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Genre: Family sitcom
Created by: ChynaGrande101
Starring: Serena Avalon,

Conner Weston,
Violet Monroe

Theme Music Composer ChynaGrande101
Toby Gad
Serena Avalon
Opening Theme: "Livin' a Double Life" performed by Serena Avalon and Conner Weston
Country of origin: United States
Original language(s): English
No. of seasons: 1
Executive producer(s): ChynaGrande101
Camera setup: Videotape (filmized); Multi-camera
Running time: 24 minutes, 46 minutes for specials
Production company(s): Wiki Channel Productions
Production Location(s): Wiki Center Studios.

Hollywood, California

Show Location(s): Manchester, New Hampshire
Original channel: Wiki Channel
Picture format: 480i (SDTV)

1080i (HDTV)

Audio format: Stereo
Original run: January 12, 2016 - present

Storm Girl is an upcoming Wiki Channel Original family/action and comedy series. It was announced that the series would have a special hour-long premiere event airing Tuesday January 12, 2016 at 8pm, before returning to air regularly at 8pm on Tuesday nights.


Storm Girl follows game creator Steve Carson is a video game designer who is working on his new project "Storm Girl" a video game starring a character name Jacqueline "Jacq" Storm (Serena Avalon), who is an undercover superhero. She has super strength, vision, and speed. She has the ability to fly, heat vision, ability to with stand radiation, and her special ability to create giant storms. He is working on the prototype of the game when a crazy lightning storm strikes the gaming center where he works thus setting Jacq free. Jacq now lives a double life living with Steve's oldest son Blaine (Conner Weston), youngest daughter Cara (Violet Monroe) and wife Victoria. Jacq however wasn't the only thing to be freed from the game after the crazy storm, but the monsters and villains as well. Jacqueline now poses as Jacq Carson and tries to navigate through High school in Manchester, New Hampshire and all while fighting the monsters and local crime until Steve can figure out how to get everything back into the game. Which causes some trouble for the family, especially older brother Blaine. Steve becomes a father figure to Jacq and see's her as one of his own, since he creator and also teaches her how to use her full powers, including the ability to create powerful storms which she cannot yet fully control.

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Series OverviewEdit

Season Episodes Originally aired (U.S. dates)
Girl Season premiere Season finale
1 13 January 12, 2016



Season 1 "Storm Girl" was first ordered as a pilot by the Wiki Channel back in January 2015. The series was officially picked up for a series July 12, 2015. 

Title Written by Directed by Original air date Prod.

U.S. Ratings (in Millions)

1-2 1-2 "Storm Watch"


Peter Howitt January 12, 2016 101-102 3.3

Brilliant game designer, Steve Carson goes to work to finish his newest, and most secretive games yet, "Storm Girl: Teenage Super Hero" but when they announce a giant storm heading to the area (Manchester, New Hampshire) his wife Victoria begs him to stay. Stubborn and head strong he goes anyway, but when lightning hits and turns his game into a real person, he adopts Jacqueline "Jacq" Storm and gives her the last name Carson and she goes to live with him and his family, playing his niece. Chaos quickly arises when she can't quite control her powers. Blaine isn't to sure about having a new family member living with them, but must focus on getting his perfect science project in on time with help from his friend Nolan, but when one of the monsters get lose from the game Jacq goes to fight it and ends up destroying his project, along with much unwanted publicity from the news stations and people crowded around downtown. Some damage from the fight makes them call her storm and they give her the name Storm Girl. Meanwhile Victoria tries to find a disguise so she can stay hidden while not fighting as Jacq tries to make things up to Blaine, by finding him an actual fossil for his science project.

Note(s): Jacq apologizes to Blaine for the trouble she has caushed. Victoria finds a pair of glasses and clothes to help disguise Jacq when she attends school. At the end of the episode it is revealed more a monster has also leaked out of the game at the end of the episode.

Guest Star(s): Jake Daugherty as Nolan Peters.

3 3 "School, Meet Jacq" ChynaGrande Pixie Winter February 2, 2015 103

When Steve and Victoria both agree that Jacq needs to start attending normal high school with Blaine in order to keep a low profile, she goes and has a little harder of a time than she first intended. Jacq notices one of the monsters from her game name the Shadow King is also real the world as well. She tries to battle the monster during free period while the hallway is empty at school. Blaine comes to her aid and tries to help her. Jacq ends up destroying the school's run down Court Yard in the process, which the students are thrilled about because now they can get a new one. Cara pretends to be sick and stays home when over hears her parents talking about something.

Note(s): Shadow King escapes and no one finds out Jacq is Storm Girl. Cara gets sick for real when she realizes her mom was sick the whole time and learns a lesson about lying.

4 4 "Up, Up, and A-Wait A Minute" ChynaGrande Regis Willistone February 9, 2015 104

Jacq and Steve notice Jacq's flying ability doesn't seem to be working. Jacq struggles trying to find a way to fly again and Steve does a lot of test in order to help her regain her flying ability, but when Jacq must do gymnastics in P.E. when the girls are jumping over the balance equitment she ends up regaining her ability. Now with help form Blaine, they must find a way to convice the students that she wasn't actually flying.

5 5 "Nosey Neighbors" ChynaGrande Amira Mirlan February 16, 2015 105

When the Finks move in next door to the Carson. Their youngest son Terry wants to befriend Cara. Cara isn't very interested in being his friend at first, but then Terry tells her he saw something crazy going on at her house the night before. Cara plays with him and all of his crazy games in order for him to keep quiet about what he saw; Cara assuming he means Jacq using her powers practicing the night before. Meanwhile, Jacq and Steve try to find the where abouts of The Shadow King, leaving Blaine to feel a bit left out when his dad tells him it's to dangerous. He ends up trying to stop a robbery by himself, but Jacq shows up as Storm Girl just in time.

Note(s): Terry reveals that all he saw was Blaine dancing crazy to hip-hop music and she tells him "that's not a secret, that's an embarrassment and to next time take pictures." The two of them become friends. Steve creates an electronic staff in order to help Blaine assist Jacq on her adventures when he cannot be there. Jacq apologizes to him, but he assures her that they are all family now.

Guest Star(s): Matty Rivers as Terry Fink.

6 6 "Roses Are Red, Thorns are Terrible" ChynaGrande Corral Stevenson 106

Jacq notices the new girl at school Blossom Belladonna is a little too obsessed with plants. She is a nice girl and very sweet to Jacq and tells her she has is a big fan of Storm Girl. When Jacq tells Blaine he thinks she is just overreacting (mainly because he kind of likes her and the two of them get along), but when Storm Girl stops a bus from a car accident that was caused by Blossom, she changes into Thorn and uses her plants, poison and wood from trees around her to fight Jacq. Jacq is able to use to her power over lightning and super strength in order to hold her back eventually before she gets away. 

Note(s): Thorn is similar to DC Comic's character Poison Ivy. Jacq is fully aware that Blossom Belladonna is Thorn, but Blossom has no idea Jacq is Storm Girl. It is revealed that Blossom thinks Blaine is cute and he likes her, but tries to deny it when he finds out she is evil. At the end of the episode she is said to be going on a family vacation, when in reality she ran away after almost losing the fight to Storm Girl.

Guest Star(s): Lucy Summer as Blossom Belladonna/Thorn.

7 7 "TBA" ChynaGrande Cathleen Lumbard 107
8 8 "TBA" ChynaGrande Levear Manison 108


Guest Star(s): Reggie Jackson as Wayde.

9 9 "TBA" ChynaGrande Nicole Cupperlough 109
10 10 "TBA" ChynaGrande Levear Manison 110
11 11 "TBA" ChynaGrande Elizabeth Oaken 111
12 12 "TBA" ChynaGrande Harper Maddox 112
13 13 "TBA" ChynaGrande Carter Cantell 113

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