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Karli James
Biographical information
Full Name
Karli Marie James
Karls, Kay Kay
August 19,1996
New South Whales, Australia
Professional Information
Years Active
Wiki Channel Credentials
Mary Anderson
Sakura Veronsky
Hannah Walker

   Karli James is an Australian actress, singer, and songwriter. She is best known for her voice role as Sakura Veronsky in the Wiki Channel cartoon High School Story and her role as Hannah Walker in the show Leslie Wireless.

​Early lifeEdit

Karli was 6 when she realized she wanted to be a singer, actress, and songwriter. Her close friend, Abigail (known to the public as Abby Williams) was friends with her at 5 years old and was impressed by her talent. ​She then decided to follow her dreams and met Elizabeth, manager of Katy Young. In 2000, she guest starred in a show. She continued to do more with her talents.


2000-2006 New starts and much moreEdit

In 2000 she guest starred in a show named Frugal. In 2001-2005,she worked with Abby in "Now you see me" a webshow that teaches you about magic. By 2002,the show was on TV ,and also guest starred in numerous shows and also made a cameo in a comedy show. She then released an EP in 2006 called Fun & hearts.

Album songs:

1. Invisible ft. Katy Young

2. Memories 

3. (Not exactly) Perfect ft. Crystal Diane

4. Greatest person

5. Twist 

She visited the red carpet at the premiere of her new movie haunted memories,released in 2006.

2007-present New album and future with the Wiki ChannelEdit

​ She wrote a book in 2007 called My Life, which was then released in 2008,and sold a thousand copies in the month of release. She met Lisha Jane at the red carpet premiere of Karli's friend Abby' s new movie, Sky's the Limit. in between,she guest starred in an episode of K-9. She revealed she would work with Disney channel and more channels. She has made a cameo appearance in Doctor Who as Pheebe in 2009. In 2010,she released an EP called Me,Myself,& I.

Album tracks:

1. Starlight (theme song in Starlight)

2. Trouble (featured in Doctor Who)

3. Unspoken ft R5

4. Cupcake 

5. Crazy for you 

6. Hey ft. Abby Williams

7. Airplanes 

In 2011-2012,she starred in a show called Starlight,about a woman and her daughter (Karli) who realize that they have powers and try to keep them secret. It was then cancelled due to low ratings. In 2013,she guest starred in a Disney channel show and starred in a DCOM (Disney Channel Original Movie). In 2014,she will work with Wiki Channel studios in the future and has more up ahead.


Year Show/Movie Notes Role
2001-2007 Now You See Me Co-host herself
2007 Memories Main Cast Kathryn Payton
2009 Doctor Who guest star Pheebe
2010 K-9 Guest star Taphony
2011-2012 Starlight Co-lead role Lilly
2014-Present High School Story Main cast Sakura Veronsky
201? Only 104 Days of Summer On hold Mary Anderson
2015 Life With Twins Recurring Lisa


2006-Fun & Hearts

2010-Me,myself,& I

Year Name Type
2006 Fun & Hearts EP
2010 Me, myself, & I EP
2014 Oxygen Single
2014 Wide Awake Single

​Personal LifeEdit

Karli has a young brother named Chris. Chris and she are best friends and both know Abby and her brother, Anthony. Karli plays tennis with Abby and her other friends. 

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