Season 2

Marcus McCloud as Luke Dawson - Now a high school junior and Luke is still a pretty popular guy around the school. Now captain of the varsity soccer team, he is more confident than ever. Still funny, athletic, and as charming as ever and a interesting guy all around. He's a good person who will always do anything for his friends. He is confident, goofy and a lot more open with his feelings, especially towards Lauren. The two now have a best friendship that cannot be broken. Luke looks for the journal for more information on his future due to him not knowing what will happen. Luke attempts to get better grades and school this year and is still always there for his friends. He even starts to wonder if he has a feelings for Lauren; feelings that might go further then friendship.

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Shelly Yanes as Lauren Conner - Still getting A's & B's, Lauren is a very creative, artistic and out spoken girl. Lauren and Luke now have a special friendship hat cannot be broken. Lauren tries to start writing more and wants to write books about her life and friends. She finds herself asking the book more about romances than anything. She is a sweet girl, very optimistic and sees the good in everyone. Lauren and Sasha are still bffs. Still girly as ever and can be just as casual. Later in the season she tries to find more outlets for her writing. She also wonders a lot about her upcoming prom.

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Katy Ryleigh Young as Sasha Jones - Sasha is Lauren's fashionable, fearless and confident best friend. She is now one of the captain's of the school's Varsity cheer leading team and secretly really good at math. She is popular and a lot of people are sometimes afraid of her because of her attitude, nevertheless she is always super nice to her friends and even still sticks up for Lauren from time to time. Sasha isn't afraid to speak her mind and loves to go shopping. She has known Lauren since they were both 8 and have been best friends since. She is often hit on by jocks at the school. She is also one of the few cheer leaders who does not obsess over Luke, but is still good friends with him. Later in the season, Sasha figures out that he develops feelings for Sasha and promises him she won't tell Lauren, but struggles from keeping a secret from her number 1 bestie. In season 2, Sasha wants the journal to let her know if everything happens for a reason

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Kelly Lloyd as Riley Howard - Riley is still Luke's random, ditsy best bud in the series. Though he is not on the soccer team with Luke, he still hangs out with him a lot. He is very popular along with the rest of the group. He is also big on theater and acting. He tries to be the lead in every school production. Though sometimes he can be a bit random, clumsy and bubbly without even realizing it. He is one of the nicest people in the world, who honestly wouldn't hurt a fly, though he does get mad enough to just want to punch someone from time to time, he won't do so without apologizing in advance. He is still happy-go-lucky and is often known to overreact, nevertheless he is a great actor and performer. Though he is a bit random and crazy at times, he is definitely a vital member to the team. He becomes the school's mascot, for the Malibu Sharks. In season 2 Riley tries to find out for the journal if acting is the right outlet for him.

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