This page is to list all the recurring cast members from the hit Wiki Channel Original Series, "the Aca-Girls".

Recurring Cast

MusicMel:D as Annabeth Cappelletti - The forth memeber of the band and the girl's newest friend. She is co-captain of the school's cheerleading team alongside Jennifer. She gets along with Jennifer although Jennifer doesn't like the idea that she hangs out with the aca-girls and often tries to ruin their friendship.

Annabeth as seen in the Pilot.

ItsJusticeYo! as Justice Addams - Marley's crush who happens to be one of her best guy friends. He is currently dating Jennifer.


Selenaroxx as Jennifer Hyde - A very popular girl, head cheerlead and a total witch to the Aca-Girls. She's currently dating Justice. 
EEE Diana Collage

Jennifer through out Season 1

Elaina London as Savanna King-Marley's 19 year old sister who often visits Chicago from her college in Indiana and when she's in Chicago, she helps the "Aca-Girls" in anything they need help with, as Savanna is an aspiring singer herself.


Taylor Valentine as Ashley Bell- The newest member in the band, who is apart of the cheer leading squad along with Jennifer & Annabeth. Ashley is known not to have a good friendship with Jennifer, as they are seen to be very sarcastic and insulting around each other.


Ashley as see in "Band Battle"

AusllyCole as Drake High- Justice's best friend and sidekick. He has a crush on Eleanor.


Drake as seen in a future episode.

Dechel-Auslly-Flyna as Stacie Green- Lane's crush, a very sarcastic and sassy 12 year old


Stacie seen in "Aca-Scary"

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