Season 1

The Landcasters

  • Casey Fox  as Cori Landcaster - Cori is 13 years old and very active for her age. She loves going to the beach to surf, skating, and hanging out with Robert when she can. She's on the school's surf and swim team, and she even knows how to play guitar. She learned most of her surfing from her Dad who was a big pro back in his day. Though she prefers to chill and be one the guys, she can be very girly at times to. She isn't afraid to speak up for her self when she needs to. She can be a little bit of a loner from time to time, but she's always in a good mood. Though her and Tanner argue a lot, at the end of the day they have each other's back. She can be lazy, and sarcastic at times, but it's all with good reason. She is a sweet lovable girl who cares about her friends and family, though she is taking time to adjust to her new living arrangements and new family. She also becomes good friends with Dionna Lavander who often helps her through high school and surviving her crazy boy driven family.
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Cori Landcaster.


  • Donald "Donny" Landcaster - Donny is the father of Cori, and a former pro surfer. Born and raised in Hawaii, Donny is a cool, goofy dad, who enjoys spending time with his daughter and also getting along with his new step-sons. Him and Tommy get along great and enjoy making jokes with each other from everything from fart noises to playing pranks on people in the house. He loves his new wife and family, and often surfs on the beach from time to time. He's also a really good cook, which makes Johanna a tad jealous from time to time. He now owns a surf shop where Silver works.
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Donald "Donny" Lastcaster.


The Jones

  • James Stewart as Tanner Jones - Tanner is the 15 year old popular step-brother to Cori and oldest son of Johanna. He plays football, and is very much of a cool ladies man. He's charming, and can be very sneaky sometimes when it comes to sneaking out to go to parties. He always looks out for his little brother Tommy (when he's not messing with him of course). Though he doesn't love the idea of living with the Landcasters or having a new step-dad watching over him, he doesn't express it to much. Tanner at the end of the day is a pretty chill and nice guy. Though him and his new step-sister Cori argue a lot, he's there for her when she really needs him.
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Tanner Jones.


  • Ryan Diggs as Thomas "Tommy" Jones' - Tommy 'is the 11 year old prankster of the family. He always plays pranks on everyone, especially his new step-sister Cori. He gets along great with his new step-dad (a lot better than Tanner does) he often calls him D-Dog, as Donny calls him Tom-a-suarous, or whatever nickname he gives him that month. The two of them often play pranks and joke around a lot. Tommy loves race cars, and karate, and becomes interesting in surfing from living with Cori and Donny. He's a nice kid who may play around, but usually does the right thing in the end.
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  • Johanna Jones - Johanna Jones is mother to Tanner and Thomas, and newly step-mother to Cori. She loves having a bigger family, and enjoys having another girl in the house for a change. Her and Cori often bond from time to time. Johanna is exceptionally happy to have Donny living with her, not only because she loves him, but because she has an eye looking on the boys as well. Johanna treats Cori as if she was her own daughter. She is sweet, nice, funny, and not the very best cook, though she often orders take out despite of it. All in all she's a great mother who loves having everyone under one roof.
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Friends ( Major Recurring/Cast)

  • Conner Weston as Robert "Silver" Silver - Robert is best friends with Cori, and has been since the two of them were in kindergarten. He always has her back and jokes around a lot. He is kind of a goof ball, but loves surfing, and skating just as much as Cori, and even becomes a member of the swim team too. Robert also hangs out at the house with Cori and Tommy. Everyone except for Johanna calls him Silver, she often calls him Robert and treats him like one of her own. He does this a lot due to him being and only child, which sometimes make the family members say "Go home Silver!". Silver works at the Surf Shop that Donny owns.
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Robert Silver.


  • Emily Brown as Dionna Lavander - Dionna is one of Cori's new high school friends who she meets in the third episode. Dionna is nice, sweet and a good friend to Cori when she needs her. She moves to Miami from Georgia and often hangs out with other girls around school. She quickly befriends Cori and Tanner and is very good at giving advice.
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