Jamie Carmen
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Jamseon Cartegna Carmen
August 19, 1996
Santa Fe, New Mexico
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   Jamie Carmen (born August 19, 1996) is an American actor. He first got an agent when he was 13. He has been acting on and off for a while now. He plans on focusing on acting now that he has graduated high school. He is a main cast member in the Wiki Channel sketch comedy pilot, Studio Funny.

Early LifeEdit

Jamie Carmen grew up in a theatre in Santa Fe, New Mexico. His parents are Julio and Maria Carmen and he has three other siblings, two older, one younger. Carmen was never really interested in acting as a kid, even though his parents worked at a theatre for the arts and were very close to the owners, so he was around a lot of theatre kids. His siblings, however, were interested in the craft and once they got into it, he was pulled into it himself.


2009-2013: Beginning actingEdit

In 2009, the Carmen children went to an open call. All three of Jamie's siblings were auditioning except Jamie himself. The children were discovered by an agent and the agent hired them to the agency. When the agent saw Jamie's cute face, he wanted to sign him as well. Even though Jamie wasn't that big on acting, his parents encouraged him to just give it a shot since he has the chance.

The Carmen began taking acting lessons something that Jamie though was very boring but as time when on, he realized that acting wasn't so bad. It wasn't until the four of them landed roles in a commercial together when Jamie realized he loved being in front of a camera. Three commercials later, Carmen realized he loved acting and looked forward to acting lessons every week.

The Carmen children were offered a TV show deal from Nickelodeon when Jamie was 15. The show would follow four siblings who all go to a boarding school together, excited to have freedom but also trying hard to keep out of each other's social lives. The Carmen moved to L.A. after the offer and began doing testings for the show. Unfortunately, the show was scrapped before the pilot was even filmed.


Jamie began to focus on school more in 2012 and his last role was a background voice in an animated movie.

Jamie graduated high school in 2014 and now plans to focus on acting a bit more, while also attending college.

In June 2014, Carmen was cast in the Wiki Channel sketch comedy pilot, Studio Funny! Carmen is very excited to work on the project and become a new member of the Wiki Channel family.

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