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Super Cool Cori
Super Cool Cori (New Logo) White
"Super Cool Cori" Logo.
Genre: Family sitcom
Created by: NYCgleek
Starring: Casey Fox,

James Stewart,
Ryan Diggs,
Emily Brown

Theme Music Composer Brian Malouf
Jim McGorman
& Robb Vallier
Opening Theme: "The Middle Of Starting Over" performed by Casey Fox
Country of origin: United States
Original language(s): English
No. of seasons: 1
Executive producer(s): NYCgleek
Camera setup: Videotape (filmized); Multi-camera
Running time: 25 minutes, 48 minutes for specials
Production company(s): Wiki Channel Productions

City Girl Entertainment

Production Location(s): Wiki Center Studios.

Hollywood, California

Show Location(s): Miami, Florida
Original channel: Wiki Channel
Picture format: 480i (SDTV)

1080i (HDTV)

Audio format: Stereo
Original run: June 8, 2014

Super Cool Cori is a brand new half hour Wiki Channel Original comedy series coming to Wiki Channel in 2014. The series will follows the life of 13 year old surfing, roller skating, and skate boarding girl Cori Landcaster when her and her famous former pro surfing dad move into a new house with her new step-mom, and two step-brothers. Throughout the series, you're shown the progress and life of the newly blended Landcaster-Jones family. The series stars Casey Fox, as the title role of Cori. The full version of the show's theme song, "The Middle Of Starting Over" can be heard here. The song "High Grounds" was also apart of the series and is featured on the 'Wiki Channel: Ready 2 Rock' soundtrack.

On November 2nd, 2014 the Wiki Channel announced the series was renewed for a second season.


The series follows the story of two 13 year old Cori Landcaster who is a very outgoing, and active teen girl. She loves to Skateboard, Rollerskate, play guitar, and learned surfing from her former pro surfing dad Donny Landcaster. Nine years after the lost of Lana Landcaster (Cori's Mom and Donny's first wife), he re-marries to a women and they decide to move in together. Now Cori deals with living with a new mom and an older and younger step-brother. She's not in this alone though, luckily she can always call from help on her childhood best friend Robert Silver (though eveyrone just calls him Silver) when she needs a friend to talk too. Throughout the series, you're shown the progress and life of the newly blended Landcaster-Jones family.

The series was first brought to the Wiki Channel by NYCgleek. NYCgleek thought it would be good to add another family base show to the channel stating, "There are kids in the world, who live in blended families and I think a lot of families out there can relate to the show and even have a couple laughs while watching". She then went on to say it would be a "Fun Family Series for the Summer".

Super Cool Cori Promo Pic

The promotional picture of the series used during the 2014 upfront.

Main Cast

Servies Overview

Season Episodes Originally aired (U.S. dates)
Season premiere Season finale
1 22 June 8, 2014

April 25, 2015

2 22 June 28, 2015



Season 1

The first season of "Super Cool Cori", was picked up December 17, 2013. 

Title Written by Directed by Original air date Prod.

U.S. Ratings (in Millions)

1 1 "The Big Wave of Family" NYCgleek Phil Lewis June 8, 2014 101 3.4

Tommy's first birthday living with his new family is approaching and everything is going great until Cori and Tanner fighting ruins Tommy's gifts. Now they both must work together and find away to get back Tommy's gift, before his birthday party. Silver entertains Tommy and the family at the party, while Cori and Tanner are away and things start to get a little weird.

Note: This is the pilot episode.

Song(s) Featured: In the background towards the end of the epsidoe when they family has a group hug and Cori pulls away saying it's gross, the song "High Ground" plays in the background.

Guest Star(s): Conner Weston as Silver.

2 2 "Swimming Away From the Problem" NYCgleek David Deluise June 22, 2014 102 2.2

When Silver becomes a member of the swim team, a lot of the attention that use to shine on Cori gets put on him, which makes Cori a little jealous. Meanwhile, Donny and Johanna try to think of new ideas to spice of family game night for Cori and Tanner with help from Tommy.


Guest Star(s): Conner Weston as Silver.

3 3 "Super Cool New Girl" NYCgleek Shelley Jensen June 22, 2014  103 3.3

When Dionna moves to town, she meets Cori at the after Cori tries to help a little kid that was being bullied. However Cori gets in trouble and the bully gets out of it freely. Now Dionna and Thomas try to help bring the bully to jusitice and get Cori out of Mall jail, where she suprisinly meets some unexpected friends. Meanwhile, Don, Tanner and Johanna try to do a yard sale.

Note: This is the first appeance of Dionne Lavander (portrayed by Emily Brown)

4 4 "Don, Tan, and Man" NYCgleek Amira Mirlan July 6, 2014 104 2.2

After Johanna refuses to help Tanner practice with his driving after he crashes into Donny's surf shop, Donald sees a perfect opportunity to help and bond with Tanner-Tanner agrees seeing as Donny is not to mad, only thing is Tanner is a horrible driver and Donny quickly regrets this after they begin driving on one of the busiest high ways in the state and they get pulled over by a police officer who was a former high school rival of Donny. Cori, Silver, and Tommy try to start a fundraiser near the boardwalk to help fix the broken wall and window in Donny's surf shop.

Guest Star(s): Conner Weston as Silver.

5 5 "Girl's Day" NYCgleek David Deluise July 13, 2014 105 3.6

Johanna decides to spend a girl's day with Cori in order for the two of them to bond, only thing is they don't have many things in common. After Johanna oversteps her boundaries, Cori gets mad and feels that Johanna is trying to replace her real mom. Silver comes and tells Cori she should apologize and that Johanna was just trying to bond with her because she always wanted a daughter. Meanwhile Donny, Tanner, and Tommy try to prove to Johanna and Cori, that they can work together to paint the kitchen while they're away. Tanner tries to ditch and hang out with his friends.

Guest Star(s): Conner Weston as Silver.

6 6 "Who's Ya Daddy?" NYCgleek Cathleen Lumbard August 3, 2014 106 3.2

When Tanner and Tommy's birth dad and Johanna's first husband (Carter Jones) comes to visit after being apart from them for 2 year due to work, it leaves Donny feeling a little jealous. Donny and Carter being competeting to see who the boys think is a cooler Dad.

7 7 "Big Problem, Big Sister" NYCgleek Worlin Maxwell August 10, 2014 107 2.5

In attempt to bond with her new younger brother. Cori takes Tommy to some super hero, sci-fi convetion downtown. Things make a turn for the worst when she loses him and freaks out. She calls Dionna and Silver to help her look for him in the huge convetion center. Things also go wrong when all of the people their think she is cosplaying because Tommy happened to be dressed as his favorite super hero. Now her and Dionna dress up as galatic princesses fighters in order to save Tommy, who happened to be in on the game the whole time. Meanwhile, Tanner and Johanna try to hang out, much to Tanner's dismay.

Note(s): This episode premiered as part of Summer So Hot Weekend.

Guest Star(s): Conner Weston as Silver, Emily Brown as Dionna Lavender.

8 8 "Snook, Lying, and Sinker" NYCgleek Cathleen Lumbard Setpember 7, 2014 108 2.1
After Johanna doesn't give Tanner permission to go to a beach bonfire party mindnight party with his friends, he sneaks and ask Don who thinks he should go and have fun being the cool dad that he is, only to get followed by Cori and Dionna who tell Tommy to avoid Johanna and Don from communicating until they get back. Things get worst when he's dared to go in the deep end of the water knowing he can't swim. Will Cori be able to save him or will Tanner's secret of not being able to swim have him sinking?
9 9 "Father Daughter Dance" NYCgleek David Deluise September 21, 2014 109 1.8

Cori invites her dad to the annual father daughter dance, but has doubts after she sees his dancing. Johanna invites Dionna over to help with her room decore.

Guest Star(s): Conner Weston as Silver, Emily Brown as Dionna Lavender.

10 10 "Family Fueds" NYCgleek Mark Tawain Setpember 28, 2014 110 2.3
During a family reunion, both the Landcasters and Jones' inroduce a lot of their families together, but when Cori accidently breaks one of great grandpa Jones' family neckless pass down from generation to generation from fighting with Tanner and Tommy, the families go into an all out fued, no Cori and her brothers must find a way to stop the fueding, and bring everyone back togehter. At the end of the episode when everything is ressolved, Grandpa Jones, gives Cori his neckless, which makes it passed down from a Jones to a Landcaster.
11 11 "Truth or Falsa" NYCgleek Liver Ryan October 12, 2014 111 1.5

Cori lies and pretends to be hispanic after meeting a boy who happens to like her so she can learn more about Spanish in order to pass her test, he then invites Cori to the Hispanic heritage month festival, where she ends up being in a jam when she can't even speak spanish. Meanwhile, Johanna's first husband Carter (Tanner and Thomas' dad) teaches Tanner and Thomas about their grandfather and who is part hispanic. Cori in the end learns more about hispanic heritage and she learns that what she did was wrong.

Note: This is a special Hispanic Heritage Month episode.

12 12 "Surf-o-ween" NYCgleek Shelley Jensen October 26, 2014 112 3.0

Cori and Dionna make plans to go with Tanner and his friends to a scary haunted house since they're finally old enough to go, things make a turn for the worst when Donny has a major surf halloween bash/reunion competition and wants Cori to come and wish him luck. Cori now must decide between both and ends up going back and fourth.

Guest Star(s): Emily Brown as Dionna Lavender.

13 13 "Chili Blues" NYCgleek Liver Ryan November 9, 2014 113 2.1

Tanner gets dumped by his new girlfriend Sara (portrayed by Josephine Anderson), who is a highschool senior (one year old than Tanner). Tanner is kind of heartbroken. To make things right Cori tries to go and talk to the girl and find out exactly what happens. When she meets the Sara, she finds out that Sara is actually a nice girl who is very said due to that she is moving to Texas with her parents and didn't know how to tell Tanner. Cori now tries to get Tanner and Sara to meet and get Sara to tell Tanner why she broke up with him so they can both get some closure. Tanner is fine by the episode because he now knows a girl didn't dump him because of him. Meanwhile, Don, Tommy and Silver enter a chili making contest for a chance to win a brand new boat.

Guest Star(s): Conner Weston as Silver, Josephine Anderson as Sara.

14 14 "Say it Ain't So Silver" NYCgleek David Deluise November 23, 2014 114 2.2

Silver is accused of stealing a family silver gravy bowl that has been passed down and used each Thanksgiving holiday. When everyone thinks Silver is lying when he says he didn't do it, Cori however believes her buddy and tries to help him get proof that he is innocent, clear his name, and find the silver gravy bowl before the Thanksgiving holiday. Meanwhile, Johanna has the troublesome choice of deciding between Turkey or Ham and ask the boys (Don, Tanner, and Tommy) to try all her amazing dishes, which they are happy to at first, but later end up realizing they ate to much food.

Guest Star(s): Conner Weston as Silver.

15 15 "A Landcaster-Jones Christmas Extravaganza! " NYCgleek Phil Lewis December 14, 2015 115 2.0

When both sides of the family decide to meet at the Landcaster-Jones house for a Christmas Eve party for the first time things get a little crazy. Cori invites Dionna in order to find out what super cool Tanner wants for Christmas, claiming he doesn't want anything because "he doesn't need much." Meanwhile, Johanna tries to mingle with Don's sisters and relative and gets a long with them great and they help her cook dinner. Don on the other hand tries to out tell cool stories with Carter Jones (the boys birth dad) who is invited to the party as well. Cori and Dionna hit up every to find what they think Tanner wants. By the end of it they find Tanner at the mall looking a bit sad. Dionna gives them a moment and Tanner opens up and says since Cori moved in and Tommy being the youngest they get all the gifts and Tanner is only left with a small card. Cori and Tommy pitch in to get him the new dirt bike he wanted and Tommy says, "dude, we're bros. Bros are family. Which means we look out for each other" and Cori comes in to say "and family means no one is forgotten" they all group hug.

Guest Star(s): Emily Brown as Dionna Lavender.

16 16 "Fish Out of Water" NYCgleek Liver Ryan January 25, 2014 116 1.7
Cori feels like she's in a funk after losing a surfing contest to a beginner and her family helps her get her grove back. Meanwhile, Tommy discovers that Tanner is afraid of a new water roller coaster and trains him to face it before he rides it on a date with a new girl he's dating.
17 17 "Bad to the Blouse" NYCgleek Shelley Jensen February 8, 2015  117 2.2

When a new, popular girl, Miranda (guest star Tessa Octave) joins Cori and Dionna's class. She starts to invite them to her clique. Miranda appears nice and sweet, but Cori has a bad feeling about her and Dionna begins to think Cori is just jealous because she ditched Cori to see her favorite band with Miranda (even though Cori said it was okay). After hanging out for a while Cori see's Miranda stealing an expensive new blouse from the mall she tries to tell Dionna, but Dionna believes Cori is making things up. Dionna see's Miranda trying to steal a new perfume from the mall and this time Miranda wants to get Dionna in to steal too. Dionna now has to decide between doing the right thing or doing the wrong thing to fit in. Cori comes into help and save the day when she dresses up as a Mall cop, only to be discovered by a real mall cop and things go down hill fast. Cori and Dionna make up at the end of the episode and promise not to let anyone or anything come between their friendship again.

Guest Star(s): Tessa Octave as Miranda. Emily Brown as Dionna Lavender.

18 18 "Super Cool New Kid" NYCgleek David Deluise February 22, 2015 118 3.0

A new boy named Ryder (guest star Max Nickel) from California transfers to their school and appears to be a surf star and joins the team, he starts to get more attention than Cori, and the two have a rivalry going on and start to compete at everything and have clever word play back and forth, but could their be something more below the surface?

Guest Star(s): Max Nickel as Ryder. Emily Brown as Dionna Lavender.

19 19 "Cori's All Caught Up" NYCgleek NYCgleek March 1, 2015 119 2.5

Cori finds herself at a lost when she agrees to do favors for everyone. She promises her mom to get milk, so she askes her dad to take her, when he forgets his wallet at the surf shop and can't leave the store, she askes Tanner to bring it to her, but he'll only do so if Tommy gives back his game system, so she asks Dionna to go over and settle things out and things go from bad to worst. While trying to figure everything out she runs into Ryder at the groccery store and struggles to turn him down when he askes to hang out. By the end of it she realizes she shouldn't bite off more than she can true and Ryder understands that she put family firt and thinks it's kind of cool. 

Guest Star(s): Max Nickel as Ryder. Emily Brown as Dionna Lavender.

20 20 "Super Embarrassing Cori" NYCgleek NYCgleek March 21, 2015
When Tommy is getting picked on at school. Cori sticks up for him, but after embarrassing him without trying, Tommy gets mad and stops speaking to her. Now Cori and Tanner try to help Tommy fight his own battles, without him knowing they are helping him.
21 21 "Surf's Up" NYCgleek NYClgeek March 28, 2015

Cori stands up to herself when a bunch of mean surf boys try to tell her she isn't as good as them, but wipes out. Now Dionna and Tanner try to build back her confidence. Johanna and Don try to have a date night, but worry leaving Tommy by himself.

Guest Star(s): Emily Brown as Dionna Lavender.



"Key West Klutz" NYCgleek NYCgleek April 25, 2015 120

Cori and her family go to the amusement park in Key West and they learn that Don is afraid of rollercoasters and try to conquer his fear. Cori gets a chance from one of the park's characters to sing on an island like stage enar the water and the family watches her, along with the a big audience.

Note(s): This is the season finale.

Song(s) Featured: "The Middle Of Starting Over" performed by Casey Fox.

Season 2

The Wiki Channel ordered a second season of the series on November 2nd, 2014. The season was revealed to have 22 episodes.

Title Written by Directed by Original air date Prod.

U.S. Ratings (in Millions)

23 1 "The Big Wave of High School" NYCgleek Shelley Jensen June 28, 2015 201 3.0

Cori and Dionna start 9th grade, but Cori quickly finds herself in a big of family chaos when she gets put in an advanced 11th grade history class that Tanner happens to be in. Meanwhile, Donny and Johanna try to help Tommy realize that he shouldn't have to wear certain clothes to school in order for people to like him.

Note(s): Emily Brown is now a part of the main cast.

24 2 "Catch the Next Wave Out of Here" NYCgleek Phil Lewis July 5, 2015 202 2.8

With Silver and a lot of students from last year gone and going to different schools, Cori tries to make some friends while trying out for the surf team. Things take a turn for the worst when Cori doesn't make the team because of the new Coach Craig having a past with Donny after losing to him in a Surf Championship back in the day. In efforts to get Cori on the team, Donny challenges Craig to a surf off, but if he loses Cori gets kicked off the team. Meanwhile, Tanner and Tommy bet the Johanna that house cleaning isn't hard and try to do all the house work in less than 10 hours in order to get money, but realize that it's not as easy as they thought and parents do have a lot of work to do and they both apologize to her.

Note(s): Cori tells Craig that what he has with her father, is between them and she won't stay on the team unless she is wanted. When the other kids hear this, they all threaten to quit the team unless Cori's on. It is also revealed that Silver moved away in this episode (which is due to Conner Weston starring in "Storm Girl").

25 3 "Friends Don't Bend" NYCgleek Amira Mirlan July 12, 2015 203 2.2

When some mean girls Dionna is friends with are talking poorly of Cori, she quickly gets upset with them. She becomes even more upset when she learns Dionna didn't say anything to defend her. Tommy ask Donny for help cooking (since Donny is a great cook) a nice meal for one of his classes instead of Johanna, which makes Johanna a tad jealous.

26 4 "The Wave and Shave" NYCgleek David Deluise July 26, 2015 204 2.9
Tanner gets his first bit of chest hair and begins to annoy the family, meanwhile Cori and Tommy think of a way to get it off of him without him knowing the put the family at ease. Meanwhile, Donny tries to teach Tanner the ways of being a man, starting with him helping out around the surf shop, which Tanner doesn't like to do.
27 5 "Serious Waves" NYCgleek Rone Butler October 18, 2015 205 2.1

Cori gets the chance to surf with the elite when talent scouts show up at her teams surf meet against another school, however when they offer her a full ride to Key West Academy, she finds it troubling leaving her friends and family. Meanwhile, Dionna and Tommy try to find ways to convince Cori to stay, but when Cori ends up talking to her dad Donny, he tells her that only she can make the choice for herself.

Note(s): Cori decides to stay and reconsiders, the talent scouts tell her the offer will be on the table for next year if she still wants it.

28 6 "Cori vs. Tanner" NYCgleek David Deluise October 25, 2015 206 2.2

Cori and Tanner have been fighting lately, but when Cori accidently spills his secret that Tanner sleeps with a nightlight to everyone in school during Dionna doing the morning announcements and not knowing the microphone is on, she tries to do anything to make it up to him when he's not speaking to her. Tanner agrees to forgive her if he's she does everything she says for a week, but mid-week Cori is done with it and speaks in front of everyone at lunch giving a speech about how everyone has secrets and begins to say things about the people making fun of him.

Note(s): Cori and Tanner have a heart to heart and he tells her he's glad he's her younger sister.

29 7 "Super Cool Dionna?" NYCgleek Worlin Maxwell November 15, 2015 207 3.1

Cori tries to teach Dionna how to surf in order to impress a guy, but when the guy Cori likes ends up thinking Dionna is a better surfer after owning a serious wave it starts to effect their friendship.

Note(s): Cori and Dionna decide to never let a guy get in between them.

30 8 "A Real Page Turner" NYCgleek Cathleen Lumbard November 22, 2015 208 2.6

Cori and Tanner get a little to invested when Tommy includes them in his newly drawn comic book for sketch class. Meanwhile, Dionna is upset when she can't seem to pass her oral English exam.

Note(s): Majority of this episode is narrated as a comic book by Tommy.

31 9 "'The'Pranks Giving Dinner" NYCgleek Mark Tawain November 29, 2015 209

Johanna looks forward to Thanksgiving for the big dinner the family has but when the kids are pranking each other left and right, Johanna gets a little upset the holiday isn't really about family so much as it is pranks. Meanwhile, Don goes to get a turkey, but ends up bonding with it instead and now tries to find an alternative solution for the main holiday feast while driving around town with his new turkey friend.

Note(s): The Turkey attends the feast, before the family release it at the end of the episode. This is a special Thanksgiving themed episode.

32 10 "Christmas in the Sand" NYCgleek Cathleen Lumbard December 2015

When Tommy and Tanner's real dad (Carter Jones) cancels their week before Christmas annual skiing trip, Tanner's not bothered by it, but Tommy takes it to heart. Tommy thinks he has to see some snow in order for it to be Christmas. Meanwhile, Donny's hosting a Christmas themed week at the surf shop, but has problems when one of his performers cancels at last minute. Cori decides to step in to save the day, and prove to Tommy that he doesn't need snow to make a good Christmas and that having in the sand is a lot better.

Note(s): This is the second Christmas special episode. This is the second time Cori has sung in the course of the show.

Song(s) Featured: "Christmas in the Sand" performed by Casey Fox.

33 11 "TBA" NYCgleek Cathleen Lumbard

34 12 "TBA" NYCgleek
35 13 "TBA" NYCgleek
36 14 "TBA" NYCgleek
37 15 "TBA" NYCgleek NYCgleek
38 16 "TBA" NYCgleek
39 17 "TBA" NYCgleek
40 18 "TBA" NYCgleek
41 19 "TBA" NYCgleek
42 20 "TBA" NYCgleek

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Wiki Channel Summer 2014 Super Cool Cori
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Disney Channel (UK & Ireland) Winter 2014
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