Love You, From Me
LY, FM Cover
Album by Crystal Diane
Released: April 1, 2015
Genre(s): Pop
Singles: Me & You

Party in the U.S.A.
Paper Planes

Crystal Diane chronology
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Love You,From Me is the debut album from Wiki Channel actress and Wiki Records artist, Crystal Diane. The track includes 6 new tracks and 3 bonus ones along with her 4 hit singles.


The songwriting for the album came during her sudden hitaus from the channel. After facing some family difficulities, the actress began writing the first songs of the album. As soon as she was signed to Wiki Records in July of 2014, the album was officially put in production. Her first single, Me & You became a hit and was guantereed to be the first song on the record. 

Later in the summer, she joined her friend and co-star, Tristan Conti and together they wrote two songs. They let fans via Weebley and polling, decide which song they should release and their single, Good Time was overall winner. The music video premiered on Wiki Channel and the song became another hit for the actress.Crystal, who was inspired by the hit of Good Time, decided it was time release her last song of the summer. Party in the U.S.A. which didn't get as much buzz as the last two, But she later took a tiny break from the label to film Whatever You Want. But a month into post-production, rumors began flying around that the movie was going to be cancelled from the network.

Crystal and her management, who was planning on releasing her next single through the movie, were now stuck on what to do. Opportunity of another collab came to surface and they took the change. The idea was to mashup the summer hits of Crystal and fellow Wiki Records artist and actress, Ashley Kettle. The style had never been done before on the label. Despite the fears of failure, the song became a major success. The duo performed the song various times including on the Wiki Channel Next Radio Thing.

The production of the album by this time was soon almost finished. A lot of her song meant for other Wiki Channel projects were instead put into the album. Her song, Brave which was first planned for the theme song of Becoming A Sendy, was added along to the tracklist. Following suit was her ballad Firework, which was originally prepped for Stand Up Week .

Her last single before the album, Paper Planes was released on Valentine's Day. The song helped her come up with the overall theme of the album, which was loving people along with yourself. The idea was for everyone who listened to it be able to relate relationship-wise and have confident in themselves.  After some pushbacks, Crystal finally decided to announce the album to the world. 

Via Weebley Chatter, she announced that her album will be released soon, she later went to her personal chatter and confirmed the date would be April 1st, 2015.


No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Audio Length
1. "Me & You" (deluxe) Crystal Diane Wiki Records
Me and You from -Austin Ally- Turn It Up- - Audio
2. "Finally Me"   Crystal Diane, Emanuel K. WCMG,
Finally Me
3. "Brave"   Matthew G. Wiki Channel Music Group,
4. "Parachute"   Aly M.,Josh Sebastian Matthew G.
5. "Party in the U.S.A"   Miley C., Kidd Rock Anothony L.
Party in the USA
6. "Boom Clap"   Evan B.,  
Boom Clap
7. "Firework"   Katy P.,Crystal D. WCMG   3:24
8. "Paper Planes"   Victoria D. Wiki Records
Paper Planes Audio
9. "Unconditionally"   Crystal D. Wiki Records   3:30
10. "Redial"   Laura M., Wiki Records   3:54
11. "Hurricane/Party in the USA" (with Ashley Kettle)   Wiki Records   3:36
12. "Paper Planes" (Alternative Beginning Version)   Wiki Records    
13. "If I Didn't Have You" (with Tristan Conti)   Wiki Records    
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