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Noah Carson
Noah Carson
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Noah Jonah Carson
July 15, 1998
New York City, New York
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Wyatt Turner

Noah Jonah Carson (born July 15, 1998) is an American actor. He is most known for his part in ABC's Founding Love off of Wiki Channel. He is now set to start in the series, Emma & Johnny in the 21st Century which premieres in 2015.


Early LifeEdit

Noah was born in New York City, New York. His parents were big fans of the theatre and took him along to the plays they attended. He instantly fell in love with the idea of acting and went for it. He starred in many theatre productions before realizing he wanted to be in front of a camera. So after many decisions with his parents in 2008, they made the big move to give it a shot.


He started out in various theater productions in LA. before getting chosen for a Cherrios commerical. in 2009, he got the part in ABC's Founding Love where he played the son of a widowed woman. The show lasted for around three seasons before being cancelled in 2012. he decided to try theatre once again and was featured along with Wiki Channel star, Jasmine Bryan in the documentary Youth & Theater. He was also a recurring friend in Living With Some Guys for a season. He is now focus on getting his tv career started back up again. He decided to take a chance with Wiki Channel when he auditioned last minute on a new movie. He soon got the news that he was Wyatt in the Wiki Channel Original Movie, Pretty Geeky .

After that he was once again on the lookout for more jobs, right before the premiere of Pretty Geeky, he got the part as Johnny in a new WCOS, Emma & Johnny in the 21st Century.

Personal LifeEdit

He is just currently turned a older brother when his mother had a 2nd baby last March. He admits to being kinda nerdy & loves video games & computers with a passion. He loves karaoke but states he can't sing well if the world depended on it.


Year Show/Movie Role
2009-2012 Founding Love Joshua
2012 Youth & Theater Himself
2012-2013 Living With Some Guys Tommy
2014 Pretty Geeky Wyatt Turner
2015 Emma & Johnny in the 21st Century Johnny (main role)
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