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Miss Good Girl
Miss Good Girl Logo (White)
"Miss Good Girl" Logo.
Genre: Teen sitcom
Created by: AusllyRocks209


Starring: Spencer Raye Jackson,

Dymond King,
Terri-Ava Jetso,
Oliver West,
Jessica Willows,
De'Andre Chase III,
Lucas Jenkins (season 2),
Tyler Weston (season 1)

Theme Music Composer Katia Zuccarelli
Opening Theme: "A Wonderful Life" performed by Spencer Raye Jackson
Country of origin: United States
Original language(s): English
No. of seasons: 1
Executive producer(s): Ausllyrocks209

Peter Howitt

Camera setup: Videotape (filmized); Multi-camera
Running time: 25 minutes, 48 minutes for specials
Production company(s): Wiki Channel Productions

City Girl Entertainment

Production Location(s): Wiki Center Studios.

Hollywood, California

Show Location(s): Boston, Massachusetts
Original channel: Wiki Channel
Picture format: 480i (SDTV)

1080i (HDTV)

Audio format: Stereo
Original run: February 14, 2014 - present

Miss Good Girl is a brand new half hour Wiki Channel Original comedy series coming to Wiki Channel in 2014. The series was first pitched to the Wiki Channel by AusllyRocks209 during December of 2013. Both NYCgleek and AusllyRock209, have collaborated on the series. New episodes of Miss Good Girl air Fridays at 8 o'clock on Wiki Channel. The show as officially renewed for a second season which began airing in 2015.


The series follows 8th grade student, Miranda Johnson, who isn't very popular around school, a bit of a loner, and keeps to her self. Her best friend Hazel, who is a cheerleader and the total opposite of her try to navigate their way through 8 grade when attending a middle and high school with Miranda's older and popular 10th grade sister Miya. When Miranda see's an opening in the school's newspaper and website, she goes for it (Not knowing how popular her advice would become). She now has a column in the school's newspaper under the name "Miss Good Girl". Everyweek she gives advice to one to two people, as seen what is played out through the episodes. The only person who knows is Hazel and her Mom. When Hazel's cheerleading friend, and Miranda's enemy, Callie Rose sees how Miss Good Girl is becoming, she gets angry and tries to figure out who it is. Callie is dating Soccer player and Karate champ Chad, who Miranda secretly has a crush on. Chad is best friends with Deon, who is also very popular and enjoys rap and hip-hop music. Joey is one of Miranda's childhood friends who might begin like her towards the end of the season even though she has a crush on Chad.

People magazine said "The series is quiet enjoyable, it has a very good plot, which makes for good television". NYCgleek then went on to say, "I feel like everyone will love Miranda, she's a mix of favorable iconic tv characters like Ally Dawson from "Austin & Ally" and Jess Day from "New Girl", all why being a bit of shy girl". It was also revealed that Britney Spears is set to guest star in the series in an hour long pilot special event as a role that involves no music, which is new for her as well.

Miranda submits all of her responses from her computer and then emails them to the school newspaper, before they are printed in the paper and put online, this is to make sure no one finds out it's her.

Each episode starts with a Narration by Miranda as she is seen reading the question asked by someone on her computer, the opening credits appear and then the episode airs as normal, at the end of each episode Miranda see's her advice play out, even though sometimes she doesn't know who askes the questions. Each episode has two parts usually something dealing with Miranda, as well as who askes questions on "Miss Good Girl". Each episode is narrated by Miranda.

It was announced that Tyler Weston was leaving the show and not returning for the second season, and his character Joey was replaced by Skylar who is played by Lucas Jenkins.

Miss Good Girl Collage of Cast

The cast during the shooting of the pilot back in 2013.

Main Cast

Series Overview

Season Episodes Originally aired (U.S. dates)
Season premiere Season finale
1 20 February 14, 2014

November 7, 2014

2 14 March 6, 2015



Season 1

The first season of "Miss Good Girl", was picked up December 17, 2013. Each episode starts with a Narration by Miranda as she is seen reading the question asked by someone on her computer, the opening credits appear and then the episode airs as normal, at the end of each episode Miranda see's her advice play out, even though sometimes she doesn't know who askes the questions. Each episode has two parts usually something dealing with Miranda, as well as who askes questions on "Miss Good Girl". Each episode is narrated by Miranda. Every episode name begins with "Miss" as in the title, "Miss Good Girl".

Title Written by Directed by Original air date Prod.

U.S. Ratings (in Millions)

1-2 1-2 "Miss Pilot"



Peter Howitt February 14, 2014 101-102 3.3

When a popular student known as Harvey Steeler transfers school, his school news paper column "Ask Harvey" ends. 13 year old Miranda thinks she should start an advice column, after being talked into by her best friend Hazel. Miranda secretly submits an online request and gets it. She answers a few question and the school starts talking, Miss Good Girl slowly rises to fame, must to Callie's dismay. When Miss Good Girl tells people popularity doesn't matter and not to be afriad of Callie, Callie vowes to figure out who "Miss Good Girl" is. Miya also askes "Miss Good Girl" for adivce, but Miranda doesn't respond, at the end of the episode she tells her sister that it's her. Chad and Deon are also introduced and it is revealed that Miranda has a slight crush on Chad, which makes Joey feel a little weird. Eliza Jean (a famous author) comes to vist the school and hears about the "Miss Good Girl" column and wants to find her to join her local magazine. Miranda must decide to keep her secret of being "Miss Good Girl" or let everyone know and join Eliza.

Note: This is the pilot episode. This episode is an hour long.

Guest Stars: Britney Spears as Eliza Jean.

3 3 "Miss Bad Girl" NYCgleek David Deluise February 28, 2014 103 3.2

When Miranda gives out some advice that one person doesn't think is the best advice, she quickly realizes that she can't always please everyone when she gives a girl advice on how to fit in more and she becomes a bad girl. Hazel tries to help her figure out who the person the she gave the bad advice to is, so that maybe they can help him without giving away their secret. The whole school has a art show competition that Miya must win in order to get an "A" in her art class, this becomes a challenge when Deon enters the constant, because he is very artistic. Miya talks Joey into helping her, and Deon gets Chad to help him. Callie is the host of the art competition alongside the art teacher, and doesn't do a good job of being supportive to the constestants.

4 4 "Miss Music Girl" NYCgleek Shelley Jensen March 7, 2014 104 2.1

Miranda and Hazel are doing karaoke when their video accidently gets uploaded online, by Hazel. Miranda is very upset, but a little relieved when people approach her in school telling her they liked her music. Jealous by the attention Miranda is getting, Callie challenges her to sing infront of a crowd at the school's musical talent show. Deon, Chad, and Joey are all chosen to be partners in a project in their science class, and Joey and Deon begin to bond, while Chad feels left out. Miranda and Hazel sing as a duo against Callie in the talent show.

Note: This is the ONLY episode to feature music.

Absent: Terri-Ava Jetso as Miya Johnson.

Song(s) featured: "Loud" by R5, "Roar" by Katy Perry, and "Swagger Jagger" by Cher Lloyd.

5 5 "Miss Goody-Goody Two Shoes Girl" NYCgleek Amira Mirlan March 14, 2014 105 2.7

When Miranda tries to help a girl in school known as a goody-goody some advice on how to lose her good girl rep while still remaining true to who she is, she tries to start her own rebellion and be a bit more talk-a-tive to people. Joey, Hazel, and Callie work together to get the cafeteria to start making better food again after the lunch staff try to turn everything into stew. Miya starts a sewing club and is suprised to see that Deon joins and is actually pretty good.

6 6 "Miss Honest Girl" NYCgleek Peter Howitt March 28, 2014  106 3.1
After giving advice that one should always be honest. Miss Good Girl is pressured into revealing her identity, and questioned if she should or not.
7 7 "Miss Jealous Girl" NYCgleek Cathleen Lumbard April 4, 2014 107 4.0

When Miranda's crush on Chad becomes known by Callie, by mistake. Callie goes out of her way to make Miranda jealous and tells her to stay away from him. This backfires on her when Chad and Miranda are paired together for a school project. Deon askes Miss Good Girl, about advice on parents that get a divorce. Miranda doesn't tell Deon her secret, but she gives him comfort and support, and the two of them become friends. Joey doesn't like the idea of Chad and Miranda being friends after their project is over, and Allie suspects that he might be jealous, but doesn't tell Miranda. Miya has to drive to a factory to pick to buy a certain ice cream that is about to be discontinued and askes Allie to go with her.

Note: Chad begins to notice Miranda around school and Deon and Miranda become friends.

8 8 "Miss Family Girl" NYCgleek Levear Manison April 11, 2014 108 2.3
Miranda and Miya try to help find a present for their mom for her birthday coming up, things only go wrong when Miranda and Miya get into a fight on their mom's actual birthday and try to make it up to her by suprising her with something amazing. Miranda and Hazel try to help someone at school whose parents are aruging.
9 9 "Miss Mall Girl" NYCgleek Shelley Jensen April 25, 2014 109 3.0
Miya drives Callie, Hazel, and Miranda to skip school and go to the mall, but their covers might be blown once Miranda spots someone doing wrong and wants to help, but this would mean they would have to tell on themselves for skipping school. Deon askes Joey to join him in basket ball tournment after Chad breaks his leg.
10 10 "Miss Loyal Girl" NYCgleek Levear Manison May 2, 2014 110 2.8
Hazel's loyalty to the squad is quentioned. Someone askes Miranda about what it is like to be a "loyal" friend.
11 11 "Miss Voice Your Own Opinion Girl" NYCgleek Mark Tiwan May 9, 2014 111 3.5
When Miranda gives some advice to always stand up for who you are and what you believe in, she quickly forgets this as the Mark Chalk, whom is running for class president promises her special treament and privildges if she keeeps quiet about her not agreeing with his ideas and votes for him during the election. This means that she must tell someone her secret, but is it worth it? Hazel and Callie try to teach dance and cheer to a bunch of local girls from a dance team who have no interest in cheer or dance.
12 12 "Miss Girly GirlNYCgleek Linda Daverson May 23, 2014 112 2.6
When Miranda is questioned by a girl who wants to get a date to a school dance. She tells the girl she should change her look around a bit, but after the girl starts to change due to her appearance, Miranda realizes that people should like you for you and not how you look or dress and tries to help the girl realize that before the dance.
13 13 "Miss Maya Girl" NYCgleek Carter Cantell May 30, 2014 113 3.1
When Miranda tries to help Maya with her date with a guy who is very into a comic book, Miranda reads, she ends up connecting more to him than Maya does, much to Maya's dismay.
14 14 "Miss Good Girl, Gone Bad Girl" NYCgleek David Deluise June 13, 2014 114 2.6
Miranda and Chad start to act like bad kids in school in order to complete an experiment.
15 15 "Miss Secret Girl" NYCgleek Carter Cantell June 27, 2014 115 2.9
Miranda worries that Joey may know she is Miss Good Girl and gets help from Hazel to help throw him off her tracks.
16 16 "Miss Inner Beauty Girl" NYCgleek NYCgleek July 20, 2014 116 3.7

When the beauty pagent team comes to town in order to find who is the next Boston, 10th grader Tammy writes to Miss Good Girl telling her she doesn't think it's right how they treat girls, Hazel and Callie sign up to be judges, mean while Miranda and Tammy (Guest star Lala Parks) sign up to show everyone how bad the beauty pagents. The two quickly forget about this when getting all the attention from all the audience and boys in school. Gracie North (Shelly Yanes), a former Miss Boston, and professional comes and watches their performance. Maya, being a former beauty pageant queen tries to help Miranda. Things go wrong when Hazel is told she is too thin and Callie is told she too much. Now the girls try to stay true to themselves and show the audiences just how bad beauty pageants can really be and get a surprising amount of help from Gracie North. Chad, Joey, and Deon make a bet on a baseball game and the loser has to enter the beauty competition as a girl.

Guest Star(s): Lala Parks as Tammy, Shelly Yanes as Gracie North.

Note: This episode is a part of a double feature in which features "Luke & Lauren" stars, Marcus McCloud and Shelly Yanes.

17 17 "Miss Healthy Girl" NYCgleek NYCgleek August 15, 2014 117 4.0

Miranda's school gets and upgrade and adds a food court with new foods, like a fried chicken station, a cheeseburger and pizza bar, with a ice cream buffet a lot of the schoolers are in awe, but when Senior Class president of the senior class, Garrett Mitchell (Marcus McCloud) messages Miss Good Girl online, Miranda is quite shocked, but down for the cause. He is opposing that both the upper school and the lower school get better and healthier lunches. The students are against it at first, but after seeing the side effects of the food and what it's doing to them. Miranda gets help from not only Garrett, but Maya as well, along with Hazel, Joey, and Chad and try to put a stop to this.

Guest Star(s): Marcus McCloud as Garrett Mitchell.

Note: This episode is a part of a double feature in which features "Luke & Lauren" stars, Marcus McCloud and Shelly Yanes.

Absent: Jessica Willows as Callie.

18 18 "Miss ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE GirlNYCgleek Carter Cantell August 29, 2014 118 3.5

Miranda and her friends decide to help a charity by doing a crazy by doing a crazy trend called the Ice Bucket Challenge, in which they must donate ten dollars and dump icy cold water on themselves, this gets to Deon when he has to conquer his fear of cold. Joey doesn't like how much water is being wasted and protest against the challenge.

Note: the ALS organization gave a speech in this episode.

19 19 "Miss Cyberbullying Girl" NYCgleek Peter Howitt October 7, 2014 119 2.6

After Miss Good Girl is attacked and hacked, by a gossip blogger who is publicly announcing the names of the people who write in to Miss Good Girl, and embarrassing them, Miranda gets the entire class to stand up to a nasty mean girl and her gossip blog. The victim learns that just because someone seems like they don't care about insults doesn't mean it can't hurt them. This is learned after Callie is made fun of on the website and stops coming to school for a few days. Even though Callie and Miranda aren't the best of friends, Miranda and Miya go to her house and make sure she's okay.

Note: This episode airs on a special night and time as a part of Wiki Channel's stand up Week.

20 20 "Miss Thankful Girl" NYCgleek Amira Mirlan November 7, 2014 120 3.0

When someone writes Miss Good Girl asking for help to get more people to donate to the can school drive in order to help the homeless for the cold and upcoming thanks giving holiday, she notices a lot of the students feel like they can't or unable to help because they are just kids. Miranda, Miya, Deon, Chad and Hazel go to a local church and start a food drive with freshly cooked warmed food and decide to help people for the holidays with help from the school. Callie loses a bet and gets help from Joey racking leaves and cleaning up for one of the biggest parks in the city.

Note: This is a thanksgiving themed episode and the season one finale. This is also the last appearance of Tyler Weston and his character Joey.

Season 2

On June 26, 2014 "Miss Good Girl" was officially renewed for a second season consisting of 14 episodes.

Title Written by Directed by Original air date Prod.

U.S. Ratings (in Millions)

21 1 "Miss Fresh Girl"


Juan Kathers March 6, 2015 201 2.9

Miranda and her friends are now 9th graders and even though Joey and his family have moved away to Florida, Miranda and the gang are ready for the new adventures high school awaits. Things aren't as easy as they seem when someone makes up a rival blog to go against the Miss Good Girl column on the school website and newspaper. Miranda now tries to figure out who this mysterious rival is without blowing her cover. Meanwhile, Chad is now a member of the high school motor cross team, but is now on JV due to him being a freshman. The JV team hasn't won anything in 4 years and Chad tries to change that, due to his courage he is elected team captain.

Note: This is the season 2 premiere.

22 2 "Miss New Locker Girl" NYCgleek Holly Ginger March 13, 2015 202 2.5

With Joey away, Miranda and Hazel have a brand new locker now in between both of theirs and try to share it together to fit more stuff, this goes to trouble when the new guy named, Skylar Adams who everyone is convinced is a bad boy comes to the school and gets assigned the locker in the middle of them, Miranda, Hazel, and now Callie do a little spying to find out what he is all about. Even though Miranda and Callie have little squabbles during all of it. They find out that he is actually a really nice guy, who's into art and painting and is pretty funny and sarcastic. He tells Miranda and Hazel "if you wanted to know about me, you should've just asked." Someone also askes Miss Good Girl about how to deal with someone new and different and she tells them not to judge a book by it's cover which is what she did to Skylar.

Meanwhile, Miya tricks Chad and Deon into cleaning out her double sized locker and remodling it. The two find and try to get her back.

Note(s): This is the first appearance of Lucas Jenkins and his character Skylar Adams.

23 3 "Miss Smokin' Girl" NYCgleek Shelley Jensen March 20, 2015 203 3.1

Miranda and Hazel try to hang out with the new cool kids a grade above them at school. They shortly find out that the girls have a habit that's not so cool; smoking. Miranda now struggles with standing up for herself and avoiding the peer pressure to smoke or caving in order to fit in with the girls. After deciding to stay true to herself, she informs the girls on how bad and deadly smoking can be. She realizes she has to step in when one of the girls in the clique write a message to Miss Good Girl online about being afraid to tell the girls in the group how bad smoking is. Meanwhile, Skylar and Deon actually become good friends with similar taste in music, which kind of bothers Chad.

Note(s): This is a special, stop smoking episode. Chad, Skylar, and Deon become friends by the end of the episode.

24 4 "Miss Toy Girl" NYCgleek Amira Mirlan March 27, 2015 204 1.9

When Miranda foolishly forgets to give her old toys and clothes that are meant to be given away to donation organization. Miya goes and her room and gets it for her, but when Miya accidentally puts in Miranda's favorite childhood teddy bear. Miranda, and Skylar get Miya to drive them to the organization head quarters before it can be donated. They go through a lot of bad traffic and mayhem to get there to finally see a little girl who loves it and probably needs it a lot more than Miranda does. Though she goes through a cat and mouse chase to get the bear back at first, Miranda and her friends realize the bear has a new better home and allow the young girl to keep it. Meanwhile, Hazel and Callie try their luck at pumping up the school for spirit week.

Note(s): This is the first episode where no one writes to Miss Good Girl, instead Miranda does a voice over of what's actually happening during the scene transition and at the end of the episode is typing on her computer and her voice over is heard telling people that it is important to give back to your community and help others in need. This episode airs at a special time (7:30) due to the premiere of the WCOM, "Algebra Sucks"

Absent: Oliver West as Chad.

25 5 "Miss Little Sibling Girl" NYCgleek Mario Santos April 10, 2015 205 2.2

Deon's older brother David (guest star Jake Daugherty) visits him from college and Deon is tired of always being in his shadow so tries to reach out to Miss Good Girl, but gets Miranda and Miya to the rescue instead.

Note(s): This is the first time a main character writes to Miss Good Girl.

Guest Star(s): Jake Daugherty as David Jackson.

26 6 "Miss Slumber Party Slime Girl" NYCgleek NYCgleek April 24, 2015 206 1.9
Miranda and Hazel have a slumber party, but when Callie's parents are out of town and Hazel guilt invites her to come, Miranda is quickly irritated with all of Callie's judgemental and rude statements. Things turn up with big sister Miya comes the rescue and takes them out on a midnight adventure to this really cool pajama party at this old zoo, but when the party gather ends quickly due to one of the deadly pythons still being in the zoo the girls panic after getting lost and end up getting disgusting slime on them everywhere. Meanwhile, Skylar and Deon hit up this cool, new, neon, late night, art street show and Chad tries to prove he's into music and art like the two of them but ends up getting a little scared and tries not to admit it.
27 7 "Miss Match Girl" NYCgleek D.B. Woodside May 15, 2015 207 3.0

When Miranda meets a new girl at school named Jade (guest star Mikayla Totten), she tries to help out this shy and lonely girl by helping her find an identity of her home. Mirand however slowly realizes that her new friend is trying to take over hers. It starts by hanging out with her friends while she's busy keping up with her blog and before long she ends up dressing like her and taking her place at things. Callie finds her more annoying than actual Miranda and decides to help her take expose Jade, who is actually a criminal hiding from the police. Meanwhile, Lucas gets help from Deon on how to redo and customize his locker. 

Note(s): This episode is a part of Guess Star weekend.

Blog Update: Miranda gives a lesson on never judging a book by their cover. She thought Jade was shy when really she was a criminal trying to blend in. 

Guest Star(s): Mikayla Totten as Jade.

28 8 "Miss Patriotic Girl" NYCgleek NYCgleek July 3, 2015 208 2.1

As class president elections are approaching. Hazel wants to become president, but Miranda secretly votes for Skylar when she realizes it means more to him than to Hazel. Hazel becomes mad with Miranda and tries to win. Meanwhile, Deon tries to come up with a presidential track to play at the election with vocals by Miya, but things don't sound as good as they may hope.

Note(s): Hazel realizes that she has always been popular and that she really didn't have any ideas to help the school, meanwhile Skylar also gives up the race and apologizes to Hazel.

Blog Update: Miranda gives a lesson on how sometimes even close friends can get into fights, but the key thing is to remember that you have to talk things out because true friends are hard to find.

29 9 "Miss Assuming Girl" NYCgleek Elaine Witaker September 25, 2015 209 2.2
Miranda finds out that Skylar is a part of some underground graffiti art group and thinks that they are up to no good.
30 10 "Miss Detention Girl" NYCgleek Pixie Whisper October 2, 2015 210 3.0

After trying to do the right thing goes wrong, Miranda and Skylar end up in detention where they meet the school's bad girl named Ivory, who actually out of school isn't much of a bad person. When the three of them try to prove that they didn't do anything wrong in order to get out detention the gang quickly realizes that they have join up with some unlikely friends. Meanwhile, Miya and Callie pretend to be sisters when Miranda gets detention in order for Miranda to win a shopping spree contest.

Blog Update: Miranda learns that you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, and what people hide deep down can surpise you.

Guest Star(s): Laura Bailey as Ivory.

31 11 "Miss Monster Girl" NYCgleek NYCgleek October 16, 2015 211 2.4

In a special Halloween themed episode Miranda and the gang are all monsters: Miranda is a vampire, Hazel is a fairy princess. The two of them are best friends who tried to get to a wicked monster concert called the "Zombie Freakout". Skylar is a zombie and guitarist of the band which includes, Chad the werewolf and drum player, and Deon the Mummy who is the piano player. When the lead singer of the band, Callie the sea mermaid queen gets sick last minute Miranda has to step in and save the concert before daylight breaks. She sings "Young Blood" Meanwhile, Miya the Witch tries to learn how to cast a spell to make the conert look more deadly than ever and impress her monster boyfriend Gallen the Gargoyle (guest star JJ Carrará), but has a little bit of trouble trying to use her new wand.

Note(s): This episode does not include any of the normal guidelines of the series and is a halloween themed episode.

Guest Star(s): JJ Carrará as Gallen the Gargoyle

Blog Update: Mirand learns that being a monster is fun and she can turn into a bat. This is just a gag for the halloween theme episode.

Song(s) Featured: "Young Blood" by Spencer Raye Jackson.

32 12 "Miss Anywhere Girl" NYCgleek Luvio Carters November 20, 2015 212 1.9

After getting into an argument with her mom and Miya, Miranda feels things would be better if she were anywhere but home, she runs off with Skylar and Hazel to follow her and meets some homeless teens at a shelter who inform her that things aren't as bad as she makes them out to be. Meanwhile, Chad and Deon try to come up with way to get the motorcross team t-shirts to sell by agreeing to go on dates with random girls in school.

Note(s): Miranda makes up with her mom and Miya and decide to give back to the community.

Absent: Jessica Willows as Callie Rose.

Blog Update: Miranda learns that there are people in the world who don't have anything and that we should try to give back.

33 13 "Miss Secret Santa Girl" NYCgleek D.B. Woodside December 2015 213

Miranda and the gang try to find a way to help all of the homeless kids at the shelter presents. After Callie mistakingly loses the pesents when leaving the car unlocked everyone begins to be angry towards her, including Chad. Callie tries to figure out a way to save Christmas for all the little kids at the shelter in order to clear her name.

Note(s): Callie has the idea for everyone to give away two of their presents, meanwhile Miranda over hears that she gave away all of her presents and makes it up to her by everyone buying her one back in return. Miranda and Callie have a bit of a bond, though Callie assures her "the holidays make her heart a bit mushy"

34 14 "Miss Lemonade Girl" NYCgleek Pixie Whisper January 15, 2016 214

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Disney Channel (UK & Ireland) Winter 2015
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