This page is to list all the recurring cast members from the hit Wiki Channel Original Series, "Juliana and the Babysitting Adventures".

Recurring CastEdit

TBA as Aiden Knight - Aiden is in the same grade as Juliana and Max and is considered to be one of the cool kids at the school. Though at first he doesn't notice Juliana much, he slowly becomes more familiar with her, he has a bit of a rivarly with Max, though he doesn't realize it. Max is jealous of him because of Juliana's crush on him, that Aiden has no idea about. Aiden thinks Juliana is funny, even when she thinks she is embarrassing herself. He is smart, athletic and a genuine good guy. 

Max Collage


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Aiden as seen in the pilot.

Nicole Martin as Kelly Davis - Kelly is Juliana's crazy, fun-loving, bubbly, and smart best (female) friend. She and Max have a rivalry with eachother for an unknown reason. 

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