Marissa Lunar (born November 21, 1998) is an American actress, most known for her role as Eileen, the niece of the main protagonist, in the movie Hipster Hop

Marissa Lunar
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Marissa Shealeigh Lunar
Rissa, Mary
November 21, 1998
Duluth, Minnesota
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Actress, Student
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Maria Dominique Elaine Bellaire



Marissa was born in Duluth, Minnesota on November 21, 1998. "When I was little, my school was chosen to be covered in a local television station and the third graders were doing a play on vegetables, which was very embarrassing, by the way, but still fun, and they showed some clips of it. Somehow, people liked my acting, for a third grader, and my mom was being relocated for her new job in Los Angeles, so we moved there and I pursued an acting career when I was ten and in fourth grade..." she told Shangri La! magazine, when asked how she started to act.


In 2009, Lunar landed her first role in the movie H8er Gurl, and played Jonnie Epstein, a girl who passed on everything H8er Gurl posted. That same year, she landed a guest role in More to Hate, a girl that people always pick on like the protagonist, Esther. 2010, she played Rachel, a girl on the opposite team of the protagonists, who was their main rival in the horse riding competition in Pony Tales. In Shorty, she played a girl who remarked that compared to her, the protagonist (who was self conscious about her shortness) was tall. In Emily, Emily she played in one scene as Emily's biology partner. That year, she was in With Seoul, as a recurring character that was also born in South Korea, and was a foreign exchange student like the protagonist, and it was a running gag that people would not believe she was from Korea. The series lasted from 2011-2012. 2013, she played Eileen, the niece of Cambrya, a hipster who always wanted to show the world the new style of dance she had made. In 2015, she got a recurring role as a foreign exchange student from France, Maria Bellaire, in Emma & Johnny in the 21st Century.

Show/Movie Role Year
H8er Gurl Jonnie Epstein 2009
More to Hate Ella 2009
Pony Tales Rachel 2010
Shorty Girl 2011
Emily, Emily Lulu 2011
With Seoul Stefanie 2011-2012
Hipster Hop Eileen 2013
Emma and Johnny in the 21st Century Maria Dominique Elaine Bellaire 2015


  • She was once rumored to be getting the main role in a pilot called Argentina, but the show was never announced so the rumor was never proved true or untrue.
  • Her favorite color is blue.
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