Sejung Nang (born November 24, 1997) is an Korean-American actress, widely known for her role as Sena Lee in the popular series, Flower Pot

Sejung Nang
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Full Name
Nang Sejung
November 24, 1997
Seoul, South Korea
American, Korean
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Actress, Model, Student
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The Junglers
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Sejung was born in West Jordan, Utah on November 24, 1997. She lived in Utah for three years until her younger sister, Se Hye was born. Then her parents moved back to Korea to be closer to her sick grandmother. When she was five, she was discovered at a mall by a representative from a child model agency. Her parents were skeptical at first but they let Sejung become one, modeling clothes from different companies and advertising all over the world. Sejung later decided she also wanted to act in dramas like the kids she saw on television and she auditioned.


In 2005, she played the role of Yoo Na Bi, the main protagonist in Honor Of The East, who finds herself lost in time traveling forest. Later that year she also landed the role of Hak Yu Ni in Demise Without Duty, a tale of horror in the lives of a royal family. In 2006, she starred in her first movie along her co star, Lee Sung ho, as Cha Sung Ryung in Girl and Jester, a family comedy about two children who run away to pursue stardom. In 2007, Sejung was casted as Oh Li Na and Chegal Ji Hae in the 130 episode drama series, Calling The Stars, a story told from the perpestive of Cinderella's evil stepsister which she plays and Army With A Goal, which she plays a little girl during the Korean War. In 2008, she got the role in a three sequel story, Honey Of The Forest, that lasted three years as Roe Se Eun. In 2013, she replaced actress, Park Mi Na, in Evening In The River. In 2014-2015, Sejung played Lee Se Na, in Flower Pot, which one multiple awards in the KBS Awards Ceremony for her great performance. In early 2016, she starred in Dear Memories as Kim Yo Won, a girl along with her two best friends is determined to get her memories back after she was in a freak accident.

Show/Movie Role Year
Trees and Companions Chae Yeo Woon 2003
Friend Of My Imagination Shim Kyung Sook 2004-2005
Honor Of The East Yoo Na Bi 2005-2006
Demise Without Duty Hak Yu Ni 2005-2006
Girl and Jester Cha Sung Ryung 2006-2007
Calling The Stars Oh Li Na 2007-2008
Army With A Goal Chegal Ji Hae 2007-2008
Honey Of The Forest Roe Se Eun 2008-2011
Evening In The River Kang Chun Ja 2013-2014
Flower Pot Lee Se Na 2014-2015
Dear Memories Kim Yo Won 2016


  • She actually prefers watching Japanese dramas over Korean dramas.
  • Her favorite colors are yellow and blue.
  • She considers herself both 18 and 19 years old, 19 being her Korean age.
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