The Aca-Girls Official Soundtrack
The Aca-Girls Album was going to be released later in 2014, but is put on hiatus for many reasons. It is not expected to be released to the public.


The album will have 25 tracks, 6 of them being Bonus Tracks. The tracks include...

  1. The Way
  2. Stronger
  3. I Knew You Were Trouble
  4. Hot N' Cold
  5. One Thing
  6. That's What You Beautiful
  7. Come and Get it
  8. Mean
  9. Don't you Forget About Me
  10. Price Tag
  11. Don't Stop the Music
  12. Bad
  13. Everything has Changed
  14. Girlfriend
  15. Rumour Has It
  16. The Way (Acoustic Version)
  17. Love Song
  18. Give Your Heart A Break
  19. Baby I
  20. Here's 2 US

Bonus TracksEdit

  1. Say Something (Performed by Mrs.NiallHoran13)
  2. Baby I (Karaoke Version)
  3. Defying Gravity (Performed by NYCGleek and Mrs.NiallHoran13)
  4. Seasons of Love (Performed by HelloKittyR5 and Bombom206)
  5. Girl on Fire (Performed by Shaynene16)
  6. Gone, Gone, Gone (Performed by the Aca-Girls)
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