Rebecca Anderson
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Rebecca Valencia Anderson
Becca, Becki, Beckie, Becky & Reba
August 28,1997
Orlando, Florida
American & Mexican
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Actress, Singer, Rapper, and Dancer.
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Jenny Kate

    Rebecca Valencia Anderson (born August 28, 1997) known publicly as Rebecca Anderson is an American actress, rapper and dancer. She is known for her role as Mikayla Lawrence in the movies Make It Happen and Make It Happen 2.

Early LifeEdit

Rebecca Anderson was born on August 28, 1997 in Orlando, Florida. Becca is the first child in the Anderson's. In 2004, Jennifer (Rebecca's Mother) and Kevin (Rebecca's Dad) had gotten divorced and Jennifer moved to Los Angeles.


2005-2006: The First RoleEdit

In 2005, Rebecca got her first role as Kelly Monroe in a movie, Things Happen For A Reason. She played a girl who had bad luck her whole life because of something her grandfather did in the past. Her role finally cured the curse she had her whole life and became a lucky girl. In 2006, she had another movie role. Rebecca played Allison Parker in Choses Made. Her role was suppose to be a girl who had to make a chose between herself or her family. But the writers changed the script to Allison choosing between her family and a lifetime offer.

2008-2010: The XCX CrewEdit

In 2009, Rebecca had gotten more roles. Rebecca learned to dance and dance since she was 6. In April 2009, she had joined The XCX Crew. She was one of the main dancers in the crew. They became a famous crew and posted their dancing online and gotten over 1 million views. They were international dancers. In 2011, after 2 years of being a crew sadly the crew spilt apart. Each of them were offered a scholarship to a dance academy. Rebecca got a scholarship but turned it down because she wanted to keep acting.

2010-2011: More Dancing & Singing?Edit

In 2011, After The XCX Crew had spilt. Rebecca had continued acting and dancing. But she wanted to step up her game and start singing. She posted a video of her singing her favorite song Not Over You and rapping it out. She knew she would be a success. In 2012, she had been singing more songs. She decided to combine her singing/rapping and dancing together. Which worked out great for her.

2012-Present: Shows & Wiki ChannelEdit

In 2012, she was in a movie which involved dancing. The directors loved her dancing and of course gave her the role. Make It Happen was rated the best movie ever. Late 2012, Rebecca guest started in The Right & Wrong. In 2013, she filmed Make It Happen 2. The second movie gotten more ratings then the first one. She had become famous. In July 2014, she had been called by Wiki Channel. Rebecca is now part of The Wiki Channel Family and a Wiki Records artist.

Personal LifeEdit

Anderson currently resides in LA with her mom. Besides acting, dancing & singing, Rebecca loves to play sports and spend a lot of time with her mom.

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