

James help Carter enter an art show, only to discover that Carter is horrible at it, but helps him to prove that he can do something he doesn't like without quitting to Marianne and Rebecca.

42 16 "Alexa, Not So Hart" NYCgleek Joel Zwick January 17, 2014 216 3.2

Alexa is very upset. She has been doing "Average by Alexa" for 2 years now spanding over 40 episodes, as the 41th episode of the season 2 finale approaches, she wonders if she wants to continue on with acting on the show or grow up and move on to bigger projects. James tries to help her realize her dream, while keeping a job at the same time, and she decides to stay working on the show.


Guest StarsCasey Fox as Alexa Hart.

43 17 "School of the Stars Knocks" NYCgleek Megan Stollie February 28, 2015 217

Things start going well for James and his current tv show which has alreadystarted airing more than 10 episodes that James has been in, with his new bound local fame and busy schedule, the company things James needs to leave regular high school and attend the school of the stars that the kids go too, with online learning as well, but James tries to convince them that he can live a normal life at a normal high school and be on the show with some crazy anticts. James has a talk with his dad who tells him that sometimes when he loves something he has to sacrifice certain things in his life, but he should never sacrifice what is important to him. James now decides if being on the show is at his best interest.

Note(s): James works out a deal where he can go tonormal school for 2 hours a day and finish the rest of the set.

44-45 18-19 "'Small Change, Big Break" NYCgleek NYCgleek March 7, 2015 218-219

In the one hour season finale, James auditions for a big block buster movie, infront of a big time director and movie star Harvey Jayce. but worries this might interfere while he is still filming the new tv show he is a part of. Things quickly become bittersweet when James hears news of the television show he was on, "Average by Alexa" is being cancelled. This is bad news, but turns good when James gets a call saying he got the part, the only problem is the movie is being filmed in New York City. WIll James leave Hollywood for the big apple leaving all his friends behind? Alexa thanks James for helping her with everything as she starts to work on a music career.

Note(s): Ray Moore appears as a guest star in the episode, before joining the main cast in season 3.

Guest Star(s)Casey Fox as Alexa Hart. Ray Moore as Harvey Jayce.

Season 3

On August 14th 2014, Wiki Channel officially renewed the series for a 3rd season. Showrunner and co-executive producer, NYCgleek confirmed that the show's third season would be it's last and that season 3 would feature a new cast for the first 13 episodes and have the original cast reprise their roles during the final 8. 

Title Written by Directed by Original air date Prod.

U.S. Ratings (in Millions)

46 1 "James in New York" NYCgleek NYCgleek September 26, 2015 301 3.3

James and his mother move into a fancy New York apartment (that they are renting) right below Harvey's penthouse, compliments of the movie producers. He quickly finds trouble adjusting and enjoys his first days on sets where he meets Kevin, an intern from film school and notices his talent and tries to help him convince the director that he should get more responsiblity without risking him his job. Meanwhile, New York actress and socialite Maelynn Rivers gives him a hard time and is kind of rude to him. Jessica tries to spice up the new apartment to remind them of home.

Note(s): This is the season three premiere. James' job is put on the line, but manages to keep it and making a new friend in Kevin.

47 2 "Diner Smash" NYCgleek NYCgleek October 3, 2015 302 2.3

After working on set after a long day, Harvey takes both James and Kevin down to one of his favorite musical diners downtown near Broadway, which is the first place he was found singing and discovered. When they arrive their, Harvey learns that they might be closing down soon due to lack of customers and the place not being as busy as it use to, James, Harvey, and Kevin try to help out in their free time by singing and helping the staff, though it doesn't seem to be working. They quickley realize the talented people that would use to perform on the stage in the diner don't as much as they use to--Kevin also struggles with an idea for musical video to show for his musical media class. Meanwhile, Maelynn tries to update Jessica Birchwood's look seeing as her son is going to be in the movies, but has trouble when their styles are totally different. 

Note(s): [By the end of the episode] Harvey and James perform a song at the diner in order to bring in more attentionand Kevin records it and makes a video which he uploads on the internet and goes viral (also gets good promotion for the movie) and helps business out a lot at the diner and new acts come to perform. Kevin also uses the video for his muscial media class and gets an "A".

Song(s) Featured: "Rockstar" performed by Joseph Brandon and Ray Moore.

48 3 "First Day" NYCgleek Tallen Whisper October 10, 2015 303 2.5

James start to shoot Galatic Star Fighters and quickly realizes there is a lot he has to learn about being in movies. He quickly finds trouble when the director of the film pressures him to be perfect and he starts to feel everything at once and working with Maelynnn makes it even harder. Meanwhile, Kevin tries to help James show the director he was the best choice for the movie, by helping him with scenes outside of shooting. Jessica goes a bit out of control with room service in the apartment.

Note(s): [By the end of the episode] James has a one on one with the director when he tells James he is right for the part and things will get hard, but that just means he has to work that much harder and if this is truly a dream for him, that it will not come easy. 

49 4 "Romance in Recording" NYCgleek Amira Mirlan November 7, 2015 304

Kevin is tasked with interviewing the cast for special behind the scenes interviews for a local news show, but when a spoiler gts out that James and Maelynn's character's kiss, the two of them start to get a lot of pressure from the papparazzi that they are dating, which doesn't sit well with both of them. They then try to work out a plan to convince the press that they're not dating. Harvey is having trouble with his on again and off again girl friend Chloe and gets help from Jessica on how to win back a women.

50 5 "Stunt Triple" NYCgleek David Deluise November 14, 2015 305
When James wants do his own stunts after the press twist his words, he realizes that the studio will not allow him. James then convinces the stunt double to secretly switch with him to do his own stunts without anyone finding out with help from Kevin.
51 6 "Interviews Then Intermissions" NYCgleek Cathleen Lumbard November 28, 2015 306
Harvey guides James when the two of them have to start promoting the film with interviews and shows him how to handle the press.
52 7 "James Meets Jimmy Kimmel" NYCgleek Worlin Maxwell December 5, 2015 307

James does a big interview with Jimmy Kimmel during the winter season and ends up embarrassing hisself on national television.

Guest Star(s): Jimmy Kimmel as himself.

53 8 "TBA" NYCgleek Cathleen Lumbard TBA 308
54 9 "TBA" NYCgleek David Deluise TBA 309
55 10 "TBA" NYCgleek Mark Tawain TBA 310
56 11 "TBA" NYCgleek Liver Ryan TBA 311
57 12 "Big Screen Dreams" NYCgleek NYCgleek TBA 312
As James and the cast are ready for their big premiere James goes missing. Kevin and Thomas later find him in a inner city fire escape. James admits he's actually afriad if whether or not people will like the movie and feels nervous. Kevin and Thomas reassure him that this has always been his dream and they all go to the premiere. Meanwhile, Harvey and Maelynn try to hold the press and cast until he returns.
58 13 "Crossroads, Goodbye NYC" NYCgleek NYCgleek TBA 313
A month after the movie premieres James and his mom realize it's time to go back to Los Angeles. James finds it hard when he realizes he will miss Harvey, Kevin and Maelynn. They decide to all have a party and Maelynn doesn't attend because she doesn't want to admit she'll miss them. The cast finds her and let's her now even though she is kind of a diva, her and James will always be friends. Meanwhile, Kevin gets accepted into a media art school in Los Angeles and travels back with James and Jessica.
59 14 "Home in Hollywood" NYCgleek Lidia Halls TBA 313

James returns to home schooling once in Hollywood, but will however graduate with his class. When first home he has drama with Marianne because she took over his bedroom, things get even more out of control when Rebecca and James meet for the first time in 6 months. On the other hand, Kevin gets along with Mark and is allowed to stay with James at his house while going to film school. James privacy isn't what it use to be as paparazzi are now taking pictures of him when he decides to go places and walk around in town.

Note(s): Marianne ends up getting James's room while James and Kevin move in the basement and start planning ideas for their new room. Rebecca thinks that her and James have an awkward encounter.

60 15 "Extreme Roommate Makeover" NYCgleek Wendy Pixar 314
James and Kevin fight while trying to figure out designs and plans for their new room and get a bit angry with each other when the two don't see eye to eye. Kevin gets mad and stays at a hotel even though he doesn't have enough money to last a week there, by the end of the episode him and James make up and figure out a cool design.
61 16 "Fame And Privacy"

62 17


63 18 "A Not So Special Night in Hollywood" NYCgleek Juvian Crevias April 2016 318

James invites Rebecca to prom when her date cancels last minute, but things take a turn for the when both Harvey and Maelynn show up and James' publicist things it'll be a great press move to go to prom with them and get some press and publicity for the movie that is still doing so well. James ends up having to go with Maelynn at the prom but the entire time she just takes pictures infront of the paparazzi and a rumor starts that they might be dating again upsetting Rebecca who storms off. James runs after her and finds her in the alley behind the venue. They share some feelings and end up sharing a kiss. Meanwhile, Thomas and Kevin battle it out to see who is the better DJ of the dance, where Harvey tries to avoid one of the school's teachers who is a chaperone at the dance. After James and Rebecca kiss they talk about their feelings and she is happy that he is back in Hollywood, while he promises he won't be leaving anytime soon, this promise doesn't set to long when Harvey finds James and pulls him aside to talk to him in private. The film did so well their rumored to be a sequel set to be produced which means they'll have to leave again soon. James doesn't tell Rebecca.

Note(s): Harvey and Maelynn come to California in order to help promote the movie and end up staying for the rest of the season.

64 19

65-66 20-21


Guest Star(s):

Song(s) Featured:

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United States
Wiki Channel August 31, 2013 James in Hollywood
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YTV November 9, 2013
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United Kingdom
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Disney Channel (UK & Ireland) December 6, 2013
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Nickelodeon (Latin America)

March 2014  Hollywood to Hollywood
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Nickelodeon January 3, 2014
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Disney Channel Greece March 2014 James & Hollywood Dreams/

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