Season 2

Tristan Conti as Broderick "Brody" Clark - Brody is now 15 and will be 16 soon. He lands a spot on the school basketball team and ends up doing very well with that. Still goofy, adventurous and charming as ever, Brody takes on new responsibilities with family too. Brody starts skate and long boarding again as well. He's more confident and thinks he can get any girl he wants, even if that isn't always true. He's still a mama's boy at heart, but rebels to show her he can be responsible. He finds some new found popularity by being on the basketball team. Though he has moments where he can be a little naive, Brody is an all around good guy.

Brody season 2 collage

Brody throughout season 2.


Ashley Kettle as Naomi Clark - Naomi is a 17 year old driven, intelligent and very responsible older sister to Brody, Taylor and the family's two new twin boys. She is very creative and likes to read. She excels in English and other schools subjects, which can sometimes make Brody feel like he's in her shadow by to his parents. Naomi also loves acting and performing in school plays. During this season she takes more of a forefront to music and begins singing. She dreams of becoming a singer secretly, along with other things she considers herself to be good at. Naomi helps out with the family a lot more and is around the house a lot more as well.

Naomi season 2 collage

Naomi throughout season 2.


Abby Williams as Taylor Clark - Taylor is the 15 turning 16 year old fraternal twin sister to Brody. Like Brody she is very athletic and enjoys things like gymnastics, karate, soft ball and staying active. She is very brace and not afraid to speak her mind. She is sometimes known as a Daddy's girl compared to Brody. She is very witty and quick on her feet. She also enjoys hanging out with Brody and Ray from time to time. She is sweet nice, and can have a bit of a temper, but she'll do anything for her brother and family. She begins dating anew boy named Charlie towards the end of the season, who Brody is not crazy about seeing as he's on his basketball team, but they find a way to overlook it. Taylor gets good grades and enjoys hanging out with her sister Naomi.

Taylor season 2 collage

Taylor throughout season 2.


Dakota Roberts as Rayford "Ray" Davenport - Ray is Brody's rich and wealthy best friend. His father is a doctor and his mother is a therapist. Ray is an only child so often enjoys hanging out with Brody and his family. He is best friends with Brody and the two usually get themselves into crazy situations. He always dresses nice and prefers the finer things in life. Season 2 is no different, Ray ends up letting his love for women and everything else get the two guys in to some bizarre situations, but at the end of the day he always has Brody's back and even helps take care of his brothers from time to time.

Ray season 2 collage

Ray throughout season 2.


Charles Clark - Charles Clark is the father of the Clark family and husband to Karen. He is a very successful lawyer. He is a proud parent and enjoys his job. Charles was a former actor and performer during his college years, which he often brings up to his kids. He also secretly enjoys ice skating, which the family discovers in during season 1. Charles is smart, charming and loves performing. He often takes over when one of his kids tell him or ask about performing advice. He has a twin brother named Preston who is the kids fun uncle.

Charles season 2 collage

Charles throughout season 2.


Karen Clark - Karen is a nurse and mother of the Clark family. She is also wife to Charles Clark. Karen is a fun mom and loves to support her family. She is can be a little energetic at times, but she always means well.

Karen season 2 collage

Karen throughout season 2.


Nick and Alex Clark - Nick and Alex Clark are the newest members to the Clark family. These blonde haired, blue eyed twins who are now 2 years old and already seem to be a handful for the family. They're cute, adorable and totally known for putting the family through some trouble some moments. They also appear to always get lost from the family, which sort to becomes a running gag in the show.


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