Matthew Martinez is a male American actor. He is best known for his role as Caleb Dent in Horses.

Matthew Martinez
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Full Name
Matthew Mickey Martinez
Matt, Math, Mickey, Marty, Martinez, Caleb
February 15, 1998
Miami, Florida
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Mickey Mice
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The Dark Side (Pilot)
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Link Hale
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Biography[edit | edit source]

Matthew was born on February 15,1996 in Miami, Florida to Sasha and Philip Martinez. He wanted to start acting when he turned eleven. His parents decided it wouldn't last long, so they moved to California and were planning to stay for a year. his career did take off steadily, and his parents forgot about the time period of how long they're staying in California.

Career[edit | edit source]

2009[edit | edit source]

Matthew got a minor role as Fred Freent, a guy that tried to order, but never got anything, for one episode in the show Andre Maximud when he was thirteen. He also played George, a thirteen year old that fell in love with Ally Hantsomes, in the show All of Yours. He was in 3 episodes. When he had recently turned fourteen, he landed the spot of Harry Mines, a kid that would try to stop the main characters from finding out about his Uncle in Judging a Judge.

2010[edit | edit source]

Matthew was still in Judging a Judge, but the show ended in late March of 2010. He then got the spot of Caleb Dent, the main character's best friend who always tried to ride a horse, but was also very unlucky. He was always trying to do stuff, but usually failed.

2011-2013[edit | edit source]

He still played Caleb Dent, until it was cancelled because of low ratings.

2014[edit | edit source]

Matthew guest starred as Sam Andrews, a guy that had a lot in common with Michael's father, and even planned on being his son in Michael's Dad. It was announced that Matthew got the role of Link Hale, in the horror fantasy show. He is cast to be in the pilot, but the show still has not been picked up for a series yet. He landed the role of Terrence, a internet surfer in the movie Google'd. 





Andre Maximud Fred Freent 2 episodes 2009
All of Yours George 1 episode 2009
Judging A Judge Harry Mines 29 episodes 2009-2010
Horses Caleb Dent +120 episodes 2010-2013
Michael's Dad Sam Andrews 1 episode 2014
Google'd Terrence Movie 2014
The Dark Side Link Hale not picked up 2015
Behind the Scenes Himself Main 2015

Personal Life[edit | edit source]

Matthew likes pranking and spying on people in his spare time. He enjoys practical jokes, finding jobs, and watching Wiki Channel. His Chatter username is @MathYou.

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