Little Wonders is an EP released by Marcus McCloud November 26, 2015. The EP features 4 songs from McCloud and one bonus track. The EP is a preparation releases for his upcoming 2016 album release. About the EP, McCloud said, "I'm here, I'm standing, and I'm using my voice to inspire people."

Track listingEdit

  1. Rooftops
  2. The Vision of Love
  3. Count On Me
  4. Little Wonders

Bonus Track:

  1. My Weakness (Acoustic Live)


  • On January 12, McCloud released the track from the EP, "The Vision of Love," as a single.
  • In an interview with iHeart Radio in December, McCloud said about the EP, "This EP is just a little piece of what my album is going to be. It's definitely coming, it's ready and has shaped out to be something I can't wait to share. What is on this EP is what my album will be like. I want to make music that will make people feel happy or make people say 'oh this is just what I needed right now.' That's my goal with Little Wonders and going into 2016 with the album."
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