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Welcome to Wiki Channel! The Wiki Channel is a 24/7 network that provides programming for families. Wiki Channel delivers hit programmings such as Sweet Like Honey, Baited, Keeping Faith, Feeling Bleu, and The Whites Are At It Again! Here on The Wiki Channel Wiki, you can pitch shows, pitch movies, make actors, pitch music singles, chat on our Chatter social media network, and more! Learn all about it right here!

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New Series: Edgewater Falls
Edgewater Falls horizontal.png
Have you been to the place where paradise is home? Well at least where paradise is supposed to be home. The new one hour drama series Edgewater Falls is airing now on Wiki Channel!
The Jennings Are Back
G.I. Jennings Season 2 Poster.png
I don't know what I've been told, this family never gets old! Season 2 of G.I. Jennings has commenced!
James in New York
James In Hollywood Logo (Season 3).png
James in Hollywood returns for season 3 ith a brand new cast and outlook September 26!
Catch Sunset Mermaid Again!
Relive the musical event of the summer and watch Sunset Mermaid on!
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Check out these new singles...
Blank Space by Sapphire Bannister
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Can't Stop Dancin' by Rebecca Anderson
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Smile by Lora Megan
What I Did For Love by Chantelle

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Journey into the Other Universe

The new Wiki Channel original movie starring Spencer Raye Jackson is premiering tonight! In anticipation for the premiere, head to the Wiki Channel website right now for brand new activities, including behind-the-scenes videos with the cast, clips, games, and more!

July 3


Are you ready for Nerd Girls?! The new series premieres tonight at 8:30/7:30c along with Wiki Channel's newest original movie, Temple Run!

June 15


Can't wait for the series premiere of Emma & Johnny in the 21st Century? Log onto the Wiki Channel official website now and fill out a Time Traveler's License so that you can time travel to May 4th now and watch!*

*Time machine required.

April 24

Shannon Jennnings ID.png

You can go to the G.I. Jennings website now to make your very own customized military base I.D.! Add a picture of yourself, pick your Jennings family connection, and even include your very own personal quote that describes you in the perfect way!

March 22

Algebra Sucks Pi Day.png
Happy Pi Day! It's the big Pi day of the century, only comes once every 100 years. Enjoy some tasty pie today and be sure to catch Algebra Sucks, this March on Wiki Channel!

March 14

Catch this exclusive sneak peek of the dance number from the upcoming Life with Twins special, Bikers with Twins!

March 7

Peyton ClevverTV.png
Ackerman Agent star Peyton Borough was asked by ClevverTV about what he could tease on the rest of season one. Here is what he had to say:
PEYTON: "The rest of season one is pretty dope. There is a lot of exciting missions which I'm really excited for you guys to see. In one episode I got to break into a pet shop, but that didn't go too well. I had a lot of fun filming that episode!"

February 19

Courtney promo TLTL.png
G.I. Jennings' Mikayla Totten plays Courtney Alice in the upcoming WCOM, Too Little Too Late. Here's what she had to say about her character.
MIKAYLA: "Courtney is the mean girl in Too Little Too Late and is basically the queen of the school, anyone and everyone obeys her. She's never liked Renee and when she finds a reason to kick her off the social ladder, she doesn't hesitate with that foot! (laughs) I think she's someone you love to hate. I had a lot of fun playing a mean girl!"

January 29

What's Up With.png
The hit short show, What's Up With..? is back for more in Season Two! More interviews, a red carpet visit and crazyness! And is someone leaving the show!?!? You gotta watch to find out! Be sure to catch new episodes every other Friday starting January 2nd!

January 6th

Gary and Gerry.png
Gary and Gerry season 3 premieres in 6 days! If you got the chance to have one of these two personalities as your clone, which one would you choose?

January 4

Mikayla is too cool.png
WIKI CHANNEL: "What is your current favorite song?
MIKAYLA: "My favorite song right now is definitely Loosing You by Olivia Staton. It's something I can totally relate to and not only that but it's so catchy!"

January 3