This is a list of reserved look-a-likes. 


When the 2 weeks expire that a person has reserved one look-a-like but have not requested them, that person has to wait at least 3 days before requesting to reserve them again. And each two weeks, you add three more days. Say someone reserved a Kim Kardashian -lol, no- look a like but 2 weeks pass. They have to wait 3 days with that look a like free for use until they can request again. Another 2 weeks pass. They must now wait 6 days until they can request to reserve again. Another 2 weeks go by. 9 days. Another 2 weeks go by. 12 days. And so on. This is to make sure a user is not hoarding a look-a-like. Check this thread for confirmation. If you have any questions, feel free to ask an admin!


Look-A-Like User Due Date
Devyn Nekoda silly1! 9/1/16
Aaron Paul TipOfTheHeisenberg 9-1-16
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