Mason Parker
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Mason Emanuel Parker
Mr. Mason
September 12, 1995
Los Angeles, California
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Mason Parker
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The Wiki Channel
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   Mason Parker is an American actor on The Wiki Channel. 


Mason Parker was born to Erika Antoinette, so, he grew up with only his mother to raise him. When he was 5, her mother met Marcus Parker, and they got married a year after they met.

Mason didn't really like his new brother, considering he was much more smarter than him. So, Mason decided to take things to his own hands and start acting.

He auditions for many roles, but, all of them were turned down. When he was 13, he started to get popular in the schools he went to. He, loving his praise, decided to become more athletic and so-called "attractive". He had a total of five girlfriends in freshman year of high school.

However, in sophomore year of high school, he met his soon-to-be girlfriend, Josephine Anderson. He tried desperately to date her, but, she wasnt into the " players". He tried, tried, and tried. And, eventually, they started dating.

Mason never forgot his acting career, like he had one, and he auditioned for more roles. He, saddened, decided just to do school plays. He got roles in every play. His teachers called him, "Outstanding".

In his Junior year, he and Josephine broke up because of personal issues. He, saddened, tried to get his mind off her by auditioning one last time. He got a part in a wattpad original, " Megapixels", which he starrs as Andrew, a transformed fake boyfriend someone made on Tumblr.

In his final year of high school, he and Josephine got back together. But, Skylar got really jealous, considering he liked her also. Skylar kissed Josephine, and they broke up, again. Skylar, feeling guilty, tried getting them back together, but, Josephine and Skylar ended up dating. They broke up, and it is unknown if the on again, off again couple is back together again.

Mason decided to join the Wiki Channel company in 2013 to get over his break up. And, he sorta did. He voices Wes in High School Story.


Rough Beginnings: Ages 8-15

Mason decided to get into acting, but, all his auditions were turned down. Mason was devastated every time he heard the news, even though he knew this already.

School Plays: Ages 15-16Edit

In high school, school plays were the closest things to acting. 

So, Mason decided to try out. He got the lead in every play, his teachers called his performances "Outstanding".

Megapixels: Ages 17Edit

After Josephine and Mason's break up, Mason decided to take matters into his own hands and tried out for a wattpad original, " Megapixels ", where he played Andrew, a fake boyfriend a girl created on Tumblr.

Wiki Channel: Age 17-18Edit

Mason decided to join the Wiki Channel Company to try to bond with his brother, and to get over his break up. He voices Wes in High School Story.


Show/Movie Character Year
Megapixels Andrew 2012
High School Story Wes 2013-Present
How to Build a Married Man "The Married Man" 2015
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