Only 104 Days of Summer
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Only 104 Days of Summer is an upcoming Wiki Channel Original Movie. The movie will star Ashley Kettle and Mark Christian.


Rachel and Mark have been the best of friends since kindergarten. Now they are trying to do everything they can to make their last summer together the best yet. Because they are going to colleges that are across the country from each other. They have only 104 days to spend the summer together. This summer is filled with birthdays and adventures that they will never forget. What happens when feelings are finally realized and their friends and family trying to "help them out" with showing them? How will their summer turn out? Will it be there last chance to see each other?

Main CharactersEdit

Ashley Kettle 
as Rachel Morgan: Rachel is very talented in the arts. She was accepted to many art schools but is set on going to the Hollywood School of Visual Arts. She is the risktaker of the duo. She is also kinda of shy when she is around new places.

Mark Christian 
as Mark Anderson: Mark is outgoing but has a nerdy side when he wants to show it. He is very smart and was accepted into both Harvard and Yale which he is trying to choose between in the movie. Mark is also known as the responsible one in the duo, but usually goes along with Rachel's crazy ideas anyways.

TBA as Daniel Anderson: Daniel is the 15 year old younger brother of Mark and the youngest in his family. He is very talktive and his favorite subject to talk to about is other people's lives. He is also very athletic and can be very sweet when he wants to be.


Amy Kettle as Julie Morgan: Julie is the 13 year old little sister of Rachel. She is very tech savvy and loves making videos. She is asked to record Rachel and Mark's summer activites. She is a lot like her sister when it comes to her personality and can be very shy in new surroundings.

TBA as Jane Glass: The best friend of both Rachel and Mark since 6th grade. She is a romantic at heart and first mistaken Rachel and Mark as a couple. She is involved in some of their summer activites and helps push them to realize things that they havent realized before.

Karli James
 as Mary Anderson: The older sister of Mark and Daniel. She is in her second year in college. She is very sweet and loves both Julie and Rachel like her little sisters since she never had any. She loves pranking people.