Season 1

Marcus McCloud as Luke Dawson - Luke is a pretty popular guy around the school. He is captain of the soccer team and is a pretty funny, athletic, interesting guy. He's a good person who will always do anything for his friends. He is confident, goofy and is a lot more chill than Lauren, nevertheless he becomes a good friend and often tries to help her. When first meeting Lauren at the beginning of the school year, he tries to help her pick up her things after accidentally running into her while talking to his friends in the hallway. She quickly declines his help as she tells him to leave her alone, Luke then again re-offers as she takes her books and walks away. Luke is very cool and gets attention from a lot of the girls at school and on the cheer leading team. His parents are divorced and he is okay with it. He is an only child.

Luke Collage L&L


Shelly Yanes as Lauren Conner - Lauren is a very creative, artistic and out spoken girl. She gets good grades, always does the right thing and tries her best to help other people. When first meeting Luke, she is convinced he is just a mean jock who does whatever he wants to get his way. Lauren is also quite popular around school, she is editor-in-chief of the school's news paper and main anchor on the school's morning news network. Lauren is sweet, kind and very smart, all while looking her best. She likes to dress in very girly outfits, but is sometimes known to dull it down and wear a pair of jeans. Lauren also loves to write. She comes from a very loving family and is an only child.

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Katy Ryleigh Young as Sasha Jones - Sasha is Lauren's fashionable, fearless and confident best friend. She is one of the captain's of the school's cheer leading team and secretly really good at math. She is popular and a lot of people are sometimes afraid of her because of her attitude, nevertheless she is always super nice to her friends and even sticks up for Lauren from time to time. Sasha isn't afraid to speak her mind and loves to go shopping. She has known Lauren since they were both 8 and have been best friends since. She is often hit on by jocks at the school. She is also one of the few cheerleaders who does not obsess over Luke, though she becomes good friends with him after he and Lauren tell him about the journal. 

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Kelly Lloyd as Riley Howard - Riley is Luke's random, ditsy best bud in the series. Though he is not on the soccer team with Luke, he still hangs out with him a lot. He is very popular along with the rest of the group. He is also big on theater and acting. He tries to be the lead in every school production. Though sometimes he can be a bit random, clumsy and bubbly without even realizing it. He is one of the nicest people in the world, who honestly wouldn't hurt a fly, though he does get mad enough to just want to punch someone from time to time, he won't do so without apologizing in advance. He is happy-go-lucky and is often known to overreact, nevertheless he is a great actor and performer. Though he is a bit random and crazy at times, he is definitely a vital member to the team. He becomes the school's mascot, for the Malibu Sharks.

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