Jamie & Jackie
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Genre: Family/Comedy
Created by: DatNuttyKid
Starring: Crystal Diane
Sydney Alger
Aaron Ross
Melody Charme
Opening Theme: For the Ride by Crystal Diane
Country of origin: America
Original language(s): English
No. of seasons: 1
No. of episodes: 17
Executive producer(s): DatNuttyKid
Camera setup: Multi-camera
Running time: 22 minutes (30 w/ commercials)
Production company(s): The Wiki Channel Company
Production Location(s): Los Angeles, California
Show Location(s): Wickenburg, Arizona (pilot, certain episodes)
Scottsdale, Arizona (main location)
Original channel: Wiki Channel
Original run: December 11th, 2015 - present

Jamie & Jackie is an all-new Wiki Channel series. It was ordered for a pilot on August 6th, 2015, and picked up as a series on September 30th, 2015. It focuses on Jackie Cunningham, a single mother, and her daughter, Jamie Cunningham, who attend college together when Jackie decides to return to school. 


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The title sequence for Season 1 of the series.

The series focuses on Jamie, a 18 year-old girl who can't wait for the freedom she'll finally receive as she goes into college, and Jackie, her mom. When Jackie was a teenager, she was unable to go to college so that she could get a job and help raise money for her family. Now that she's more financially stable and has a daughter of her own, she decides to finally go back to school- and ends up in all the same classes as her daughter. Chaos is sure to follow wherever this mother-daughter pair goes.

The series stars Crystal Diane ("NOT Another Happily Ever After") as Jamie, with Bobbie Baker ("Pete Around the Bush", "Trails") portraying her mother, Jackie. Melody Charme ("Dramatically Average") and newcomers Sydney Alger and Aaron Ross play Jamie's friends Alena, Lila, and Nixon, respectively. The series will end after one season on November 19th, 2016.


Main CastEdit

Crystal Diane as Jamie Cunningham - An 18 year-old girl and the daughter of Jackie Cunningham. She's more than happy to move away from home and be free when she goes to college, but her hopes are smashed when she learns that her mother will be attending school with her. She's also in a band with her three best friends.

Bobbie Baker as Jackie Cunningham - Jamie's mom. She was unable to go to college as a teenager due to financial and familial problems, but she thinks she's finally ready and ends up going to school with her daughter. Of course, she's completely oblivious to her daughter's disdain.


Sydney Alger as Lila Alexander - One of Jamie's best friends. She plays volleyball and is a bit boy-crazy, but is always there for Jamie when she needs her and gives great advice. She's also the creative one in Jamie's group of friends, and is the one who encouraged Jamie to go to college for music, while she herself is going into creative writing. She is in a band with Jamie, and plays keyboard.


Aaron Ross as Nixon Kennedy - One of Jamie's best friends. He's a bit of a dork, but is super sweet and smart. He cares deeply for Jamie, largely since they've known each other their entire lives, and does his best to keep her safe, although Jamie usually ends up protecting him instead. He is in a band with Jamie, and plays guitar.


Melody Charme as Alena Abraham - One of Jamie's best friends. She's tough and doesn't show her emotions very well, and often gets in trouble for her rebellious attitude. Unlike Nixon and Lila, she is not friends with Jamie prior to college, and is Lila's roommate. She is in a band with Jamie, and plays drums.


Cheryl Texiera as Macy Martinez - Jackie's friend. Macy owns a diner downtown which is Jamie and her friends' favorite hangout. She's sassy, but motherly and cares for Jamie and her friends almost (if not exactly) as much as Jackie.


Recurring CastEdit

Ryan and Jackson Spruce as Joey and Johnny Cunningham - Jackie's 14 year-old twin sons, and Jamie's younger brothers. Jackie's husband left while she was pregnant with Joey and Johnny, so, unlike Jamie, they've never met their dad, and have spent their whole lives being raised by two women. They are often obnoxious and get on Jamie's nerves, but care for their sister very much. Joey is much smarter than Johnny, but Johnny is the "ladies' man".


Elijah Matthews as Liam - An attractive student at Scottsdale U. He starts out dating Lila, but through an unexpected chain of events ends up dating Jamie. He's smart and kind, and cares deeply for all of his friends (particularly Jamie and Lila).


Annabelle Marcus as Tiffany - A student at Scottsdale U. Tiffany is a peppy and studious girl who Alena sets up with Nixon. Although they initially are uninterested in each other, they eventually begin dating. Tiffany has since become close friends with Jamie and Lila.



Season 1Edit

Season 1 of Jamie & Jackie was ordered for 17 episodes on September 29th, 2015. Filming began on October 19th and will continue into March.

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U.S. Ratings (in Millions)

1 1


Nutta Bobbie Baker December 11th, 2015 101 3.8

Jamie's last summer as a high schooler is finally drawing to a close and she's ready to finally move out of her home with her mother and annoying younger twin brothers and live alone, attending college with her two best friends. Everything seems to be going great until her mom drops a bombshell- she's decided to return to college with her! Now it seems like Jamie's only chance at freedom has been lost forever. But is attending college with her mom really as bad as she thinks?

Recurring Cast: Ryan Spruce as Joey Cunningham, Jackson Spruce as Johnny Cunningham

2 2 "Scottsdale Christmas Music Festival" Nutta Spike Stevens December 19th, 2015 102 2.5

Jamie, Lila, and Nixon book their band's first-ever performance for the Scottsdale Christmas Music Festival, but as the day of the festival draws nearer they begin to realize that something is missing, and quickly realize that what is missing is none other than Lila's emotionally distant roommate, Alena, and her drums. But can they convince Alena to perform with them? Or will their first ever gig be a bust? Meanwhile, Jackie struggles with balancing taking care of Joey and Johnny and her own education, and, against her best judgement, refuses to ask Macy for help.

Recurring Cast: Ryan Spruce as Joey Cunningham, Jackson Spruce as Johnny Cunningham

Songs Featured: Jingle Bell Rock by Jamie & Jackie Cast (ft. Crystal Diane)

3 3 "Like Mother, Like... Sister?" Nutta Nutta January 23rd, 2016 103 2.7

In order to impress an attractive teacher, Jamie claims to be Jackie's sister without Jackie's knowledge. In order to keep her lies from being revealed, she pays Joey and Johnny to help her. Meanwhile, after getting fired from her fourth job since they moved to Scottsdale, Lila accepts a bet from Nixon and Alena to not get fired or quit her newest job at Macy's diner. However, Nixon and Alena are out to make sure her victory is impossible.

Recurring Cast: Ryan Spruce as Joey Cunningham, Jackson Spruce as Johnny Cunningham

4 4 "The Jackie Show" Nutta Bobbie Baker January 30th, 2016 104 2.5
In order to get more customers, Macy hires a local director to film her a commercial, and Jackie is intent on being the star, whether or not Macy agrees. Meanwhile, Jamie is so busy studying that she forgets Nixon's birthday.
5 5 "Working Girl" Nutta Nutta February 13th, 2016 105 2.8

Lila's plans to spend Valentine's Day with her new boyfriend seem to be dashed when Macy tells her she has to work - unless she can trick Jamie into working for her. Meanwhile, Alena tries to set Nixon up with a girl when he won't leave her alone while she tries to video chat her long-distance boyfriend.

Recurring CastElijah Matthews as LiamAnnabelle Marcus as Tiffany

Guest Cast: Michael Bridges as Blaize

6 6 "Pugs & Kisses" Nutta Austin Moon February 20th, 2016 106 3.0

A chance meeting with Liam in the park results in a romantic moment Jamie could have never predicted. Now she has to keep it a secret from Lila, or risk ruining not only Lila's relationship with Liam, but Jamie's relationship with Lila. Meanwhile, Jackie and Nixon compete to help Alena pass a difficult test.

Recurring Cast: Elijah Matthews as Liam

7 7 "Mama Bear" Nutta Danny Zuko March 12th, 2016 107 2.8

When Jackie learns that Jamie and Liam are dating, she becomes overly protective of her daughter, which threatens not only Jamie's relationship with Liam but also the mother-daughter relationship. Meanwhile, Blaize comes to visit, and Alena tries to keep Lila and Nixon from embarrassing her.

Recurring Cast: Elijah Matthews as Liam

Guest CastMichael Bridges as Blaize

8 8 "The Lying Game" Nutta Nutta March 19th, 2016 108 3.1
Jamie tries to be in two places at once when she agrees to go to the movies with Lila the same weekend she agreed to have a Mother-Daughter Day with Jackie. Meanwhile, Alena believes her drums were stolen, and enlists Nixon to help her find the culprit.
9 9 "Calling in a Favor" Nutta Bobbie Baker April 9th, 2016 109 2.9

Macy hires an attractive new waiter at her diner and he immediately catches Jackie's eye, so Jackie calls in a favor from Jamie to have Lila spy on the guy so that Jackie can impress him. Meanwhile, Nixon overhears Alena and Liam talking out of context and starts to believe they're planning on "eliminating" Jamie.

Recurring Cast: Elijah Matthews as Liam, Ryan Spruce as Joey Cunningham, Jackson Spruce as Johnny Cunningham

Guest Cast: Rider Strong as Vic Parkers

10 10 "Best Friends For-Never" Nutta Danny Zuko April 16th, 2016 110 3.0
When Jamie accidentally ruins Lila's new shoes, the two of them get into a heated argument and end their friendship, so Jamie goes to Jackie for advice. However, she starts to doubt Jackie's expertise when she discovers that Jackie is in a similar situation with Macy.
11 11 "Abandon Ship" Nutta Luigi Mario May 7th, 2016 111 3.3

Tiffany agrees to let Jamie's band perform a paid gig at her birthday party, so the band starts practicing hard - however, when Jackie's diva attitude results in her trying to force her way into the band, Jamie struggles with trying to find reasons why her friends shouldn't just quit. Meanwhile, Macy's restaurant is the venue for Tiffany's party, and Joey and Johnny convince her to let them help decorate.

Recurring Cast: Ryan Spruce as Joey Cunningham, Jackson Spruce as Johnny CunninghamAnnabelle Marcus as Tiffany

Songs FeaturedBoombox by Jamie & Jackie Cast (ft. Crystal Diane, Bobbie Baker, and Annabelle Marcus)

12 12 "Double Date" Nutta Austin Moon May 21st, 2016 112 2.8

When Lila learns that her new crush is actually a twin and they only go on double dates, she fools Jamie into "hanging out" with his brother while Liam is on vacation. Meanwhile, Nixon and Alena compete to get a weekend job babysitting Joey and Johnny while Jackie is busy.

Recurring Cast: Ryan Spruce as Joey Cunningham, Jackson Spruce as Johnny Cunningham

Guest Cast: Aiden Kristoff as Ryan and Jackson

13 13 "Hawt" Nutta Bobbie Baker July 23rd, 2016 113 3.0

When the heat of summer in Arizona is too much for North Dakota-native Alena, Jamie enlists Jackie to find a way to keep her from getting homesick and cool her off. Meanwhile, Lila's plan to spend summer on the beach alone for the first time is crashed when Macy shows up.

Absent: Aaron Ross as Nixon Kennedy

14 14 "The Replacement" Nutta Nutta August 13th, 2016 114

When famous singer Miranda Mayhew's bratty tendencies scare off her band just before her concert in Arizona, Jamie signs up the band to replace them. However, when, with encouragement from Jackie and Macy, Jamie stands up to Miranda's mistreatment of the band, Miranda ends up quitting herself, leaving Jamie to try to save the concert. Meanwhile, when Macy finds out that a rival diner is Miranda Mayhew's teenage manager Lucille's top choice for the venue, she recruits Jackie to help her make her own diner seem like the better choice.

Guest Cast: Sophie Beckett as Miranda Mayhew, Chantelle as Lucille

Songs FeaturedLove is the Name by Jamie & Jackie Cast (ft. Crystal Diane and Sophie Beckett)

15 15 "Second Year" Nutta Nutta August 20th, 2016 115

Summer vacation has finally come to an end, and Jamie hopes to get different classes than her mother this time around. Meanwhile, Jackie worries that she won't have time for the twins if she takes on more classes and as such hunts for a babysitter, but Joey and Johnny just want a taste of freedom.

Recurring Cast: Ryan Spruce as Joey Cunningham, Jackson Spruce as Johnny CunninghamAnnabelle Marcus as Tiffany

16 16 "Jamie sans Jackie" Nutta Bobbie Baker August 27th, 2016 116

After learning that Jackie will once again be in all of the same classes as her, Jamie has finally had enough and asks Jackie to step back and give her some freedom. However, when Jamie falls into a funk and Jackie begins smothering Alena instead, Liam and Alena team up to reunite the mother-daughter pair. Meanwhile, after her request for a raise at Macy's diner is denied, Lila decides to search for a roommate to split the rent at her new apartment.

Recurring Cast: Elijah Matthews as LiamAnnabelle Marcus as Tiffany

Guest Cast: Eva Ramone as Jaylen

17 17 "Game On" Nutta Cora Mills September 10th, 2016 117

To celebrate that she is getting along with Jamie again, Jackie decides that they need to do something special, and plans to surprise Jamie with a party. However, all Jamie wants is for things to go back to normal. Meanwhile, Lila desperately wants a new purse, but doesn't have enough money - however, when she learns about an upcoming partners video game tournament with a huge cash prize, she convinces Nixon to sign up with her, planning on letting him carry the team. However, Nixon starts her on intense training, knowing that if she doesn't play well they have no chance of winning.

Recurring Cast: Ryan Spruce as Joey Cunningham, Jackson Spruce as Johnny Cunningham

18 18 "Study Break, Jail Break" Nutta Danny Zuko September 17th, 2016 118

Jackie is stressing out with all of the studying she has to do for school, so Jamie recommends that she takes a break. Macy suggests that they have a girls' night out like they did when they were teenagers, and Jackie is happy to agree. However, it goes too far when they decide to TP Jackie's teacher's house, only to find out that they have the wrong address and have TP'd a cop's house, resulting in them being arrested, and they plan to escape.

Guest Stars: Michael Weatherly as Officer Baker

Notes: The episode is revealed to be a dream after Jackie wakes up when she and Macy are in a car accident in the dream. However, the episode ends with Jackie running into Officer Baker at Macy's diner and running away, thinking he's going to arrest her again.

19 19 "Daddy's Home" Nutta Bobbie Baker October 8th, 2016 121

Jackie's ex-husband, Robert, shows up in Macy's diner searching for Jackie. When they are reunited, Jamie and the twins worry about why he's back, and the twins begin to believe that he wants to get back together with Jackie. Jamie is upset that Jackie won't tell her anything and is treating her like a child about it.

Recurring Cast: Ryan Spruce as Joey Cunningham, Jackson Spruce as Johnny Cunningham

Guest Stars: TBA as Robert Cunningham

20 20 "Halloween" Nutta Michael Weatherly TBA 119

After almost everyone from college is invited to Lila and Jaylen's Halloween party except Jackie, Jackie decides to mope around at home while Jamie attends. However, when Jaylen disappears and Jamie, Lila, Nixon, Alena, and Liam find Macy pretending to be a ghost, they realize that Jackie is trying to get revenge and plan payback.

Recurring Cast: Elijah Matthews as LiamAnnabelle Marcus as Tiffany

Guest Cast: Eva Ramone as Jaylen

21 21 "Halloween: Jackie Edition" Nutta Michael Weatherly TBA 120

In this retelling of "Halloween" from Jackie's perspective, it's revealed that Jackie is not responsible for the ghosts at the party when she arrives at Macy's diner just in time to find out that Macy has been possessed. Teaming up with Vic, Macy's attractive employee, Jackie attempts to save the kids from the ghosts before it's too late.

Recurring Cast: Elijah Matthews as Liam

Guest Cast: Eva Ramone as Jaylen, Rider Strong as Vic Parkers

22 22 "Opportunities" Nutta Nutta November 5th, 2016 122

Lucille, the teenage manager of Miranda Mayhew, returns to Scottsdale to offer to work with Jamie in a solo career. However, this would require Jamie drop out of college and move to California - alone. Jamie is worried that Nixon, Lila, and Alena will be upset, since the rest of the band aren't invited, but they're proud of her, and admit that they would have turned the offer down even if it was given. But now comes the hard part - telling Jackie.

Recurring Cast: Elijah Matthews as Liam

Guest Cast: Chantelle as Lucille

23 24 "California" Nutta Nutta November 12th, 2016 123

When Jamie decides to go to California with Lucille to meet the people she'd be working with if she accepted Lucille's offer, Jackie becomes suspicious but Jamie refuses to tell her why she's leaving. Jackie recruits Nixon to help her investigate, unaware that Jamie has already told Nixon.

Guest Cast: Chantelle as Lucille

25 25 "Mom-plicated" Nutta Nutta November 19th, 2016 124

In the series finale of Jamie & Jackie, the truth is out, and Jamie is officially dropping out of college and moving to California. Jackie desperately wants to tag along, and slowly has to realize that Jamie is no longer her little girl, with help from Macy, Joey, Johnny, and Nixon. Meanwhile, Jamie avoids everyone in her last few days before leaving so that she can avoid awkward goodbyes.

Recurring Cast: Ryan Spruce as Joey Cunningham, Jackson Spruce as Johnny Cunningham, Elijah Matthews as Liam, Annabelle Marcus as Tiffany

Guest Cast: Eva Ramone as Jaylen. Chantelle as Lucille


Jamie & Jackie Season 1 Contract

Original number of episodes: 17
Season extension amount: 8
Total episodes: 25
Specials: N/A
If the series creator goes inactive StarfireButterfly will take over.
If the back up users go inactive, the show will be ended where it left off..
Filming Dates: October 19th - March 11th (break between December 19th and January 3rd)
Notes: N/A

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