Album by Sapphire Bannister
Released: April 16, 2016
Show/Movie: N/A
Genre(s): Pop • dance-pop • synthpop
Length: 48:41
Singles: 1. Bad Blood (Released October 23, 2015)

2. Wildest Dreams (Released November 20, 2015)
3. Blank Space (Released December 18, 2015)

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Style is the debut album released by Wiki Records recording artist Sapphire Bannister. The album features 12 songs, and the deluxe version includes three more. Sapphire says, "There is a lot of meaning behind each of the songs, and I really think all my fans out there will enjoy the album. I worked really hard putting it together, day and night." The album is set to release April 16, 2016.

Background Edit

Bannister signed to Wiki Records in October 2015. She released her first single, Bad Blood, that month. She later released two other songs, Wildest Dreams and Blank Space that year. At that time, Bannister had already recorded a some songs for the album. Two months after the release of her second single, Bannister's manager pitched the album to Wiki Records, since most of the songs had been recorded and finalized. The album was approved, and production for the album officially finished in February 2016. The album received the release date of April 16, 2016.

Bannister said in an interview with Clevver News, "Most of the

Sapphire In Studio

songs in the album come from my diary, which include events from personal and past experiences I've been through growing up and being a teenager. I put a lot of thought and hard work into each and every song on the album, and I really hope that everyone out there loves it." Bannister also mentioned having collaborated with big name songwriters like Max Martin and Shellback on some songs.

Track listing Edit

  1. Out of the Woods
  2. Shake It Off
  3. Blank Space
  4. Style
  5. All You Had To Do Was Stay
  6. I Wish You Would
  7. Bad Blood
  8. Wildest Dreams
  9. How You Get The Girl
  10. This Love
  11. I Know Places
  12. Clean

Deluxe Edition Edit

  1. Wonderland
  2. You Are In Love
  3. New Romantics
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